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Summary: Bella, an Italian student is struggling in her English studies and Is advised to have an English/American Email buddy (Pen pal) where she will have to stay over at the person's home for a month and vice versa. All the girls have been taken, and has left her with a certain bronzed hair boy.

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"Anyway, I'll be your chaperone, so no funny business, especially with the guys!" He said.

Funny business? What funny business?

Email Buddies

Oh, I knew it was too good to be true I just never ever get a break. I was super excited and nervous to be going on this holiday, go abroad, relax for a bit, be away from family..but oh no Emmett had to rear his big, fat, ugly butt into it!

I muffled a scream into my pillow. "Arghh!!!!!"

"That's right just let it all out." My big oaf of a brother said, startling me.

I slowly lifted my head up, my face going red, seething.

"Get. Out. Now." I said menacingly.

He didn't even bat an eyelid, I raised an eyebrow willing him to try to vex me further. He didn't move and I let out a frustrated yell, I got off my bed and started kicking and punching him like a human punching bag. God, It had no effect on him!

So I did the perfectly reasonable thing, I lay myself on the floor, curled myself in a ball and started to yell at the top of my lungs "Mamma! Owww! It hurts! Help!"

Emmett looked puzzled, I smirked at him. On cue, Renata(Renee) came in looking annoyed and shocked as I carried on with my injured charade.

"What happened here?" She demanded.

"Em-Emmett, he-he hit me!! It hurts! Did you not hear me scream before? I'm so sorry. What did I do wrong?!" I whimpered, hamming up my already amateur acting.

"Emmett, is this true? You hit a girl? Your sister? In my house?!" Her voice getting louder at each accusation.

"Mum, please, it's not true she's lying!" Emmett pleaded. When you have an older brother, you learn special ways to get even and play dirty.

"How can you lie to my face?! Look at her, she's on the floor obviously in pain!" She fumed on. I stifled a giggle. Emmett shot me daggers, and I tried my best not to stick my tongue out.

"But, but..." Emmett carried on.

"No more, I've had enough! No more computer games, that includes your Xbox, Play station 3 or anything else! And no more late night visits to Rosalie's house. You're grounded until you have to go to America with Bella, period, I want no more complaining. Bella honey will you be okay? I'm a bit busy and have to go to work soon." Renata ranted on.

"I-I think so.." I sniveled on.

Renata bent down, kissed my forehead, muttered something about Emmett and left the room with him following behind her fists clenched and nostrils flaring. Whoops. He definitely deserved that, with all the hell he puts me through.

Emmett never gave me a break, but now I'm all by myself and had time to think. I couldn't help the massive grin that crept up on my face. I was going on holiday in a couple of weeks! With no parents! With Emmett.....oh no...let's just glaze over that. Why does time always feel like it goes its slowest when you're waiting for something to happen?


"Now are you sure you have everything you came with? Do you have your flight tickets? Do you kno-"

"Yes mum! I'm sure, for the last time, I'm sure I have everything, the tickets are in my pocket and whatever you were going to ask me...I'm pretty sure I've got the right answer for it." I interrupted.

Renata's eyes welled up and her smile quivered, "That's good, I'm sorry Bells it's just that I worry about you! You're my baby girl, you know that?"

I hugged her, "I'll be fine, I unfortunately have Emmett mum."

"What? No hug for me?!" Emmett boomed.

"Yeah, because we all know you'll just be fine no matter how much chaos happens around you. Or they just don't care about you." I said snorting at my own words.

"We do care for Emmett!...Just in a different way." Charlie said.

"Haha that's code for, we don't love you as much as Bella!" I cracked up at my own joke.

Charlie playfully hit me. "Bella, you know that's not true! It's just because your our only daughter, and you never gave us much trouble unlike the boys!"

I looked at my watch, oh crap! "Guys! Emmett and I have to go now or we'll miss our flight!"

We rushed our awkward goodbyes, and with Renata being unable to let us go or stop the wet kisses. I found myself failing to keep up with Emmett's long strides trying to reach our gate.

I kept tripping up on my feet, making me go slower, "Emmett please, slow down I can't keep up! You know how badly coordinated I am." I whined.

"Oh! I have a better idea!" He replied. Emmett's ideas were never good. So I dreaded it whenever they came.

He ran back to where I was forced me into a piggyback and ran top speed towards our destination. I let out a shriek, causing people to turn and look at us, making me blush. I loathed attention.

"Emmett put me down!" I moaned.

"Hey, we'll get there much quicker if you're not walking on your feet; you and I both know that." He reasoned.

