It'd been four years, four very long years since she'd last seen him. College had been worth it, of course, but every minute of every class, her mind had frequently wandered back to their last night together. She wondered if he had chosen another, found another, celibacy makes the heart grow fonder they always say, but was it true, could a man seriously grow fonder when denied seeing his woman for so long, four years? Was the imprint all a lie to make her believe that he wouldn't cheat while she was away? Why was she so scared? Why didn't she trust that he'd be there waiting for her as soon as she pulled into that driveway?

All of these thoughts and questions ran through Ella's head as she drove her car down the lovingly familiar road to Jacob's house. The green trees were so comforting. She missed it all so much. She missed her father, her sister, her brother-in-law, her niece and nephew. She missed her old dog Otis. Most of all she missed her Jacob. Life was…nothing without him. She needed him and it took college to tell her that. Why?! Why had it taken four years for her to learn that she couldn't live without him? She should've stayed, here in La Push. She should've never left him because maybe now, he left her. Tears filled her eyes as she thought of this. She blinked them back, she was twenty two, she shouldn't be crying like a little girl.

A tiny bark from her back seat saved her from her thoughts. She'd forgotten about the sheltie puppy in her backseat. She'd bought her from a little old lady outside of Wal-mart. She couldn't resist. She was going to give the puppy to Jacob. Jacob had given her Otis, her sheltie waiting for her back home. So, Ella was giving Jacob a female sheltie puppy.

She pulled into the driveway of Jacob's house. She held her breath but for what reason, she didn't know. There were about a million cars in the driveway but not a single person was outside. She scanned the cars and recognized Edward's Volvo and Charlie's cruiser. The rest of the cars she assumed were the wolves'. She got out of her car and picked up the little wiggling puppy out of her backseat. She narrowed her eyes and paused as if waiting for someone to jump out. After a moment, she realized no one was and kept moving. She passed by Edward's Volvo. She remembered back when it had carried two car seats. That had looked comical, car seats in a car that was built to exceed the speed limit.

She walked up to the door, there was a note taped to it, telling her to go to the backyard. She shook her head, they were planning to jump out and scare the bejesus out of her. She went to the backyard, pausing right before she did, she yelled. "If this dog pees on me because you scared it, I'm going back to New York." She smiled when she heard a little giggle belonging to her nephew.

She walked back to the backyard, but no one was there except for Jacob. He was standing beside a chair, smiling broadly. "Hey baby." He said and Ella ran to him. His arms encircled her body, careful of the puppy.

"God, Jake have I missed you."
Jacob smiled and let her go. He offered her the chair and she sat down on the chair, looking back at him. "What's going on, Jacob, where is everyone else? I could've sworn I heard little Wyatt's giggle."

Jacob kissed her cheek and pointed to the roof, only then did Ella look in front of her. There, on the roof, everyone stood, all the wolves, her father, Edward, Bella, Wyatt, Shelby and even Billy. Each one of them held a piece of poster board and Ella's eyes filled up with tears as she read them.

I love you too much to be another second without you. Ellabeth Evalynn Swan, will you marry me?

Ella put the dog down and all but threw the chair out of the way in getting to Jacob. She put her arms around his neck and kissed his lips. "Yes, Jacob, I will marry you." She said and kissed him again.

Jacob, his eyes filled with that perpetual love she'd seen that night she'd won the bet, dipped her back and kissed her passionately. He pulled back and whispered "beat that" before kissing her again.

On top of the roof

Everyone watched Jacob and Ella kiss. Wyatt and Shelby were making retching faces. Charlie leaned toward Billy. "I think that means she said yes."