1 Past Wrongs

He is pale, dark-hooded like the night. She is beautiful, and cruel because she is young, and has not lived long in the world. He pleads with her, his proud nature shocked into eloquence. His words burn as she watches him coldly.

I told myself to leave

I knew the gods would play us false somehow and so they have.

And everything I ever was

And everything I am will just repulse you.

You say there is no way

For me to make amends - perhaps you're right.

I find myself impaled by love,

Your words are knives I cherish - this way madness lies.

I know as well as I know you

That there's no shred of hope for me, and no release.

Your contempt will stab me to the heart,

And I prefer your loathing to another's cherishing.

What am I doing here?

Hatred was all you felt

Haven't I wept enough?

Haven't I wept enough for you?

And the girl answers: "No".