The Next Great Adventure

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The air was chilly, a light fog covering the area. A cold light shone down through the mists as the night deepened.

A single figure's silent steps broke the stillness.

Tall and slender and garbed in white, he was a silent sentinel for this place of death and rebirth.

He walked over to a small patch of wild melons growing in the mist. Bone-white fingers reached down, plucking at an unfortunate weed. The plant instantly withered in his grasp.

Dull blue eyes shone in the twilight, one bare, the other from behind a broken mask of nightmares.

It had been near a century since his body had passed on. And yet, he stayed.

He owed too much to them to leave.

This place was a grave, a tomb, for all those he had come to know. All those he had come to love, to cherish.

All of those he had failed to protect.

In those rare time he dared explore the surface, he'd learned that he and the others were demonized, portrayed as terrorists and cultists. The Children in particular.

He didn't care about being called a monster.

But the others?

They didn't deserve it. Any of it.

And so he would walk this damned ground so they could rest in peace.

'Misato. Rei. Asuka.'

'I'm sorry...'


"Kurotsuchi taichō, what is it that you requested a meeting of all 1st and 2nd Seats?"

"My apologies Sōtaichō, but I have reason to believe that we have found a rogue Menos."

"What class?"

"Our surveys currently suggest it is at least an exceptionally powerful Adjuchas or even a Vasto Lordes, Kuchiki taichō."

"A Vasto Lordes!..."

"...the hell did we miss...?"

"Silence! Zaraki taichō, Kuchiki taichō, Kurotsuchi taichō, I hereby authorize you to deploy Shinigami to contain or destroy this rogue Hollow at all costs."