Somehow, I couldn't really argue with that. Emmett and my brothers were really competitive when it came to sports or women, so I knew that he could run much faster than this but I guess he couldn't really with all the people in the way, plus he doesn't know where we were heading.

Several minutes later, and a bout of travel sickness we finally arrived and successfully boarded on the plane. Bad news was that we were last to board, and we received dirty looks and glares from the passengers and on cue my blush appeared.

I clumsily found where I was seated and found out it wasn't next to Emmett, I panicked, I didn't do well talking to strangers. I was sitting next to two boys, one had blonde hair and blue eyes and the other had brown hair and eyes donning glasses and greasy skin. Emmett was sat in front of me next to a girl and boy, and I just knew Emmett would be flirting with the girl. Poor guy if he was her boyfriend, he had no chance with the smooth talker.

"Hi, I'm Mike and this is Eric my friend." The blonde guy revealed, with an American accent.

"Hi." I said, giving him an awkward smile, I really didn't want to talk with him. I knew this was going to be a long flight, all I really wanted to do was read my book, listen to music and sleep on this journey and not have awkward conversations.

"What's your name?" Eric asked after a pregnant silence.

"Oh right sorry, I'm Isabella but call me Bella please." I said, blushing.

"You're Italian right? I recognize the accent." Mike asked.

I really wanted to roll my eyes...I hated people who stated the obvious. "Yes."

After that they stopped trying to chat with me and talked to each other. The plane had took off, and we were flying miles high up in the sky. The stewardess was offering peanuts and drinks going down the aisle with her cart. She reached Emmett, and Rose was obviously far away from his mind, as he definitely was laying on the charm thickly on the poor girl.

"So where do you live in Italy?" Mike asked.

"Er..." What should I say?? Should I really say where I live, he could be a pedophile... "Well somewhere in Volterra... I can never recall the name of the place..." why am I such a bad liar? I'm so lame!

He looked at me unconvinced, "Oh cool. I was just in Volterra on holiday. Its a great place to meet girls...what a strange coincidence, eh?"

"Right..." what the hell was I supposed to say?

"So I was wondering do you want to go out with me after the plane lands?"

I looked at him in shock. I didn't even know him! Quick think of something, quick!!

"Pardon? I er not understand. You make no sense." I stuttered, sure because one minute you're fluent in English, next it's fractured.

"Che cosa l'inferno?! Non lo daterei mai durante cento anni! Sopra il mio cadavere pervertite" I couldn't control myself, my hand slapped my mouth.

At that moment Emmett turned around and looked at me shocked and confused.

"Scusi Bella?!" He asked.

"Emmett lo aiuta fuori qui! Sapere che lo amate!" I begged him, my Italian coming fast and furious.

Emmett turned to Mike who was looking a bit confused. He must of heard and understood some of the conversation.

"Do you know that guy Bella? He looks like some kind of freak!! He's massive! He isn't your boyfriend is he? I don't like the way he's staring at you, and anyway I was thinking I would be better for you." Mike ranted. Ha, he's not staring at me.

This stranger really needed to get a reality check.

"Ew no way!! He's my brother for gods sake! That's disgusting!" I nearly yelled at him.

If looks could kill Mike would have been so dead. Emmett was glaring at Mike and I guessed that he understood a bit of what Mike had just said. He stood up and towered above Mike.

"Hi, Mike is it? You'll be happy to know you'll have a change of company and be sitting next to me instead, and on this very long journey we will have a nice talk about you and my sister. Understand?" Emmett may not sound as fierce to Mike because of his accent, but his eyes were deadly and he was nothing but serious.

Mike gulped in fear, and nodded his head. I silently gathered my things and swapped seats with my angel of a brother. Oh thank god, but the thing now was that the passengers near us heard the whole frenzy and I was again getting unwanted attention.

I took my copy of Wuthering Heights, obviously translated into Italian and tried to immerse myself in the book and forget my surroundings. Next thing I knew, I was getting off the plane, looking at a very scared Mike who uttered his apology and ran off with his friend trailing behind him. Emmett and I just burst out laughing about the whole thing, but it was only half assed because I was so exhausted.

We collected our luggage, and started to look for Edward and his family. We didn't really know how to find them, but were told to look out for a sign with our surname. I stood on my tiptoes trying to scan the crowds, Emmett's purpose was for this, he had his height on his side.

All I could see was the tops of heads, and a very unusual bronze colour...



"Che cosa?! Non lo daterei mai durante cento anni! Sopra il mio cadavere pervertite":

What the hell?! I would never date you in a hundred years! Over my dead body you pervert!

"Emmett lo aiuta fuori qui! Sapere che lo amate!"

Emmett help me out here! You know you love me!

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