This be an Apollo Justice fanfiction. I"m not good at writing mysteries, so I have no idea what got me thinking I could write this one, but oh well. I started this when my mom dragged everybody out to some house in the middle of nowhere. It was full of bugs and there wasn't anything to do except admire scenery. Of course, I decided to be bitchy and complain the whole time, especially since I wanted to write stuff while I was here and it turned out I didn't manage to put all the chapters on a USB port and blah blah blah so I started this new one and this be the Introduction of the Apollo Justice Mystery of Suckiness.

A young, beautiful lady stepped onto the stage and sat at the piano. The audience was silent. The song echoed and danced its way into people's head. A very moving song. She stopped. Everybody clapped and whistled, and she accepted it all with a graceful bow before exiting the stage…

September 12
Strathless Music Theater

"Wow! That was beautiful!"

It was after that piano recital. We had just left that stage with the rest of the audience, so the lobby was full of people saying something like what Trucy said.

"It was," I agreed. I honestly thought that I would cry!

"I was kinda hoping for a magic trick at the end, though."

"Trucy, it's a music theater."

That didn't seem to concern her. She just stared determinedly at me, the way she always does when talking about magic. "But! Wouldn't it be cool if she stood up and made the piano disappear?!"

"…I think it would give the employees a heart attack. That piano isn't mine." The voice came from behind Trucy, who whirled around quickly in surprise.

"Ah! Apollo! It's her! The piano player!" She was even more beautiful up close. Her black hair seemed to be perfectly straight and crowned her shoulders nicely. Her skin was a nice, lightly tan color, and her blue eyes full of kindness. She was wearing a black dress and black, uncomfortable-looking high heels, and I couldn't help but notice that her posture was completely perfect.

It really made me feel clumsy and inadequate.

She tilted her head to a side and smiled. "I'm sorry for eavesdropping. I really shouldn't have."

"No, it's alright," I said quickly, trying to stand up straight.

"Eavesdrop all you want!" Trucy added, grinning back. "I don't mind!"

"My mother wouldn't want me to. It's impolite." When she said that, I realized that was what she was radiating. An aura of pure politeness. I stood in awe of it and thought, Trucy could learn a few things from her.

"So I assume you're…" I took a few seconds to remember what was written on the flyers. "…Priscilla Wagner…?"

She twitched. It was a small one, hardly noticeable, but she said, just as politely as before, "Please, call me by my middle name. Caroline."

"Caroline, huh? I just want to say that your performance was amazing!" Trucy's eyes were sparkling as if Caroline was her idol.

She chuckled lightly in response. Even that was melodious and refined. "Oh no, it couldn't have been that good…"

"No, it was!" I added, almost as enthusiastically as Trucy. "It was beautiful! It must have taken a long time to play like that!"

"…I started playing when I was four, so it's been fourteen years or so…" This was surprising for me, but probably not to Trucy since she had probably been practicing magic since she was born. Fourteen years playing the piano! How much could you learn about it? Wright could probably learn a thing or two from her.

Phoenix Wright was the one who gave us the tickets, actually. Maybe he thought it would do us good to hear what real piano playing sounded like.

"Actually, I brought another instrument here. It's stored upstairs for now, out of the way. I'll be playing in an orchestra later today."

"Oh wow! You can play something else?"

"Yes. My mother wanted me to play many instruments. The violin, the harp, the flute…" She listed other ones that were known for beautiful and graceful sounds.

"Wow! So you're multi-talented! Apollo, don'cha think she'd be a great addition to our Talent Agency?" She really would have been. I was sure that her performances would bring in a lot of money. But somehow, I couldn't really imagine her sitting in the agency. She just wouldn't fit in.

I would have told Trucy this, but then a disdainful "Ah-HEM" cut in. An overbearing, white-haired lady stepped in from out of nowhere and took her place beside Caroline. She stared at me in a supercilious way. As if I was a dirty rapscallion who had no place talking to this flawless princess.

"Priscilla," the woman said in a voice that pretty much flaunted a neon sign flashing 'high class.' "I noticed that you changed part of the song."

"I thought it was more…artistic that way…mother. Where's Andrew? And father?"

"Heavens if I know. Doing father-son activities, maybe. Who are your new…friends?" She looked down at us from her up-turned nose. It was kind of jarring to compare the woman with her daughter. While Caroline was polite in the kind way, her mother was polite in the show-off, 'I'm so much better than you' way. 'I didn't have to pay any attention to you,' her gaze said. 'Feel grateful that I did.'

