Heheheheh uh hi!

OK um if you guys have me on deviantart then you should know by now that I'm retired from writing fanfiction and now I'm focusing more on fan art, new Animes/Mangas, etc.

and for those who didn't know and continue to ask me to keeping writing my stories...I can't! I pretty much lost inspiration plus, most of my stories are OLD and my writing has improved a lot since then.

Tigers Lullaby was my first FF and when I re-read it a while back I noticed a LOT of mistakes XD and was considering rewriting it at some point but then I lost interest. I mean, I wont lie. This story has come and go inside my head sometimes. If I remember correctly I had many chapters planned for this story. In fact, some were based on the Manga "Tokyo crazy paradise" but the plot was off and some parts were missing so couldn't continue it.

Smiling Pasta was funny read but it was stressful to type some of the scenes from the drama so I lost interest immediately.

Talk With The Skip Beat Cast was hilarious to write and to act as the characters from Skip Beat was great, but I COMPLETLY forgot about it XD yeah... not much excuse there XDDD

Romeo and Juliet Skip Beat Style was inspired from obviously William Shakespeare's play plus many versions of it. I can't say lost complete interest in this story so I say laziness played a role here XD

Skip Bleach was a crossover of Skip Beat and Bleach. I loved (still?) the crack pairing ByakuyaxKyoko but then I started rewatching one piece and lost interest in Bleach. In my defense, the final arc in the Bleach manga is taking forever and the Skip Beat manga only updates once a month! Had to read/watch another anime to kill the time!

Americans in Skip Beat was an idea me and use-to-be close friends came up with. But after high school and growing up, well we just broke apart. Except for one who I try to keep in touch once in a while.

Tokyo Idol was a funny ff to write with. Making the skip beat cast to sing was hilarious but I completely forgot about it also XD

so I'm sorry if you guys had your hopes up for a new chapter of any of my stories but I'm done with fanfics. But I'm still keeping my old stories here just in case I ever change my mind...but I doubt it XD

BUT I have a deviantart account and im very much alive there so if your interested then go and check it. My user name is also mangaaddict300. So later!