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Destra Island

East of Jacinto by 8,000 Miles

6 Months Later

Gracie looked out at the sunset beyond the docks behind the home she shared with Baird. A diamond ring glittered on the ring finger of her left hand. If someone would've told her she would be safely ensconced on an island in the quiet recesses of the forest engaged to the most difficult man she'd ever had the will to know, she would've laughed in their face.

Damon came up behind her, encasing her in his arms and she sighed leaning back against him. The COG were still in function as law enforcement, feeling that her job was complete she declined Hoffman's proposal respectfully and cashed in her retirement. He was more than happy to oblige for her service.

"So what did you get into today?"

"Some rowdy teens and some of the stranded got into a brawl. Marcus and I had to break it up."

"Sounds like fun." She chuckled at his lackluster enthusiasm.

"Not really. How's that car you've been working on?"


"What, you didn't exchange those sparkplugs for the ones I bought did you?"

"It'll run fine with the ones I put in there." She grumbled.

"Have you gotten it to turn over yet?"

Her silence told him everything he needed to know. "Don't look so smug.

"I can."


"Then how about that battery? Shocks, breaks, steering system?" He smirked and she raised an eyebrow. "It's still in the garage collecting dust huh?"

"Baird, shut up."

"Did you have a personality transplant?"

She slapped her forehead with her hand in a frustrated gesture before removing herself from his embrace. "You know, I don't understand why I agreed to marry you."

His eyes widened as she twirled the ring around her finger. "I know why."

"Do you now? Please inform me when you're such an insufferable prick."

"I challenge you." He replied simply. "I make you consider your decisions with more thought behind them. We both get lost in thought easily and make a great team."

"When we're not trying to kill each other." She chuckled.

"So you're not budging on the car parts?"


"Like I would expect anything less of you."


Marcus looked out at the wide ocean as he set the anchor far out at sea. Anya stood beside him, his heavy arm around her as the soaked in the musical silence of birds and the waves crashing against the shore. His blue eyes focused on her beauty in the sun, the colors cascading along her freshly tanned skin.

"Why did you retire, Marcus?"

He shrugged. "After all this time I felt I owed myself instead of everybody else. Close to two decades wasted on a fight that could've been prevented."

"I agree." She trailed her fingers up his muscled chest. "No regrets?"

His eyes turned soft. "I have only a few really. Things I should've done, said...but what can you do about it now?"

"How's Dom?"

"Dealing." Marcus trailed his fingertips across the polished wood of the vessel that took him, Dom, Baird, Cole, and Jamenson a long time to build. "He's taken over the bar for George Henson so he could get back to his family."

"Yeah, I got that impression the last time we talked." She smiled softly. "I hate being so busy."

"You don't have to work, you know."

"I do." Anya sat on one of the lounge chairs. "I find that my mind doesn't wander as much."

"Yeah." He turned back to face the horizon.

"Do you ever think about him?"


"Your father." She clarified to his confusion.

"Yeah, I do." Marcus hung his head. "I still wonder where he is. If he's alive."

"Do you think he is?"

"I want to think so since there are so many unknowns out there and he keeps popping up in the strangest places."

Anya joined him once again, wrapping both arms around his muscled one. "If he's anywhere out there to be found, we'll find him."


Dom cleaned off the rest of the glasses getting ready to close up for the night. The picture that he'd carried with him always sat in a frame directly behind him. Cole had finished busing the last of the tables before shutting off the main lights.

"You gonna be alright here man?" Cole sat on one of the stools beside him.


"I hope so. Did ya hear about Baird and Jamenson?"

Dom chuckled. "What's the pot on them killing each other?"

"It's up to a hundred bucks for a month."

"You're kidding?"

"You wanna place a bet?" He opened a small notebook. "The shortest is two weeks."

"I say a year."

"Wow, how much on that."

"Fifty." He smiled slapping the money down.

"I'll second you on that, baby." Cole laughed before adding the money to a clip and writing down Dom's prediction. "I'll also spot you that fifty."

"Right on."

"So what do you think about Marcus and Anya?"

"It's been a long time coming." He shrugged.

"I heard that."

"I'm going home, Cole. I'll see you tomorrow night."

"Yeah, take care man." He slapped him on the back.

"You too."

Dom looked up at the sky, the stars giving him peace as if looking into the heavens knowing that his children and his wife were looking down upon him.