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Rating: Nc-17

Warning: indirect mentions of sexual assault in first chapter. Please do not read if this bothers you.

Alex lay in his bead alone, shifting back and forth trying to fall asleep, when his phone rang. Who the hell was calling him, it was his one night off this week, and he had hardly slept in days. On top of it, he was not in a good mood. He was supposed to meet Izzie in Joe's bar after work, and she had stood him up. He waited for her for almost an hour, before he finally got in his car and drove home. No, Alex was most definitely not in a good mood, so whoever happened to be calling him, they would have to deal with it; he was not answering the phone. He pulled the pillow over his head and tried again to fall asleep. Then his phone rang again. This time he rolled over to see who it was.


Why was she calling him. He had half a mind not to answer the phone, see how she liked being ignored. But his heart got the best of him, maybe she had a good explanation for not showing up? At the very least, he would get a chance to yell at her, give her a piece of his mind. He flipped open his phone

"What" he said sharply, ready to let her know exactly what he was thinking in the absence of a decent explanation on her part.

But her voice changed his mind.

"Alex." She sounded different, not like Izzie, like broken Izzie.

"Alex," she said again, with increasing urgency in her voice.

"What's up Izzie." He had given in, he couldn't be mad at her, especially when it was so obvious that there was something going on.

"I..I.. I'm sorry, I didn't know who else to call." Alex was starting to get worried. His voice softened as he said,

"Izzie, its okay, just tell me what's wrong."

"I need you to come get me –"

"Where are you, I'm on my way, just tell me where you are." Alex said as he climbed out of bed and reached for a pair of jeans. Something was definitely off. And after all, he was Alex, and she was Izzie. He was always there to pick up the pieces, tonight was no exception.

"I don't know, its dark and. I'm in an alley –" What the hell happened to her? But he remained calm, and his voice stayed even.

"Okay, you're in an alley, do you see anything you recognize?"

"I don't- let me check." Her voice was growing fainter, and Alex's instincts told him to keep her talking. "Oww," he heard Izzie yelp. By now, he was already down the stairs grabbing the keys to his car. It was raining, but he hardly felt the cold droplets on his skin; he was on a mission, and Alex was nothing if not focused.

"Izzie, Izzie, tell me what you see. Look around, what can you see?"

"I can't get up, it hurts…" Okay, that was it, Alex was done playing games; she was scaring him.

"Izzie, focus, what do you see around you. I'm in my car, I need to know which way to go."

"Okay, hold on." At this point, her voice was barely above a whisper. She was holding on as best she could, but she hurt, she was tired. Then she heard an ambulance and it hit her; she was no where foreign, she was in the alley next to Joe's bar, across the street from the hospital. "I'm, I'm next to Joe's bar, I'm by the hospital." Relief was evident in her voice.

"Good, good job. I'm on my way okay, I'll meet you at the hospital okay, you hang up, and you call 911 okay Iz."

"No, no Alex –" His suggestion had obviously upset her –"I don't want them to see me like this, please, please just come get me."

"Okay Izzie, in that case, stay with me okay. Just stay with me." Her voice was fading, she was almost inaudible, he just wanted to keep her talking.

As Alex drove towards his damsel in distress, he was finally able to convince her to let him take her to the hospital. He had convinced her that it would be best, not that she had actually told him what happened, and not that she would. She just kept dodging the subject when he asked her. Still he had a pretty good idea. So as he drove, he kept her talking about anything and everything – but then her voice dropped off.

"Izzie. Izzie, where are you?" Alex could hear the rain beating against her phone, but no Izzie, her voice had disappeared. "IZZIE, talk to me, come on Iz." Alex's voice grew desperate and he speed up, ignoring the honking cars and breaking God knows how many laws. He kept his phone pressed against his shoulder and his ear, just listening for her voice. Finally, he pulled up in front of the bar and left his car parked illegally in front. Barely taking the time to turn off the engine, he jumped out of the car and ran into the alley spotting Izzie's body curled up against the wall. "Izzie!", he called as he made his way towards her, shoes leaving deep impressions in the mud. He knelt to the ground beside her and checked her pulse. It was there, but it was weak, very weak. He struggled with the right way to pick her up. She had obviously lost a lot of blood. Why didn't I call the ambulance for her, why didn't I just insist that she call for help, why -. All of Alex's thoughts ceased when he saw Izzie's underwear lying on the other side of the alley. So he was right. He had seen this before, and he had suspected that was what had happened. But he never could have imagined the rage he felt when his suspicions where confirmed. "Izzie", he whispered as he finally lifted her from the ground. He held her to his chest trying to keep her warm. He had failed her once, he wasn't going to again.

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