Howl's moving castle

Big news

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Sophie was rushing around with a wooden broom when a sudden wave of sickness struck her. She dropped the broom on the warm wooden floor of the hallway and gasped, her silver hair swaying. She ran to the bathroom; her red shoes clapping on the wood as she did. Sophie thrust open the bathroom door and ran to the toilet just in time.

Sophie gloomily trotted down the stairs to the front of the moving castle; the kitchen and dining area. The corners of her mouth were down turned and she looked pale. Marcl watched Sophie lurk across to the table as he shoved another spoonful of bread in his mouth.

"Fork or Knife?" Marcl held out the two pieces of silver cutlery to Sophie grinning. But Sophie meekly brushed them out of the way and slumped on the table.

"What's wrong Soph?" Marcl asked, growing more concerned.

"I'm not quite sure, I was sick and..." She groaned and didn't finish the sentence as she ran off t the bathroom again.

Sophie was rinsing off her face when little Hein poked his head round the door. He huffed and scuttled over to Sophie who was slumped in a heap by the sink. He huffed and put his leg on her thigh and looked up at Sophie with big eyes, almost demanding to know what was wrong. Sophie petted his head and smiled at him, she had always though Hein to be cheeky but she still loved him. She scooped him up into her arms and held his warm little body against her chest and hugged him tight. Hein after getting out of breath from being smothered into Sophie's chest huffed and jumped out. He scuttled across the bathroom floor and turned in a circle before standing on his hind legs by a medicine cupboard. Unlike the other cupboards in Sophie and Howl's bathroom, Sophie knew she was allowed into this one and whatever she drank wouldn't give her blue hair or turn her into a frog. Sophie curiously walked over to the cupboard, but as she opened it the castle gave a jolt and several items toppled onto the floor.

"Oh damnit!" Sophie sighed bending over to pick up the items. But as Sophie went to pick up the last item she found that Hein had it in his mouth.

'What could this possibly be?'Sophie thought. Maybe it was something for Hein, as he was a smart dog he always got what he wanted, and if he wanted medicine then he'd go to the trouble of finding it. Sophie bent over and prised it out of Hein's mouth. Hein let Sophie take it easily but a string of dog drool dribble down his chin as she took it out. Sophie giggled and took a white handkerchief out of her pocked and wiped Hein's mouth. He barked with enthusiasm and huffed quickly before running out on his short legs through the door. Puzzled, Sophie turned over the cylinder tin.

Sophie gasped and dropped it on the floor as she read the first line:

'Pregnancy test'

The word rang over and over in Sophie's head, opening up new doors. Sophie came to realise that Hein could be right. She had been sick a lot.

'But we were always careful!' Sophie thought again. She scrunched up her fist and breathed deeply. How could she be so careless? Sophie had always used contraceptive but maybe, one had broken? Tears welled up in Sophie's eyes. They glittered in the daylight as they slid down her cheek and dripped onto the floor.

'How could a baby ever be brought up safely in our family?' She thought. Marcl had been old enough and wise enough that he knew not to do anything dangerous in the castle. But what if a baby drank an un-safe potion or burnt itself? The thoughts were spinning round in Sophie's head like a sea troubles hitting hard against the sides of her head and crashing back down in roaring waves.

'Ok, Ok, Sophie you need to stay calm!'

She snapped inside her head, calming the ocean of thoughts immediately. She picked up the silver tin and opened the cap slipping the pregnancy test into her hand. She followed the instructions and waited for the result.

"G'morning Marcl!" Howl marched cheerily into the room. He blindly chucked a newspaper across the table and it crashed into several plates, a few smashed on the floor. Howl spun around; puzzled.

"Why hasn't Sophie cleared up the plates?" Howl pointed a demanding finger at Marcl.

'Oh shiz' Marcl said in his head. Marcl didn't want to say about Sophie being sick, that would just worry Howl and then Calcifer would probably come to the conclusion that Sophie was pregnant and brainwash Howl with that idea. Marcl pondered in his head for a moment.

"Well come on, spit it out, Marcl!" Howl laughed.

"Uhm...Ur...Sophie was kidnapped by a witchy looking lady!" Marcl suddenly realised what he had said and began to shape the plan in his head.

"What?! My poor wife! .Lady…GONE?!!"

Marcl nodded.

"I must go find her!!!!" And with that Howl grabbed his cape and threw it out his shoulders. He was about to open the door when Marcl had to remind him that he was only wearing boxers and a cape. Howl nodded before using a spell to dress himself. He switched the dial on the door before opening it on a market scene. He dashed out and slammed the door behind him. Marcl sighed,

'Man Sophie owes me!'

Marcl scooped up the shattered pieces of china onto a tea towel and fed them to Calcifer.

"So where is Sophie really, kid?" Calcifer asked between chewing up the broken plates.

"Here, of course!"

"Here? Then why did you-"

"Sophie's sick, I just didn't want to alert Howl! Look if you tell Howl then I'll pour a bucket of water over you!"

"Oh god no, not the water!" Calcifer shrunk small and showed a scared face on him.

"Hey kid ya gonna eat that?" Calcifer look over at Sophie's plate.

"No you can have it." Marcl emptied the plate into the fireplace as the fiery demon devoured the food.

Sophie was squeezing her eyes tight as she took the finished pregnancy test in her hands. She flipped the result over and got ready. Slowly she opened her eyes. At first she peeked but her eyelids soon flicked open.

"Oh….oh….OH CRAP!"