Inspired by Truth and Consequences and Absolution; Abby's view of the team.

No, I don't own them. I wish.


I hold my daughter in my arms-finally she is home. She shakes just once, quickly. It is all the grief she allows herself to feel…all the emotion she allows herself to show.

My boys I knew would come home safely-they had promised me no less when they left. My younger boy's eyes, blue, like his father's, serene and sure, were shadowed just the same by terror-for his sister and everyone else. I expected no less, he would try, my Timmy, to be so very brave in front of his father and older brother, but I knew. He's still my little boy, no matter that he's almost fully grown now, a man's man. He still fears.

Tony now-Tony is fearless, or pretends to be-more scared for his brother and his sister than himself. Righteous fury would describe him now, green eyes snapping like a fire with pine-cones, absolutely furious. As mad, if not madder, than his father at the entire situation. He had been so numb, so dead to the world for a longer.

Their father hadn't needed to promise me that he would come back safe, and make sure our children came back safe-my boys would still rush headlong into danger. My beloved knew better. With age came experience, and I knew that if he said he would protect them, he would, it was better than a promise, just the simplicity of his word.

I stayed home, probably driving my father and my sister's boy to distraction. I still miss my Katie-girl…she would-she must be-proud to see how her little Jimmy has grown. He's becoming more a man every day, it is amazing to watch him blossom, as the youngest of the children, he has finally come into his own, joshing and teasing right back with Tony and Tim..and Ziva.

My husband's brother hovers around us, constantly, while my love and the boys are away. I know he's worried in his own way, but…for all he is family, he doesn't belong. Not to this side. Not to my side. Not yet…maybe not ever…but with what he has done to help get my girl back I do feel that much better about him. Still hasn't convinced me, however.

There's a second quiver from the form held in my arms-my little girl looked so hurt when she first saw me. Afraid she was going to be punished for running away! No sane person would punish her now-she was kidnapped before she barely had the chance to get beyond the end of the street! Yes, I'm angry, but I can't show it...she needs to be able to appreciate being home before I punish her...God, we were so close to losing her! I-I can't believe I thought she was actually-I'm a bad mother, I'm a bad mother to think like that, to give into the thought! A heavy sigh brought me back to myself-my love didn't want me scaring our girl. Not that I could blame him, she's been scared enough lately.

...her skin was bruised and chapped and so fragile against my palm…

Sobs we both wanted to shed were held back, as we stood there, basking in the comfort of touch-my warrior princess wouldn't cry in front of her brothers.

I expected that from her, and so, even as I ignored Leon's grumbling, my beloved promised me with but a look to have the bourbon and himself ready for me tonight, as we grieved together for what had been done to our girl. He would hold me as I cried, the tears I could not fully shed in front of Ziva-I would be much too busy calming her this night, as I settled her in bed, for her to see my tears. For her to see them would be both of our was hard to fully comfort when one was getting comforted in return, and I had to be strong for her now, when she couldn't be strong for herself. I would tuck her in, and let her cry, away from the boys, with just her mama.


Okay, who else completely 'awwed' during the Abby/Ziva scene and Gibbs/Ziva scene at the end of Absolution?