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"Working hard or hardy working, huh boss?" he teased. Alexis rolled her eyes and said.

"I could say the same to you" and on that note, she turned the TV around so Daniel could see. The TV revealed the CCTV footage from only minutes before. Betty was yelling her head off and even from the angle of the camera, you could see a little bump in Daniel's trousers. He groaned inwardly.

"Ok, look I know what this looks like but-"

"But what?" said Alexis, cutting Daniel off – mid sentence. "Oh don't think this is the only thing I have to show you. Behold – Daniel!" She pressed a button on the remote and another video clip was shown. This one was of him and the model, Claire in Daniel's office. Daniel couldn't watch himself. He was fooling around with Claire while Betty was working her ass off. He felt so ashamed.

"Oh, oh and I got one more for ya!" with a flourish she clicked the remote again and this time the TV screen was showing him a frantic Betty trying to do everything for everyone and then finally throwing her self down on the desk, only to get up again to investigate the noise in Daniel's office, then running out of there, tears streaming down her face. Daniel felt like crying a bit himself, he hated seeing Betty upset and he had made her cry. He did that. What an asshole.

"So, is there anything you would like to tell me before I have to slap you with my big manly hands?" she said with a small laugh and then turned serious. "Daniel what do you think you are doing? How could you turn your back on her today or any day for that matter? You know, she busted her but to get this issue done for us. She['s one of our best writers and YOUR best friend. I can't have her not talking to you because the magazine will be in ruins. And even though I doubt that she'll never talk to you again it's still gonna be very awkward between you two and I don't want that. Do you?" She finished, looking at Daniel for an answer. Daniel shook his head, sighed and ruffled his hair and looked at the floor.

"I never wanted this. I don't want her to be unhappy, I never have, I love her, I – oh crap did I just say that out loud?" said Daniel mentally kicking himself as a smug grin spread over Alexis's face.

"Now that's what I've been waiting for you to admit for 5 months you big jackass! Why did you have to make me wait that long for you to finally admit how you feel?" she asked exasperated.

"I didn't really know what I was feeling, Alexis. God why do you have to make everything about you?" asked Daniel pulling up the nearest chair and slumping down on it. He buried his face in his hands and mumbled, barely audible, "What do I do? Do I tell her? How I feel, I mean, not about the Claire thing, she's gonna find that out sooner or later considering all the crap is still in my office."

"What, so you're not gonna tell her? Daniel she needs to hear it from you, she can't find out from some idiot like Amanda. If she doesn't hear it from you, it will make it worse. Especially when it's something as stupid as this. Come on, Daniel. Tell her!" she urged looking imploringly at Daniel.

Daniel turned his head away from Alexis. He was used to Alexis's sneering tone and her I–don't-care-about-your-idiotic-mistakes-just-do-your-goddamn-job attitude but when it came to her being nice to him, he just couldn't take it. He wasn't used to seeing her all kind and sympathetic (well she wasn't really being sympathetic, more like a little annoying) and it was unnerving to realise that Alexis was human just like everyone else – sort of, and that she did care about Daniel. But he still couldn't risk the look on Betty's face if he told her; he was that handsome ex-playboy who just couldn't keep his eyes off Betty, a woman he didn't deserve. He didn't want to see Betty angry with him. No, she would soon find out and he wouldn't have to tell her, he –

"Tell her or you're fired." Alexis's sharp tone interrupted his pathetic thoughts.

He looked up at Alexis and saw she wasn't joking; her face was set in stone. Great, so much for being all kind and sympathetic (well not really sympathetic, more like annoying). That's him told. He chucked quietly to himself, he was soo gonna have to tell her. Crap, he hated his sister!

"OK I'll do it! But just so you know I'm not good with the whole: words-coming-out-of-my-mouth-and-speaking-my-feelings-thing so you gotta help me. What the hell do I say to her?"

Alexis sighed. Typical Daniel, not able to speak his mind, the only time it actually matters she was gonna have to be the big sister. Emotionally.

"OK Daniel if you really love her you've just got to tell her what's in your heart, but first of all you've got to tell her about the whole "in the office" scene.

