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Summary: Coming back to the experiments…were the Locusts alien beings or were they an accidental act of man?

Rated: PG – 15 to R for Language and Graphic Imagery in later chapters.

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Chapter 1


3 Months After Sinking Jacinto
Unnamed Island off the Coast

"What are we looking at, Sergeant?" A heavily armored man asked as his gloved hands roved across a computer data screen. It had been three months since they sunk Jacinto and flooded the hollow. Locust activity had been limited, if any. However, there was still some speculation into their origin.

"Well sir, it's like this. All this data and video that you're seeing, we pulled from that research facility that you had us go to." His voice was gruff as he pointed to a few images. "Man named Niles opened the facility and brought a bunch of test subjects from Mount Kadar."

"What else, Fenix?" His eyes turned to the Sergeant again as he clicked a few keys on the keyboard.

"Well, nothing good. According to Niles, he was doing research and experiments to save children, genetic testing, keeping these things in stasis tanks. He called the creatures 'Sires' and that they were a genetic bridge to our future." Sighing he clicked a few more keys and started running the video. Muffled audio and scattered video filled the screen.

"Save the children that's what they always say. In this case we're truly doing it, or at least we're giving it our very best shot."

Several flashes to the facility, then to Mount Kadar.

"The trip to Mount Kadar won't be an easy one, not by any means. We'll have to make the trip during the night, in the snow; and Chairman Monroe won't even authorize the use of vehicles to transport the subjects."

It flashes to Niles talking then the screen cuts out leaving only the audio.

"I will be leaving behind a semi-sentient security system to watch over the facility."

Screen then flashes to the stasis tanks, revealing several rows in what looks to be a brand new facility several years, if not decades, ago.

"I would hate for anyone to disturb the Sires' rest and we would all like the later opportunity to study them as they grow. I'm almost embarrassed to admit that the security system is based off of my personality but I…"

"Where's the rest?"

"The system shut it down before it could go any further." Marcus grumbled as he clicked a few more keys, getting more data to show up. "The calculations are based off of things that I've never seen before, most of them were even possibly before my time. Chairman Monroe didn't come into power until thirty years ago. He was looking for ways to create soldiers, but when he saw the work that Niles was doing, he tried to shut him down. Apparently he created the facility as a ruse; the security is so tight that it was designed to keep people out."

"The Pendulum wars?" Hoffman turned to him with a sigh.

"The facility has the technology that was used back then, it was even powered by imulsion."

"So now what? We have beaten the main threat, but what about the sires and the facility?"

"Most of it went underwater with Jacinto." He answered carefully. "But the plant itself is still half on the ridge just miles south of it. If those things got out, I don't know what it'd cause. Niles was a sick fuck, I'll tell you that."

"So you're trying to tell me that one man is responsible for the creation of a new species?"

"That and he went nuts doing it."

"More than nuts Marcus, clinically insane. He was committed ten years before emergence day." Anya stated coming into the control room to stand behind Marcus, handing him a piece of paper. "His name was Doctor Robert Jacob Niles. He was head of project three-six-five-eight-J-D-seven-nine. A way to genetically enhance soldiers for the war. He wound up creating new life."

Marcus clicked a few keys on the keyboard to show him right before sawing one of the creatures in half. Then zoomed in to get better detail. "These things?"

"Yeah, they were never recovered. Apparently no one knew about them except Niles and Chairman Monroe." She then handed him a folder. "Not even Prescott knew about it, the folder was hidden in a secret compartment in the desk and it was sealed in a box that required a key. Apparently this secret had been kept for more than thirty years."

"So he finally opened the box now?" Hoffman's teeth were gritting together as he grinded them.

"No, the box was opened ten years ago after the first locust attack. He's been trying to put the pieces together with a team of scientists. Most of the information was damaged or in pieces and clippings." She sighed and placed the files and bits on the table in the center of the room. "All I know is that the facility was more than it looked from the outside and the inside. The basement was where everything went on."

"Yeah, that wacko system said we didn't have access to the lower areas." Marcus sighed and removed his bandanna for a few moments, running a hand through his hair and pointing to a few aged photos on the table in front of them. "These are the tanks that me and Dom saw."

"Creepy too." Dom joined in from the side standing on the other side of Hoffman.



Greetings short and to the point, they continued their discussion over the aged photo's and journal entries that littered the table.

"So what about the queen? Evolution over 30 years?" Marcus asked scratching his head, while flipping through the papers.

"We're still working on that. There is insufficient data; we're still putting together everything that JACK collected from the computer mainframe." Anya replied while heading towards a computer terminal. "Everything has been backlogged since we moved base. It's been hard to get things decoded around here."

"Well lieutenant, what did you manage to find?" Hoffman's voice broke in.

"Not much, but just enough to find out she was one of the first successes. Most of the subjects were frozen and then transported. That's why you see all of those metal pods underground. Those originally housed the experiments." She continued to click away to another vide.

"I believe that we may have finally completed the task we were sent to do. Our first success, although female, has just about everything we could've hoped for. Except she has turned on us and I fear that one day we will be looking at a whole new war."

