Title: I Love You

Author: WrestlingChicka

Disclaimer: I don't own Becky, Cody, Ted, or Kelly Kelly, Nor do I particularly want to own the last one.

Note: I've been on a rather sad romance kick lately.

Written for SimplyPriceless.

Becky's POV

He kissed me.

He apologized.

He kissed me.

He's leaving.

Oh God, he's leaving.

"Wait, Cody!"

Oh my God, was that me? Did I just yell that out in the middle of the church? I'm gonna guess yes, judging by all the stares and gasps… He turned around, though. That's a good sign. I think…

He stared at me for a second. Then he turned, opened the door, and left.

Cody's POV

You know, you make stupid decisions very, very fast. Take me, for example. My cheating was a split-second thing. My coming to this wedding was a split-second thing. My kissing Becky was a very split-second thing. And those were all very, very bad decisions.

So what do I do, being a mature adult?

I run.

Becky's POV

OK, so I make stupid decisions when I'm nervous. So, I ripped off my engagement ring (it wasn't very pretty, anyway), gave it back to Mark, kicked off my heels, and ran. Yes, I ran down the aisle.

I caught up to Cody in the parking lot. He wouldn't look at me. God, what's it gonna take?

"Cody…" I said.

"Don't you have a wedding to go to?"

"No. Not anymore."

"Why? Did I ruin it?"

"Nope. You saved it."

Cody's POV

Saved it? What the hell is she on?

Becky's POV

"Yep. Saved it."

"What? How? Why? I…"

"Don't get it? That's not a surprise."

Cody's POV

What is she talking about?

I ruined our relationship.

I ruined the wedding.

What is she talking about?

Becky's POV

"I am so confused."

"That's OK. I'll explain. But can we go inside first? My feet are killing me."

We went inside the church and sat down in the entranceway. I continued,

"OK, so, when you came in, I kinda…I dunno…had an 'epiphany', if you wanna go the cheesy route. But if you wanna go more realistically, I saw you and I thought, 'Wait. What am I doing up here?' And a realized I was getting married to a guy I couldn't even honestly say I liked. I hate Mark. I despise Mark."

"That…makes no sense…"

"Ever since I left," I began, breaking it down for him, "I haven't really found anyone like you. So when I started dating Mark, I figured that I wasn't ever going to find anyone like you, so I gave up. When Mark asked me to marry him, I said yes because I thought I'd never see you again. Get it? And seeing you here today brought up all these good memories with you that I'd been trying to repress."

"I still don't get it…"

"I can sum it up in three words. Are you ready?"


"I. Love. You."

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