Betty glared at the model in front of her, who oddly seemed to have a conscience. She seemed to be shrinking under Betty's piercing stare…or maybe that's what she thought she saw through her purple - rimmed, glasses. She had to pace up and down to work off the anger that was building up inside her but found out in a matter of minutes that it wasn't anger that was building up. She had misplaced it. It was frustration. Why was she frustrated and not boiling with rage? Why was the model – Claire acting as though she cared about what Betty thought of her? Why did she feel as if there was some piece of information missing, from her brain, about this whole situation? And why, why was there a damn Nintendo Wii in Daniel's office?! What the hell was going on here? She decided to, finally, get some answers.

"OK you need to tell me what is going on here. If you were in here with Daniel then you must know!"

"Um… I'm not sure I can really tell you, I mean, I know you're angry but Daniel made me promise." said a mysterious Claire

"Made you promise what?!" Betty asked incredulously. "Look I know that you think that you are fulfilling some noble duty, not telling me but all it's gonna do is make me more determined to know. So just cut to the chase and spit it out!"

Claire had to give Daniel credit; he was right about something, when she looked at you a certain way with those chocolate brown eyes it made you feel so guilty, even though there was nothing to feel guilty about in her case. Daniel had asked her over so they could catch up and the next thing she knew they were talking about Betty and how much Daniel cared for her and Daniel suddenly became distraught.

Flashback T – minus 3 hours

"Well" she had said, "what are you going to do about it"

"Nothing there is nothing I can do she'll never feel the same way I do. She'll probably laugh in my face like she did the last time, when I thought she had a crush on me. Damn, I'm so stupid!" Daniel had wailed.

"You are not stupid." Claire returned patiently ' you just need to calm down and relax, have some fun for a change."

"What, you mean party, cos right now I don't feel like going out" Daniel had moaned, "I just wanna stay here and drown in my own self pity thank you very much" he sighed.

Claire laughed, actually laughed at that point "Wow Daniel I haven't heard you talk like that since Sofia. Don't worry Danny-boy you wont have to go anywhere. We can stay right here and have fun." She smiled

"Really" he questioned "How?"

"Leave that all up to me, I'll be right back " she had said and then bounced out of the office in excitement, leaving Daniel in a state of confusion. But not for long. As she had promised she was back within 10 minutes along with some male helpers. She waltzed in, laden with what Daniel saw to be a Plasma 24 inch TV, a Nintendo Wii, 2 Wii consoles, 2 numchucks, and about 20 Wii games ranging from Final Fantasy to Mario and Sonic Olympics. Daniel was in shock but he couldn't help but smile when he saw her grinning broadly. After the guys had installed everything and had gone, she had turned to Daniel, grinning like a lunatic, and dragged him up.

"Woah you really went to town here Claire", he had said, fingering the Wii games. "But I'm not really a Nintendo Wii kind of guy"

"Well you're gonna be by the time I'm finished with you" she had said handing Daniel the consol and standing in front of the TV. After a few seconds standing there and staring at her, Daniel rolled his eyes and followed her lead.

"Earth to Claire?" Betty's voice dragged her out of her flashback and threw her back into the present.

"Oh sorry. Look, why don't you go find Daniel and ask HIM about this. Ok, I know I contributed to the whole Wii thing but Daniel's the one you should talk to, Betty. He really wants to explain a lot of –" Claire trailed off. Betty was staring at the Nintendo Wii, a strange look on her beautiful face. "What?" Claire asked as a sudden realisation dawned on Betty. Then out of the blue she started to laugh, and soon she was doubling up with mirth, she could hardly breath. She tried to form a sentence but it came out as, "You…Daniel…Wii…stupid…no reason…crying…sooo funny."

When, finally, her giggles subsided she turned, twinkle-eyed, to look at Claire and smiled at her. Claire, who was a little stunned by Betty's sudden laughing fit, smiled back uncertainly. Just then Alexis voice ran out in the eerie silence that had enveloped the entire building.

"OK guys its 6:30 you can all go home now. THAT MEANS RIGHT NOW! Thank you" she ended in a sugary sweet voice.

