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Summary: Bella, an Italian student is struggling in her English studies and Is advised to have an English/American Email buddy (Pen pal) where she will have to stay over at the person's home for a month and vice versa. All the girls have been taken, and has left her with a certain bronzed hair boy.

P.s translations are at the bottom!

Email Buddies

To: Pianokeys at email dot com

From: GoffoBella at email dot com

My name is Isabella, I am seventeen years old and I live in Roma, I have three older brothers, do you have any siblings? What is America like? Is it sunny where you live?
From Bella

I looked at my finalised short email, that I would give to an Edward Cullen from America. It took me about 3 minutes to write this, it was simple English I could handle that.

My native tongue is Italian, and I've been struggling in my English classes so much that my teacher advised me to start a pen pal, or email buddy. So here I was writing to a random stranger from an American school we twinned with!

It's not my personality to write to random boys, but there were no girls left to write to, so I was very annoyed by the fact I got unlucky. Hopefully he isn't weird or anything and won't ask for a picture of me in my underwear! These American boys scare me!

As well as writing to him, I will have to go to America and stay with Edward and his family for a month and vice versa! I'm seriously regretting this decision. I logged off my email, turned off my computer and went to bed.

I went to bed strangely hyper, and excited to see Edward's reply, I didn't even know this guy and he's already got me curious. My dreams were filled of him, his email was piano keys , so did that mean he played the piano or did he just have an obsession with keys? Would he be scared off by the fact I have three older brothers? Really Emmett, Alessandro and Tony were harmless, just very overprotective.

Emmett didn't have a traditional Italian name like me since he was named after an American boy she had a crush on before she met my dad, she confessed this to me when I asked her when I was ten.
I woke up, and smiled at the sunny weather we have in Italy, I could already smell the food mama was cooking for breakfast. We always ate together, my brothers, me and the parents breakfast to us is the most important meal, so we always made more than we needed, though having three brothers in the family it always meant that we had to cook extra anyway.

I went downstairs and could already hear Emmett's booming laughter, he managed to fill the whole house with noise, even now when Alessandro and Tony are at university, he always was the loud one.

"Morning Bella!" Renata my mum said.

"Morning." I said, yawning. I went over to kiss her on the cheek, dad had already left for work, he was a police man, scary for you right?

We ate together, in silence with Emmett as the background noise talking about random nonsense, I always just tune him out in the morning, he's too much to handle sometimes.I finished my breakfast, washed my plate and thundered upstairs to check my email. I wasn't sure of the time difference but I'm pretty sure, he must have read my email by now. I turned on my computer and waited for it to load up. I tapped my foot impatiently, and quickly logged into my account.


I had a new email, and it was from Edward! I chuckled as his reply was in Italian.

To: GoffoBella at email dot com

From: Pianokeys at email dot com

Ciao Bella il mio nome è Edward. Io vivo in una piccola città chiamata Forks, dove è molto piovoso e fredda. Ho una sorella chiamato Alice. Mi diciassette anni come siete. Mi piace ascoltare musica classica e della lettura i classici, cosa ti piace?

A partire da Edward

He seemed nice enough, I guess our questions were quite formal and polite as we didn't know each other. I found myself wondering what he looked like and if he really was seventeen?

To: Pianokeys at email dot com

From: GoffoBella at email dot com

Hello Edward! Your Italian is very good, I am impressed! I like to read the classics as well, like Pride and Prejudice, and Wuthering Heights. I am a plain person, with not many interests, I read, cook and like to go out at night like many other teenagers, though they are really not my interests. How was your day?


I read the email, checking that my spelling was correct, and pressed send.

I was surprised that a seventeen year old boy likes to listen to classical music, and actually read! It was a change to what I was used to. I was confused...did he really live in a place called Forks? Or was it a spelling error? I don't know plus he said it was a cold rain place. How could I stay in a place for a month when it's cold and rainy all the time?

I logged off my email, and went to take a shower and get ready for the day. Today was Sunday, so no school today! I didn't really have much planned, since I don't have many friends. It's not that I'm an unsociable person, but that I am terribly shy, and don't forget that I have three older brothers who like to act like gangsters around me at school and scare off an possibility of having any friends let alone boyfriends.

Most girls that talk to me, want to get to my brothers since they are jocks and have good looks, not that I would know, but I hear things. After I had finished with my shower, I went to brush my teeth and put on a pair of shorts and a tank top. I'm a practical person when it comes to clothes I own nothing fancy or designer, I would be too scared to wear it and ruin it knowing my luck. I have two left feet, I run into walls, tables, people, lockers, the floor and anything that happens to be in a five mile radius.

I pulled my hair up into a messy bun and started on my homework, I needed help with my English, so i turned back on the computer and logged into my email, whilst going on a translation website. I had left my computer on, soon after I had finished my homework and went downstairs to do my chores and watch t.v with Emmett.

"Hey Em!" I said, as I joined him onto the sofa and snatched the remote.

"Hey! Give it me back, I was watching that!" He whined.

"Tough, you're not any more!" I argued.

"You are so spoiled, you know that?" He glared at me.

I stuck my tongue at him, at proceeded to change the channel. I flicked through all the programmes, there was nothing on so I just handed back the remote and checked on my computer to see if Edward had replied or was online.

Pianokeys has started a conversation with you.

Crap he started a conversation while I wasn't even here!

pianokeys: Hey!


Pianokeys:Isabella are you there?

Pianokeys: Ciao?

Pianokeys: Buongiorno?

Ah! Reply before he goes off!!!

GoffoBella: Ciao! Sorry, I was downstairs.

Pianokeys: ....

GoffoBella: Isn't it a bit early for you to be online?

Pianokeys: I suffer from Insomnia....

Okay! My first chapter, I'll add the translations down here, and just like I said before, I'm not actually Italian so I have no idea if this is correct. So if there is anyone fluent in Italian that could help me out? ;P

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Goffo: Akward/ Clumsy

Ciao Bella il mio nome è Edward. Io vivo in una piccola città chiamata Forks, dove è molto piovoso e fredda. Ho una sorella chiamato Alice. Mi diciassette anni come siete. Mi piace ascoltare musica classica e della lettura i classici, cosa ti piace?

A partire da Edward :

Hello Bella, my name is Edward. I live in a small town called Forks, where it is very rainy and cold. I have a sister called Alice. I'm seventeen like you, I like to listen to classical music and reading the classic books. What do you like?

From Edward.

I'm also having troubles with the title, any suggestions?