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Magic the Gathering
Silhana- Walk Anywhere
Chapter 1-Walk the Streets

An Elf sighed, and drew her sword.

It seemed like the right thing to do, when you were a few hundred feet up and surrounded by some VERY annoyed goblins.

The elf in question was Virenna Silhana. She had green eyes and long, purple hair, like most of her clan, and she was taller than most humans. She was about sixteen years old, and wore a scabbard on her back. She was, obviously, a Silhana, one of the famous elven clan that went where they wished, climbing buildings whose tops had not seen life for decades.

Normally of course, there was a sword in it.

Unfortunately, this particular building not only still saw life regularly, but specifically saw goblin life. 'Mountaineers' what's more, as these old enemies of the Silhana clan called themselves. They thought of themselves as rivals to their clan. The Silhana thought of them as pests.

What was even worse was that these particular Mountaineers were part of the Rakdos Cult.

No talking her way out of this one.

One of the goblins ran at her, brandishing a wicked knife and screaming something awful.

She stepped out of the way, grabbed its wrist with her off hand and kicked it in the back.

It fell sprawling to the floor.

Another one of the goblins ran at her, brandishing two knives.

She slashed at it, in a feint. It stopped running just in time to avoid the strike, but it fell off balance.
"Scare with one strike, scar with the second." she thought, satisfied. It was one of her swordsmanship teacher's maxims.

She slashed through its chest, and the goblin fell to the floor, bleeding. The other goblins stepped back warily.

And then she heard something.

She just whirled out of the way as the first one attacked again.

"Idiot." she thought. "He said never to turn your back and THAT was why… I need to pay more attention." That was another one of the maxims. He mentioned it at least once a day. Often more.

It ran again at her, and she blocked the knife with one strike, and stabbed the goblin through the chest with another.

"I don't like this building anymore." She thought. The goblins ran, leaving two of their number dying on the old floor.

Virenna sighed again, sheathed her sword and walked out of the door she had come in by.

Those goblins had quite ruined the trip.

She was going down again.

"Virenna!" said a man. He was a little older than her, and looked quite surprised to see her. He had short black hair, and vivid blue eyes, and what looked like a permanent smile on his face. "I didn't expect to see you back yet. What happened to your exploring?" he asked.
Virenna sighed.
"I got jumped by some Mountaineers. Rakdos." she said.
"Are you ok?" he asked.
"Fine. I had to kill two of them." she replied.
"Is that what's bothering you?" he asked.
"No." she said, starting to smile slightly. "I was worried about the look on your face when I tell you how stupid a mistake I made."
"Oh no, please don't tell me you turned your back on one while he was still alive." he groaned.
"Ok then, I won't tell you." she said.
"Virenna, you need to be more careful!" shouted the swordsman.
"Aerian, you need to be less paranoid!" shouted Virenna to her teacher, and best friend.
"Oh, I didn't know you were a qualified Boros swordsmanship instructor too." asked Aerian, sarcastically.
"It doesn't matter, I'm back aren't I?" she said, exasperated.
"I suppose." he sighed. "But if you do it again, I'm going with you so you don't kill yourself." he said.

Virenna laughed.
"You're afraid of heights." she said.
"Yeah, well, there must be some small buildings to look at…" he said.

Virenna laughed, and hugged her friend.

"When I'm upset, just find Aerian and have him try to argue with me. Solves it every time." she said.
"You haven't won yet!" said Aerian.

"We're in Ravnica. There are no small buildings."

Silhana Ledgewalker 1G
Creature-Elf Rogue
Cannot be blocked except by creatures with flying.
Cannot be the target of spells or abilities your opponents control.

Virenna Silhana 2G
Legendary Creature-Elf Rogue Warrior
First Strike
Cannot be blocked except by creatures with flying.
Cannot be the target of spells or abilities your opponents control.

Boros Swiftblade RW
Creature-Human Soldier
Double Strike

Aerian, Swiftblade Elite 3RW
Legendary Creature-Human Soldier
Double Strike
Other creatures you control have First Strike.

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