So, it snowed last night.
I was like, 'Christmas Spirit!'
Now I've gotten in the mood for a Christmas fic.
Please enjoy 'Fruitcake.'
Oh, and Happy Holidays!

Christmas time with the Digidestined always had its pros and cons. Every year, one household would host the annual holiday party, and this year, it was the Kamiyas turn. Unfortunately, hosting the event involved having to bake the well-hated fruitcake, which as of yet, no one would even touch, let alone eat. Tai had an excuse to not go near the pastry; he was allergic to the coconut needed for the recipe. So there stood Kari, so innocent, having to bake the cake all by herself.

Being born under the name Kamiya meant you had a certain reputation in your cooking skills, as in, you had none. She, personally, was known for burning Kraft Dinner on a regular basis. Looking at the recipe, she sighed, knowing that this would not turn out well. She recited the ingredients to herself, pointing them out on the counter.

"2 cups all purpose flour, 1 teaspoon salt, 1 teaspoon baking powder, 3 cups shredded coconut (Damn you, Tai.)…" She checked them off twice, thrice as needed, all the way down to the pineapple juice (which she personally hated the most).

Once the cake was prepared and baked she pulled out the blackened, shrunken block of what used to be a fruitcake from the oven. Scared of what she created, she quickly wrapped it in foil and tossed it in the fridge, waiting for the guests to arrive.

Fast forward three hours, as Sora goes to retrieve the charred blob from the refrigerator. She asked Kari where it was exactly, and after finally finding this tin-foiled thing she placed it on the floor, in the middle of the circle of Digidestined. Kari took the silvery object and slowly unwrapped it. Comments were thrown out left and right from no one in particular.

"What is that?"

"That's edible?"

"It's obviously the creation of a Kamiya."

"I thought she was the chef in the family!"

"I'll eat it."

All eyes turned to T.K., with his hand raised high, smiling towards the blob's creator.

"Well, someone get me a fork or something."

Kari stood slowly, unsure if this was the best idea, but before she could stop herself, she had already sat down, fork in hand, about to give it to him. T.K. took the silverware and first poked at the mass of cake. He then took a small portion of it and noticed it was burnt all the way through. Still, he swallowed hard then took a bite. Of course, it crumbled into nothingless on contact with his teeth and it tasted the way it looked – blackened.

Kari just smiled.

"You ate it!" She giggled into his chest whilst simultaneously hugging him.

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

Yay. I'll have a proper Christmas fic later, but for now… this was short. Enjoy? Reviews are appreciated!