"Apollo Justice," I said, since we hadn't introduced ourselves to Caroline anyways.

"And I'm Trucy Wright!" Her usual bounciness wilted under the woman's disapproving stare. Maybe she didn't think her magician's costume was very formal.

"…Charmed." She didn't sound that way, that's for sure. She moved closer to her daughter, as if protecting her from dirty tramps. "I am Elizabeth Wagner, Priscilla's mother. Her performance was delightful, wasn't it?"

"Uh…yeah…" I had never heard someone brag about her daughter so obviously and yet understate so much.

"It was much better than that! More like…wonderful! Or maybe magnificent! Or…um…splendiferous!" Even though it was more compliments, Mrs. Wagner didn't seem like she liked being talked back to. The woman gave us another look of disdain from her nose (or maybe she was actually looking at us with her nose…).

"…Thank you for your kind words. Now if you'll excuse us…Priscilla and I must confer in private." That was probably polite-speak for 'You sicken me and I want to leave you as quickly as possible.'

"Oh, but mother –" But Caroline was dragged away. Gracefully, mind you.

Trucy and I watched them leave. "…Hey, maybe we should stay for the orchestra! I bet that'll be pretty too!"

"We should probably call your dad, then." I had my cell-phone with me, but I guess the building blocked signals or something, so we had to go outside.

By then, pretty much everybody else left. Outside, a fairly long way away, was a man sitting on a bench. Another guy was nearby, and he looked sullen. He was wearing very casual wear, and probably didn't see the recital. He looked more like a rock-guitar Gavineer type of guy anyways. He stared at us as I made the call.

"Hey," he greeted us with a small nod. "Are ya leaving?"

"Actually, we're staying for the concert later on," Trucy smiled. "How 'bout you?"

The guy scratched the back of his head. He had messy dirty brown hair that stuck up everywhere. "Nah, not into that kinda stuff. I'm waiting for someone…but anyways, that old man on the bench…don't go near 'im. I think he's angry or whatever. Hit me on th' head with 'is cane when I passed 'im…" He scratched the back of his head again and looked off to the side uncomfortably.

"Ouch," I said, trying to sympathize. I stared at the man in the distance more carefully and noticed his head was bowed low and he was leaning on a cane in a very grumbly-old-man-ish pose.

"It was more like a 'Yeow.' I'm Richie, by the way. Richie Carter." We introduced ourselves quickly again. He smirked at me. "…Weird name."

Unfortunately, his name was very normal so I couldn't make a witty comeback. I didn't have time to anyways because almost right after that, something large fell onto the man on the bench and then smashed into a million pieces.

It was so sudden. I stood there in shock for a few minutes. The man was now splayed out on the ground, and I think I could see blood even from where I was standing. Trucy suddenly clutched onto my arm. Richie then shouted, "There's someone upstairs!" and I was brought back down to earth.

I fumbled with my phone a bit and handed it to Trucy. "Call the police!" I shouted, which was probably unnecessary since she was right next to me, and then ran back inside. Richie ran behind me. Someone stopped us from heading up the stairs, though – an employee. He probably was about to tell me that I couldn't go up there, but I shouted at him, "There's a murderer up there!"

"What's this about a murderer?" came a haughty voice, and Mrs. Wagner suddenly appeared with her daughter in tow.

Richie impatiently screamed, "Lady, some ol' man out there jus' got his head bashed open cus somebody dropped somethin' on him from up there! We hafta get 'im 'fore 'e gets away!" Then everybody was in shock, (Mrs. Wagner was probably so shocked at being referred to as 'Lady') and so we pushed past the employee and ran up the stairs.

But we didn't have to run all the way because somebody came down while we were halfway up or so. A young, spectacled man walked down casually, and upon seeing the looks on our face, said, "Is there something wrong?"

Caroline gasped softly, and remembering something she said earlier, I figured that the guy was her brother. "Did you see anybody else up there?" I asked him, though I somehow already knew the answer.

"No." The silver-haired guy frowned. "…Why do you ask?"

I took a deep breath, about to break the news quietly, but Richie beat me.

"'Cause some guy jus' got killed and you're th' only one who could've done it."

He took the news calmly and waited for the police to take him away. Caroline cried when they did, which made me feel bad. But I couldn't do anything about it at the time. If I had tried to name another suspect there, people would have just ignored me.