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Dead Souls Dreaming

The dreams start out the same, always the same, with moonlight and unparalleled passion, the perfect place where love and lust unite and the rest of the world is dead to them. They exist alone, uncomplicated in their desires, the flesh of this world bonding the souls of the next. The dreams can be explained; loneliness, grief, sorrows; dreams can be explained, but not the nightmares they intertwine themselves with. A glimpse here and there in a dream is how it starts, fire and brimstone where none should be. A world no where and every where, one that leaves her weak and shaking. The dreams morph quickly and mercilessly into the nightmares that aren't just nightmares; this is known automatically, inexplicably, on the deeper level that she refuses to acknowledge. Nightmares that have no words to describe them, where she can hear his screams, taste his blood and feel his pain, but she can not see him. Not at first.

The first night she is amazed that she can even think about sleep, guilt-ridden by this. His body lay not 50 feet from hers, cold and empty, and once she gets into the bed, she's asleep instantly. Then the first dream starts, twisting and weaving until Bobby finds her 3 hours later, in the foetal position on the floor, whimpering and shaking. He had heard her fall out of bed and went investigate, stopping dead in his tracks when he hears the whispers, about Dean and Hell, coming from the lips of girl in front of him. Pushing past the pain that threatens to devour him for the loss of the man who was like a son, he helps her up and into the bathroom, getting a washcloth wet with cold water to try to cool the burning skin under his hands.

"I can hear him….I heard him…..screaming. I can…feel him. He's there……" Bobby pushes her hair from her shoulders, lifting it to cool her neck and freezes. Under her left collar bone is Dean's tattoo, and he knows its Deans because she never had one, not before last night. Not before she went to sleep. She sees what he's looking at and her breath catches in her throat, her heartbeat thundering wildly.

"What's wrong with me?" Her whisper gets his attention; she's staring, holding his gaze for all she's worth.

"I don't know."

"No more sleep." She rubs her hands over her face and through her hair, finally completely back in this reality.


46 hours later, when she can no longer stay awake, the dream comes again and along with is come the pain and emptiness. He's calling out for his brother to save him, to help him, to end the pain. Shadows swirl and the dull throb in her shoulder, stomach, wrist and foot come alive, angry and screaming. Her heart pounds in her chest.

Why can't I find him?

She can see the shadows, the fog and gloom, the demons. The lost souls. She wonders if her body is with her, she can't seem to focus enough to see it. Her eyes snap up again when he screams out. Closer this time? Pain erupts and she screams herself awake.

The sheets are soaked with sweat, her skin is burning to the touch and she throws herself into the bathroom just in time to heave the bile into the toilet. She hasn't eaten or fed in days, the taste of her lover's blood all too fresh in her mind. Once the shakes stop enough, Aidan pulls herself off the floor and washes her face with the coldest water the tap can provide, avoiding the reflection in the mirror. Not good enough. Couldn't save him. Not enough. Turning out of the bathroom she drags herself back into the room, sitting on the edge of the bed, trying to calm her speeding heart. It's dark out and there will be no more sleep tonight. Under her hands, where her fists grip the bedspread, she feels a strange texture, dry and brittle, when her eyes bring in enough light to indentify the object her heart skips a beat. Looking further over the bed she can see more spots and her pulse resumes its hasty rhythm.

Bobby is jolted awake by the foreign sounds in his house, at first suspecting an intruder. He reaches for the gun beside the bed before he remembers that Aidan and Sam are staying in the house too, No, he corrects himself, Sam left right after you buried Dean. Shaking his head, he gets out of bed and follows the commotion and running water to Aidan's room, knocking but getting no answer. He pushes the door open slowly, dreading what state he'll find her in this time, but she's sitting on the bed, her back facing him. At first he thinks her eyes are closed but then when he gets closer and turns on the lamp beside the bed, he can see that she's staring at the burnt patches on the bed. Her eyes find his when he sits next to her and he can see the fear in them.

"I don't know wh-what this is." Aidan gestures to the bed.

"When did it happen?" Bobby asks gently, theories flying together and ripping apart in his head.

"When I was asleep."

He looks between her and the bed and takes her hand in his, "I think we should call Missouri."


The Crossroads demons won't come to him anymore, self preservation being high on their list of priorities; there are no more deals to be made. He has tried everything he can think of and everything he has ever read about but nothing has brought him closer to saving his brother. It's more than that, there's no going back now, not from where he's been, not from what he's done. Revenge is the only thing left for him, that, and whatever it is he has with Ruby. There is no name for it, a twisted sort of companionship. Dean would have been pissed. He tries to push the thought of his brother finding out about him and the demon out of his head but to no avail. He's going to hell for this. Maybe he'll see his brother there. His grimaces at the thought and turns back to the woman in the room. Woman? Ruby offers him a sad smile, as if sensing his thoughts. Demon. He turns his attention back to the signs, the omens, he has to find Lilith, she is his revenge.

"I can't find the pattern. They're just all over." Sam sighs in frustration, rubbing his eyes, trying to keep the exhaustion at bay.

"Let me see." She gets up from her seat on the bed and sits next to him at the table, taking the papers from him. After a few moments of consideration she raises an eyebrow, discovery evident on her new features.

"What? What do you see?" He's leaning over the papers again.

"It's not what I see; it's what I don't see. Maybe this is all just what it seems, random."

"But why would Lilith be doing the whole random thing, doesn't she have some big plan?"

"Unless the first order of business was to get you off of her trail." She meets his eyes and he scoffs at how blind they've been to all of this. "She's afraid of me; it makes sense to want me chasing my tail while she's readying the world for the apocalypse." He sighs again before continuing, "So knowing this, how do we find her now?"

"Interrogation," Ruby says without missing a beat, "and since you need practice, it's like killing two birds with one stone."


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