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Chapter 3-Walk the Glades

"So. Anyway." said Virenna. "Where are we?"

"I think I can answer that." said a new voice, female.

The speaker was short, barely four foot tall, with slightly bulbous eyes and long black hair in a slightly messy ponytail. She had a tight fitting, sky blue jacket on, and white leggings, as well as a long pair of boots, and what looked like it could turn out to be an irritatingly perpetual smile.
"I'm Rebecca, a Kithkin. You are in Lorwyn." she said. "Are you three planeswalkers?"

"Wait, that's two people who have mentioned planeswalkers. Aren't they a myth?" asked Aerian.
"Nope." said Rebecca. "How else could you get here? You must be right, one of those two must have summoned you… I wonder who it was, and why you're still here… Where are you from?" asked Rebecca. She seemed quite talkative.

"Ravnica. We're from Ravnica." said Virenna, feeling quite wrongfooted. "Why are you so obsessed with planeswalkers?"
"Because they've seen more than we ever can! Asking them questions would be like having a conversation with a god!" said Rebecca, quite impassioned.

"Well anyway, getting back to the subject at hand…" said Z'chik. "Do you know any way we could get home?"
"No." said Rebecca. "Well, there's that… but that could just be a rumour…"
"I've heard of a staff that can planeswalk, but wherever it takes its bearer it will end up on that plane, far away… there's meant to be one on this plane." she said, getting excited.
"If you're so obsessed, why didn't you go looking for it?" asked Virenna.

"Well…" said Rebecca, a little embarrassed. "It's kinda guarded by a group of… unpleasant elves. Wait, that reminds me." she said, looking at Virenna, Aerian and Z'chik more closely. "What are you?"

"Well, I'm human." said Aerian.
"Never heard of them." said Rebecca.
"I'm a demon." said Z'chik.
"Once again, never heard of them."
"And I'm an elf." said Virenna.
"No you're not." said Rebecca.
"I think I should know." replied Virenna.
"You don't even have horns!"
"Horns? Why would an elf have horns?" asked Virenna.

There was a pause.
"Other planes are weird." said both the girls.
They stopped, and laughed.

"Well, we should go back to my clachan." said Rebecca. "I need to get supplies, and permission to leave from the Cenn."
"Why are you leaving?" asked Aerian.
"I'm going with you, of course!" she said. "No way am I missing this chance."

* * *

It was maybe half an hour's walk to the clachan. It was very strange, as on their arrival, all of the Kithkin seemed to know exactly who they were, what they were, and what they were doing. Later, Rebecca explained this. Along with practically everything else.

"Well, we have this thing called the thoughtweft. We can talk and communicate mentally, like a group consciousness."
"What about your identity?" asked Aerian.
"That's still there! We are still ourselves, we're just very closely knit." explained Rebecca. "Community means a lot to us, the most important thing of all. Most Kithkin don't go more than a mile from their clachan in their life, for fear of loneliness."
"But you are…" pointed out Virenna.
"I'm an adventurer. I want to make my clachan proud." said Rebecca.
Virenna nodded.
"That I understand."

Rebecca continued talking a little, but suddenly stiffened, and then relaxed into a catlike stance, running towards the edge of the town.
"What's up?" called Virenna.
"Something's attacking! I only got blurred images, and pain." said Rebecca sadly, running as fast as she could. Virenna, Aerian and Z'chik quickly caught up, and ran with her.
"We'll help." said Aerian.

* * *

At the edge of the city was a huge creature, scaled, six long legs ending in spikes spearing around it, like some oversized, deadly, mockery of an insect. It was scaled, shimmering in five colours, the white, blue, black, red and green of magic, though it changed to skin partway down its body. It looked like a living, flowing beam of shimmering light as it somehow swam through the air, stabbing its claw into another Kithkin.

As the Kithkin gave a scream of agony, Rebecca winced in pain.
She held out a hand towards the creature, uttering a single word.

Even to Virenna, in fact a novice mage, it was obvious. Rebecca threw a torrent of blue and white mana into the creature, controlling it, making it drowsy and slow as the other Kithkin attacked, still not fast enough as it batted them away.

Virenna pointed her own hand at the creature. Nothing seemed to happen, though Rebecca turned and watched the stream of green and red mana erupting towards the beast, visible only to those two.

Then roots grew from the ground, wrapping around the creature, tying it to the ground where the Kithkin could strike it. Then immolating, burning at the beast.

"That is way too complicated." said Aerian.
"Agreed." said Z'chik.

Both of them ran at the creature, Virenna following them after her spell finished. Rebecca continued pouring power into her spell, and the beast collapsed unconscious just as Aerian cut into it with a blade, not blood but rather light spilling from the wound, the light getting smaller and smaller and vanishing as the wound healed.

"Forget that." said Z'chik, digging his claws into the creature, getting more feral as his attack went on, tearing at it, cutting at it with everything he could.

He recoiled, his claws and teeth singed from the immense amount of light pouring from the scratches and other damage he had caused.

The beast stirred, awaking, slashing one claw inhumanly fast at Virenna. Aerian placed one blade in its path, cutting into its leg, and in fact cutting it off.

Light shone from the stump, and then it closed up. But another leg did not grow.
"Aim for the neck." said Aerian.

A spear of blue lightning jutted into the creature's neck, throwing it off balance enough for both Virenna and Aerian to cut into, and through its neck.

Rebecca smiled.
"Sleep is my speciality, but I can do more."

The creature was dissolving into nothingness on the floor.

Seemingly all the Kithkin of the village came over to congratulate them. Much praise was heaped on Rebecca, who was blushing deeply.
"Rebecca. You requested permission to leave on a quest with these people. We have a request of you first." asked one of the older Kithkin.

"Yes?" asked Rebecca, bowing a little to him.
"We would like you to seek out the cause of these attacks. We suspect it is a Flamekin Rainbow Summoner behind it."
"We'll help." said Virenna.

"And I would be honoured to accept." said Rebecca. "When can we leave?"

* * *

Somnomancer 1(W/U)
Creature-Kithkin Wizard (Shadowmoor)
When Somnomancer comes into play, you may tap target creature.

Rebecca, Kithkin Adventurer 2WU
Legendary Creature-Kithkin Wizard (My creation)
UU: Tap target creature.
WW: Rebecca, Kithkin Adventurer deals 2 damage to target attacking or blocking creature.

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From now on, I'm going to be marking each creature with the set it appeared in.
For past reference, Silhana Ledgewalker and Boros Swiftblade are from Ravnica, Demon's Jester is from Dissension and the three legends are my creations. Bye!