Fandom: Howl's Moving Castle

Title: Big News

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It happened suddenly in the early hours of the morning. The pain had seized Sophie slowly like beating drums, and the beating was getting harder and harder. A crow called out into the empty, misty morning as Sophie screamed out loud.

"Sophie! Just hold on a little longer! Please, I need to call the doctor". A man with dishevelled black hair panicked and hurried about as his wife puffed in and out; her lungs frantically gasping at the air. The 'pre-packed-emergency-birth-bag' now laid spilled open on the floor. The couple thought they'd be ready if the baby was early – but they were certainly not.

Howl ran about madly through the corridor; shouting to Marcl to "get the hell up" and "help Sophie down the stupid stairs".

"Why do we even have stairs?" Howl yelled in dismay again.

"Who cares?" Sophie huffed. Marcl flew out of his doorway and stampeded along the landing and grabbed Sophie's trembling arm. He took her cold, sweaty hand and yelped as she squeezed it suddenly; Marcl could have sworn it was fractured.

"Please Soph. Just take it easy." The bright haired boy led her down the stairs where Howl was waiting at the door having just called the doctor to tell them they'd be at the hospital in "about the next five minutes so please get a bed ready otherwise I'll turn you all into cutlery". Turning the dial Howl tried to get the setting closest to the hospital. As he fiddled with the dial his sweaty hands slipped about as they tried to fumble for the right setting.

"Jeeze Howl. Calm down, you're not the one giving birth," a bright flame in the fireplace shouted at him. "Just breathe okay? In, out, in, out!" Calcifir instructed both the couple on breathing; Sophie coping better than Howl. Hein was now running circles next to the fireplace as all the commotion had woken him up.

"Oh you drama queen Howl! Come here!" Marcl let go of Sophie's arm and turned the dial to the right colour. There was a click and the light filtering through the window above the door blinked out – it was night time in the village. Rushing to Sophie, Howl now took her arm and led her forwards. Marcl quickly patted Hein goodbye and the three of them set off down the dark street. There were a few dim lampposts and the light they provided only bathed the cobbled stone in an orange glow. The main light was the beaming moon above them and the dotted stars. It was a beautiful, clear night but that did not matter whilst Sophie puffed, Howl fretted and Marcl shouted as they all staggered down the road in a hurry.

They arrived at the hospital five minutes after they had left and Sophie's condition was starting to get worse. Rushing in through the small door in the quiet ward, they were greeted by the doctor they had spoken to before. In the same way he always did, he just laughed merrily at the couple and told them not to worry. He guided Sophie to a bed and his calm pace and professional stature washed over them and gave them some relief. Although the hospital was local and not the most advanced, it was still an alright place to deliver a baby. There weren't other patients running around or the constant beep from all the machines. The only noise seemed to be Sophie shouting and Howl yelping as she completely crushed and obliterated the delicate hand he had offered her to hold. Marcl was shut outside and sat there imagining the worst as all one could here was constant screaming and agony. However, there were was the constant, firm voice of the midwife as she told Sophie to push and the doctor saying "nearly there" every few minutes.

It seemed like hours had passed before Marcl finally heard the high-pitched cry of a newborn, and was another fifteen minutes before he was summoned in. When he walked in through the door he could see Sophie sitting up and resting in her arms was a bundle of snowy, white blankets. As he came closer he could see that the blankets were moving. Finally he stopped next to Sophie and peered over; she smiled at him as he gasped.

"It's so cute!" Marcl exclaimed.

"Isn't it just?" Howl squealed in excitement, only to gain a half-hearted glare from Sophie.

Marcl could see how tired Sophie was, but there was a look of achievement and happiness on her face. The baby took after Sophie mostly; with soft features, a small, rounded nose and warm, brown eyes. However its eyes were more almond shape and smaller; appearing like Howl's own intelligent eyes.

"It's a boy" Sophie smiled. This made Marcl happy as he would finally have someone else to play with. Sophie's smile faded quickly however, and her arms began to slack. Howl quickly took the baby and brushed back Sophie's hair.

"She's tired; we won't be able to go back until after lunch, just to make sure." Howl explained to Marcl.

"Oh," he replied, "is she going to be ok?"

"Of course!" Howl was smiling, but it was easy to spot the worry creep in.

Marcl kissed Sophie and the baby on the forehead and went to get breakfast; leaving the new mother to rest and Howl to get used to how cute babies are. He could see how fragile the small baby was, it soft fingers barely fit round his finger and its rosy toes were like dainty sea shells. Howl couldn't help but gently prod the baby's soft, chubby cheeks; this made him smile. It seemed all his worries and fears had dissolved away. Now that the baby was here, reality seemed normal again and he knew now he had fretted too much. Seeing this adorable infant made Howl's nightmares fly away like a flock dark ravens, revealing something sacred and beautiful.

Sophie, Howl and Marcl left late afternoon. They had planned to leave earlier however Howl had set fire to a plant pot whilst trying to show off to the baby and although they didn't pay for it, Sophie had pointed out it was useless showing tricks to the baby whilst it couldn't even remember yet and Howl suffered a harsh blow to his ego. It was a relief when they arrived at the castle. They were greeted by peace and the warm glow from Calcifer. They were finally home. But this time, with a new person. A new member to the family; the baby boy wrapped up in the bundles of blankets in Sophie's arms.