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Had he known that allowing her to live would have been his undoing it is very possible that Sebastian LaCroix would have killed her that night, risked going to war with the Anarchs even sooner and then stepped back and allowed the Kuei-Jin to dispatch them. However much like trusting Ming Xiao, his decision had not been a wise one as now he was about to pay the ultimate price.

For Shayne Emerson this was revenge. Revenge for the sire that she had never known and could no longer remember his face, revenge for all the hell that LaCroix and the Camarilla had put her through for a two thousand year old conversation piece, and revenge for ordering a Bloodhunt on her for a crime that she didn't commit. There was so much the no good baby faced Prince who was now on his hands and knees before had put her through, and now he would have his sarcophagus only it would be the last thing that he saw.

Reaching out she slid the well placed letter opener across his throat, listening to the ripping sound of flesh that filled the now silent room. The man couldn't even have the decency to die with out annoying her, still babbling about ruling over the city and demanding that she hand over the key to the Ankaran Sarcophagus. If he wanted it than he could have it for all she cared, after all she had been warned from the beginning way on the beach in Santa Monica not to open it. Therefore the young Brujah wasn't planning on opening it; instead she tossed the key down on the ground and turned pivoting out on her heels.

Pausing at the door she glanced back to see Sebastian LaCroix dragging himself across the marble flooring in a feeble attempt to reach his precious key. "Think of it as a gift from the Anarchs."

She had barely closed the door behind herself when the ground beneath her feet shook and the explosion sent debris and flames shooting into the room, and for an instant Shayne panicked. This hadn't been a part of her plan, she had planned on exiting the building with some dignity intact as well as knowing that LaCroix was dead and the Anarchs could reclaim the City of Angels. What she hadn't planned on was a massive explosion coming from what she could only assume to be the sarcophagus.

His death wasn't about to be her own, Shayne wasn't going to allow it. Staggering back to her feet she reached out letting her fingers wrap tightly around the molding of the wall until she finally found herself with enough leverage to begin moving forward. It had been during the blast that she realized if she hadn't been so preoccupied she would have realized what had been said before hand, the Jack in the Box. It made more sense than anything else she had seen over the last nineteen months of her life or rather undead life.

"Snack cake what are you still doing in here?"Leave it to her happy jolly security guard to want to play hero, not to mention expose the fact that she wasn't exactly human. Gritting her teeth for a few moments the young Brujah had to think and think fast, and of course there was no good explanation for what she was still doing in the tower. Finally after a fair amount of thought Shayne reached out hitting Chunk on the back of the head with the butt of her gun, not hard enough to kill him but it was enough to send him toppling to the ground and made it much easier for her to get him outside the building. "Don't worry Chunk you're going to be a hero, they'll talk about how brave you were to rush in and try to save Sebastian but that it was too late." Whispering in his ear as she hefted the guard to his feet and started to drag him, Shayne looked around searching for another exit. One that wouldn't result in her killing Chunk or landing in the crowd of kine that had began gathering to watch the flames. 'Damn him if he had gotten out of the building when I told him too instead of coming back,' she thought to herself as she finally made her way to a window. Below Shayne could make out the outline of Fat Larry's truck and of course with the heavy fire power and the likes that she bought from him, Larry had already figured that Shayne wasn't exactly on the up and up. Not to mention for a few hundred bucks she was certain the vendor would keep his mouth shut. Reaching out with her free hand Shayne smashed the glass watching as it starting to rain down on the ground below, and as she watched she reached a pressing question. How in the hell was she going to jump with Chunk and not kill him, she thought about it trying to ignore the searing flames rising behind her and the heat that was blowing against the back of her neck. Finally Shayne decided the only way to do it was to fall backwards, she would heal after the fall and it would cushion the impact for her guest.

Fat Larry had been quietly preparing to move his truck out of the way of the on lookers and the police when he looked up, seeing a form hurling straight for the ground and then slamming into. At first he thought it might have only been debris until he watched the blue clad form rolling over and a hand shooting out to make sure the man wasn't dead, at least he assumed that was what was happening. Still laying flat on the ground Shayne was willing her body not to over work it's self and using the trick that Beckett had taught her which was to allow just enough blood to go to her wounds to begin healing them.

"Baby Girl! I should have known when they building went up in flames it was you," Larry called, he had seen her going in and out at odd hours o the night and as time had gone on she seemed to be packing a more serious arsenal.

Shayne glared at him, a soot covered face staring out from behind a wild mass of curls that was normally kept in control by a ponytail holder. "I have no idea what you're talking about," she mumbled reaching out and dropping at least a few thousand dollars in the man's hand.

Larry understood, it was better that he forgot he had seen his favorite customer that night. "You sure you should be doing that Cleopatra?" His words were met with silence and the staggering form disappearing into the darkness.

Each step was like reliving the explosion all over again, the fall included but she had set out doing what she needed to do. Now it was just a matter of making it back to Hollywood and the Luckee Star to report that to Nines, the latter being the biggest problem that Shayne was facing. It was unclear to her at the moment and time just how far she was going to be able to go and if she would even be able to make it into Hollywood on that night. Lifting her head she looked around trying in vain to find a safe place that she could hole herself up in for the night and one that wouldn't attract the attention of the Camarilla or any of the local Sabbat that might remain. The parking garage, the one that she had gotten the briefcase for Larry from, if she recalled correctly there was a ventilation system spanning through the entire structure. If she hid in the air vents she would be safe until the sun went down the next night.

Pivoting on her heels Shayne started for the now abandon structure, hoping that despite her war torn appearance she could blend in with the growing crowd. It was a fruitless effort as a few steps into it she could feel her legs giving out from underneath her and one look showed that she was about to become up close and personal with the sidewalk, and that was the time that Shayne simply gave up deciding to let the darkness wash over her but before she did the last thing she heard was enough to bring a faint smile to her lips.

"You look like shit Kid."