"Well I'll cya around Betty." Claire said in a hurry and walked out the office without another word. Betty was a little confused. Alexis never told anyone to go home. She always said that if anyone wanted to stay up all night working that was fine as long as they weren't to tired to work in the morning. So why was she suddenly ordering everyone out of MODE?

Daniel stepped out of the elevator and walked purposefully towards his office as everyone suddenly crowded into the elevator, including Claire. He smiled at her before turning his attention back to the matter at hand. He would have to thank Alexis for clearing everyone out of MODE; the last thing he wanted was for the whole of MODE to be eavesdropping on his and Betty's conversation that was soon to take place. He turned left and found himself looking into his office and there she was standing, her back towards him. Her shoulder length dark, chocolate brown hair glistening and the sunset she was watching casting an illuminating glow around her perfect hourglass figure. His heart felt like it was running a marathon. She was so beautiful and she couldn't even see it. Well, Daniel vowed, he would make her see it. The more steps he took towards the picturesque Betty, towards the office, the more he wanted to run away. He still hadn't really figured out what he wanted to say to her. All he knew was that there was no turning back now. (Cliché, he knew) He took a deep breath and pushed open the glass door. She didn't seem to hear it so he decided to verbally let her know he was in the room. He cleared his throat and spoke her name. She closed her eyes and smiled. She loved hearing Daniel say her name; she secretly wondered what it would sound like if Daniel were saying her name in a… different situation. Silently giggling she turned to face him. Sapphire-blue met chocolate-brown and they stood staring at each other until Daniel spoke first simultaneously stepping forward.

"I'm sorry." Were the first words he choked out, as his eyes searched Betty's face for any displeasing emotion. "I'm sorry I've taken advantage of you Betty. It's just – a lot has been on my mind lately and today my brain felt like it was about to explode and I just needed to stop and cool down. That's why I haven't been here to help you." He took a breath and continued. "My friend Claire, I think you met her, she sorta caught me at a bad time" Betty opened her mouth to tell him that she had figured it out but Daniel seemed to be on a roll and he continued " and before you ask I didn't have sex with her. That's not what you heard. She is one of my old friends from collage and when heard she was doing a photo shoot here I asked her over so we could catch up and then we ended up messing about on the Wii, that's why all this stuff is in here, I swear. I would never, (he took a step closer) ever, (another step) do something like that to you." He took one more step; they were now about a foot apart. Betty looked up into those beautiful blue eyes and saw complete honesty. She grinned a mega-watt smile (without the braces) and leaned up to kiss him on the cheek.

"Thank you," she said simply while she blushed like a fool. He chuckled lightly at her embarrassment. She was so damn pretty that he couldn't resist what happened next. He leaned down and kissed her straight on the lips. Betty was beyond shocked but all normal and reasonable thought were waving goodbye as they sailed slowly out the window. It was all things passion, love, need, and desire. Betty felt like she was on fire as his arms wrapped themselves around her waist and he pulled her closer to him. She could feel how warm he was and all she wanted to do was get closer to that warmth. Her arms snaked around Daniel's neck as the kiss deepened.

And then her phone rang.

Betty broke away from the kiss and she stared directly into Daniel gorgeous blue orbs. She at last tore her gaze from Daniel just long enough to answer her phone and then her eyes were locked with his again.

'Yeah hello…Hilda? Uh huh …yeah sure … whatever. Oh, yeah I'm perfect thanks. I'll be there in half an hour. Ok bye.' She hung up the phone; Daniel's hands still tightly encircled her waist as he said.

"So you have to go huh?"

"Yeah, sorry, Hilda's going out and wants be to baby-sit Justin" she said, her eyes never leaving his.

"Can't you stay a little longer?" he asked kissing her again. His tongue prodding open her mouth as her tongue slid into his. Betty moaned. The pleasures were getting too much for her, she had to leave before she wound up on the desk with her legs up in the air. She pulled away.

"I really have to go Daniel," she said breathing heavy. She stroked his cheek and placed another kiss there before she slid past him and walked towards the door, Daniel's gaze following her as she turned. She looked liked she was about to say something.

"I…um…lo… um… see you tomorrow." She said quickly as she stepped out the door.

"I love you too" he replied to himself.

There we go, finally finito.

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