Hey guys I'm mangaaddict300 formally known as steph300 for those I reviewed skip beat or beyblade fan fictions on. This is my first skip beat story ever! Sorry if I made any spelling or grammar mistakes so don't tell me that ok. This story has action, romance, and a bit of humor. You may feel confused when I get into describing things in the story so ill try my best to make it less confusing as I can. So here are the characters. Oh and I almost forgot I can't give all the info on some of the characters cause might ruin the whole story!

-declaimer: I don't own skip beat or the characters except for the OCS.

Kyoko mogami (age 17): nice, loyal, and determined girl who wants revenge against sho by beating him at showbiz and bring him down to a poor runt he is. Kyoko looks like a normal girl with no secrets, but in later chapters her life will change forever.

Ren tsuruga aka kuon hizuri or corn nicknamed by kyoko (age 21): he is the 1 actor in Japan. He is also in love with kyoko. He hates sho and wants kyoko to stay away from him a.s.a.p. And hopes to break Sho's hopes and pitiful dreams to have kyoko by his side. (that's sort of true)

Sho fuwa (age 17): he's the baka who used kyoko as a servant and made her lose an important emotion (ok so I'm being harsh on him but I'm giving him credit as well, but I mean come on he was treating her like a worthless fool) he's also the one who gave kyoko the idea of joining showbiz. At first he had no interest in kyoko, but now he is sort of developing feelings for her (I think I'm going to be sick) he hates ren and he wants kyoko to stay away from him and wants her to only think of him (ha! In his dreams!! You know, Sho fuwa they have schools for crazy people too.) (hey! Wait a sec! didn't wrote any of those comments?! Jramos!!)

Taya hizuri (its pronounce tei -ya age 17): she's Ren's sister but no one knows that (except for the president of course.) she wants to be a singer but fails (relax people she doesn't sing bad, man you should see your 'then why she wants to be a singer' face!! Besides its way better than listening to Ruriko Matsunai) but when she came to Japan to see Ren and meets kyoko, her life will change as well.

Takuma mogami (age 21): he is kyokos long lost relative. He cares for kyoko dearly and wants to protect her from any harm (he cares her as a relative people remember that! If you weren't actually reading! Oh and another thing what takuma looks like is in yoshiki nakamara other story Tokyo crazy paradise tsukasa's older brother and if you don't know that then go to onemanga .com search Tokyo crazy paradise go to chap. 60 pg 24 you'll find his picture.)

Ryuji mogami (age 21 he's a month older than takuma): he is also kyokos long lost relative (you know what I'm just goanna say that she has a lot of long lost relatives ok! And they won't appear in later chapters anyways!) Like takuma, he cares about kyoko and wants to help her with any problems. (What he looks like is in one search skip beat chap.96 pg13 he's the one who says "fuwa-kun I can't blame you for not trusting us after that happened once but….")

Chapter one: the beginning

In the LME, the president was in his office looking at kyokos application "hmm I wonder if mogami-kun has any other talent besides acting."

So he called sawara-san to come in his office. "Yes president, you called?" "ah sawara-san please come in have a seat." as sawara-san sat down the president asked

"Sawara-san when you met mogami-kun and asked what section she wanted to be in, what did she answer?

"Well she didn't know what the sections are so I just saiddoyou want to be a singer? and she answered 'I prefer listening to songs.' An actress? 'I have no interest in acting.' What about a talento? 'That seem geared for variety shows so I don't basically want to.' so that the whole story president so why do you ask?"

The president smiled "I think mogami-kun has more talent than we thought so I need to know why she turned down the other sections. We know that she's an actress so we can cross that out, she tried talento but failed so we can cross that one out as well, so the only thing left is singer and she did said that she prefer listening to songs so maybe she can sing."

"then ill get her right away sir." Said sawara-san and ran off leaving the happy president in the office.

In the dark moon set…

Kyoko was done with her scene so she was getting ready to leave until she got a phone call from sawara-san "mogami-san, I need you come to the president office right away!".

"oh ill be right there" kyoko change her clothes, brushed her short black hair (I like her black hair better so I just pretend she never died it back to blonde) and ran back to the agency. When she got to the office, she saw a small stage. "why would the president want me here" her thoughts were interrupted by the president, "mogami-kun I'm glad you're here, I need you to sing"


"Just need you to sing a song, any song you know of."


so kyoko went on stage and started singing:

'Can you tell me, softly?

How you always haunt me

Can you help me, hold me

Come to me now, slowly

You caress, me smoothly

Calm my tears and soothe me,

Move your hand across me

Take my worries from me'

(A/n: I don't own this song tatu does)

"That was beautiful mogami-kun" said the president. Kyoko blushed. "t-thank you, I wrote this song a long time ago, but its been awhile since the last time I sing"

"Well looks like i found your other talent, i'll put this song on the radio; this is your chance, do you want it or not?"

"Yes! Arigatou!" She bowed and ran off. Three days later lory sent kyoko's song to one of the best radio stations in Tokyo.

Meanwhile at a television station, it was lunch time, ren and Yashiro were eating lunch and listening to the radio (they felt like it but mostly Yashiro) until they heard a familiar voice on the radio.

I will sacrifice, I will sacrifice"

All I have in life

To clear my conscience

I will sacrifice; I will sacrifice all I have in life

Sacrifice, sacrifice…

Ren went pale and whispered "kyoko" Yashiro heard him and answered "your right, this is great Ren! Kyoko has another talent!" But Ren wasn't listening "kyoko has a lovely voice" ren smiled as he thought of that, Yashiro noticed that Ren's face was slipping again so he decided to take pictures for analysis later.

Back at the lme…

Lory was on the phone while kyoko was sitting down acting nervous. Lory finally hang up and said "congratulations mogami-kun! Your song is number one!! you beat sho fuwa!" kyoko was surprised and shouted "yes! Yes! YES!" She was jumping around like a kangaroo. Then Lory said "now Mogami-kun, I need you to write another song by the end of this week can you do that?"

"Of course sir!" she bowed and ran out of the office happily.

Well I hope you like this chapter. Sorry that my beta writer added some few comments on some of the characters info. He has a big imagination. Well please review!!