Images flashed upon screen of the transportation of the metal pods.

"I have cryogenically frozen each of the subjects for transportation, they will be kept in a plant that I will be designing myself in the heart of Mount Kadar, for I would be a terrible scientist to destroy life that I have created. This research has consumed most of my life, an inevitability I'm afraid."

More images flashed of control panels and major construction taking place, the pods being set with cable and a fine mist of fog coating the inside of the area. The workers were in silver looking suits as the aged feed started to wobble.

"I fear that someone will find my work and release it, which is why I have shut down the facility and masked it amongst the ruins. I sincerely hope that none of my colleagues survive the plague; it would be terrible to find out that my work was released upon the world, for that is not my intention. We've managed to bridge a gap that many people have only dreamed of."

"When was this?"

"At least thirty years ago."

"There will be several systems put into place, security that I will be monitoring twenty-four/seven. Nothing will stand in my way of protecting my sires'. Nothing."

The screen blipped out and then another video started up.

"It has been months down here, it feels worse than winter and I've heard activity on the surface. They're getting to close and I'm afraid that I will be captured one day. I'm the only failsafe that the system has. In the event of my capture, no one will be able to monitor the subjects."

The screen showed the metal pods in the background with several other terminals that lined the mountain inside.

"This has been my greatest fear. Man has only it's self to blame. It feels like ages since I have been able to see the surface and I fear that the one place I have chosen is going to become too hot to house the subjects within the upcoming months. As the war rages on, the surface dwellers continue to dig for their precious fuel source they have named 'imulsion'. An interesting liquid that has to be processed to be viable. I have studied this and I use it to power my generators, ever slightly decreasing the temperature here. It's the only way."

The screen went blank and Marcus turned to Dom then back to Anya.

"How many of these are uploaded to JACK's mainframe?" He asked gruffly.

"Several, but a lot of the files became damaged. Some of these files were pulled from the Locust terminals underground. The files were on top when JACK hacked in."

"So the recent locust activity that we've been seeing means that there are pods in other places. This queen must still be alive."

"I agree." He stood behind Anya and clicked a few keys. "The mountain was the only location specified, but the terminals give off another location. Maybe they found a way to transport themselves as back up. I mean, we've found out from the schematics that they aren't exactly infertile."

"Dude, way too much information." Dom spoke up.

"Well, it's true. I don't want to know about it either, but we have to study these bastards. Someone woke them up fifteen years ago, I want to get to the bottom of this if we're going to officially wipe them out for good.


Mount Kadar, 120 Miles Away From Jacinto
30 Years ago

"Niles, I thought I asked you to terminate your experiments." Came a voice from the side, a voice that he was all too familiar with.

"Chairman, with all do respect. I am a scientist and I will not destroy my own work just as long as I can control it." He turned back to the terminal and started writing information in his journal. "It's your war that's disturbing my progress at keeping my life's work from being awakened."

"I asked you to create a way to enhance my men, not genetically create a new species of who knows what. These creatures aren't even human, they're something else."

"You are quite right in that, Chairman. They are something new, one of a kind. However, I will not go into detail since that information is classified. I will not have my work ending up in the wrong hands."

"It would be better if you would do as I ask, Niles. Destroy them before it's too late."

"And lose all hope at major scientific discovery?" He turned to Monroe with a cold look. "You, out of everyone else, should know what this means. A chance to use what I've created to benefit the human race."

Monroe pointed at the metal pods. "Mark my words, Niles. What you have created will only come to destroy us in the future. I have every reason to destroy these things myself and lock you away for disobeying my direct orders."

Niles pushed his glasses up on his nose and turned towards another terminal and started to walk. "You will do no such thing."

"I am; I'm going to the council and having this place quarantined and shut down. Then I'm having these monstrosities destroyed immediately. I will not allow this to continue."

A few moments later the Chairman found himself pushed up against one of the pods and Nile's face inches from his own. "You funded my research knowing full well what it would cost you. I created something that will benefit us if we use it wisely. In my haste, I created too many, but only under my control will they continue to be safely housed in this mountain. You try to stop me and you'll fuck everything up."

"This coming from a man who plagued his own workers."

"I did what was necessary. I did not want my research falling into the wrong hands." He sighed. "The virus was just a means to and end. I am immune; it's a gift and a curse. I have genetically altered myself."

"I will return, and you will be shut down."


Two Months Later, Mount Kadar
30 Years ago

"I have to say that the war is still going strong, just as I feared. Mount Kadar will soon be no longer safe as the surface dwellers continue to dig. The heat from the drills and the imulsion will soon be the undoing of the cryogenic freezing. If I lower the temperature any further, I will suffer from hypothermia." He clicked the computer keys to stop recording then drank some coffee and looked over his notes before he continued. "The subjects appear to be doing well, each of the terminals seems to be holding it's own against the freezing temperatures that keep each one of my sires' in stasis. I fear that since I cannot get back to the New Hope facility that all will be lost if its location is uncovered. Only time will tell."