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That's what today had been, absolute hell! Print outs, photo shoots with stick thin bitches looking down at you with barely concealed disdain, Wilhemina petrifying everyone within arms distance with those horrifying blue eyes and Betty having to run everywhere doing everything for everyone when she was only ONE person's assistant. Well she wouldn't want to do anything for Daniel at the present moment in time given that he had just had sex with one of the bitches in his office, when she had BEGGED him to keep his over sized (not that she'd know) and overactive cock in his pants. But no. Yet again he just couldn't control his urges and she was fuming. She was now in the Ladies room having no idea how she got there she just suddenly needed to be alone.

Flashback T minus 1 hour…

Betty stumbled onto her desk and collapsed in her chair after having overseen a very long photo shoot that Daniel was meant to supervise. Quite frankly she was pissed off she had been doing everything left, right and center today that she hadn't even had time for lunch. If there was one thing that got her in a foul mood, it was not eating and now she just wanted to take it out on someone. She turned her head to the glass wall that revealed Daniel's office but his curtain covered it. Oh she knew who she was gonna take her anger out on. She steadily walked over to the closed door, where she intended to barge in, when she heard a noise.

"Oooh, yeah harder, Daniel, harder." Some unknown woman was shouting.

"I'm going I'm going harder." Daniel was replying his voice as high

"Come on faster Daniel" the woman was shouting her voice horse now.

"I'm –" Betty didn't wait to hear the rest she ran out of the office area and into the closet wanting to talk to Christina about what she just heard. Christina, it seemed, was on her lunch break. Betty walked out of the closet tears now streaming down her face. How could he, how could he have – sex with some tramp in the office for all to hear. Betty didn't exactly know why she was crying; it could've been because Daniel had not listened to her or maybe because she knew that after the sex that trampy bitch would break his heart just like every other woman has – except her. Or maybe, she thought, maybe because I'm falling for - no don't think that. You are not falling for Daniel, Betty Suarez.

And that is when she had found her self in the bathroom. Tears streaked her face as she attempted to wipe them off. Stiletto–heeled, over exaggerated footsteps told her that one of the bitches was approaching the bathroom, Betty quickly made an attempt to hide but…

"Ew what are you doing in here?" asked a smirking Amanda. Eying a sheepish Betty, eyebrow raised in suspicion as always.

"Aaa Amanda its not like I'm in your closet. This is a bathroom." Betty smirked in a pretty good impression of Amanda herself although she didn't quite get the eyebrow thing.

"Thank God you're not in my closet it would probably smell of Betty and besides nothing in my closet is bigger than a size 2, sorry." She stuck out her tongue and turned to walk out of the bathroom before stopping as if remembering something.

"Oh Daniel really wants to see you, he says its important. You know apparently he was doing a hot model in his office this afternoon huh lucky bitch" she sniffed. Then walked out leaving Betty in a worse state than she had been in before.

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