*Auther Note* i like just wrote this because i was bored... i love this pairing. it's not very long and i was going to make it long but i changed me mind. i hope you like it. IKKAKU AND YUMICHIKA FOR EVAH!!! lol w


Yumichika stood in front of a whole length mirror and posed. He looked at his clothes which were a part of light blue jeans and a light blue tank with a dark blue one underneath. He ran his fingers thru his silky dark blue hair and smiled, showing a slight glimpse of his pure white teeth. He spun around once then puts his hands behind his back. He giggled "Looking as beautiful as ever!"

Then Ikkaku busted thru the door and then slammed it shut. This scared Yumichika so he yelped. He turned around to see Ikkaku locking the door and leaning angst it panting. "Um… let me guess," pretty boy said as he walked over to Ikkaku and put his hands on his hips. "It's Karin right?" he asked. Ikkaku looked up at him "Do you have ta ask?" Yumichika held out his hand for Ikkaku and he took it standing up. The dark blue haired teen sat on the bed and crossed his legs. "No, not really," Ikkaku plopped down beside him "Damn woman's gonna kill me one day I just know it." he said glaring at the door. Yumichika laughed.

Then there was banging at the door "Oh Ikkaku sweetie, I know you're in there! Come out and play!" Karin called thru the door. Ikkaku's eyes went wide "Oh my God, dude you got ta help me!!" he shouted in a whisper has he grabbed Yumichika's shoulders. The pretty boy thought. The door started to be kicked in, any second and it would break. Ikkaku started to panic more "Come on think faster!!" he whispered.

Yumichika snapped his fingers and looked Ikkaku "Kiss me," he told him. Ikkaku stared at him "W-what?" he asked. "Kiss me!" he whispered harshly. "No way, I'm not-," "Oh sweetie!" Karin called again. Ikkaku look at the door then at Yumichika. He quickly threw Yumichika down on the bed and hovered over him. He leaned down and smashed his lips to the others in a somewhat passionate kiss. Yumichika wrapped his arms around the other's neck and closed his eyes.

The door flow off the hangs and it fell on the ground. "Sweet…heart…?" Karin said as she stood dead in her tracks staring at the two. She blushed and put her hands over her mouth. "OH MY GOD!!" she shouted. Ikkaku stopped kissing Yumichika and looked at the girl. Pretty boy did that same. "Is there something we can help you with?" Yumi asked. Karin took a step back then ran out of the room screaming.

The two looked at each other and laughed.