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Ch.1: One night in Renji...

Renji lay naked and panting on the soft, crimson bed. With his legs parted and member throbbing, he growled "Taichou, please, I want you now."

Byakuya was not someone who liked being told what to do. He always dominated in the bedroom, and tonight was no different. "No. First, you pleasure me." He seductively let his hakama drop to the floor, and Renji submitted.

He took his captain's full length into his mouth, causing Byakuya to let out satisfied moan. He then teased him with his moist tongue, licking and sucking his member gently, before plunging it into his throat once more. Byakuya grabbed Renji's flowing hair, thrusting him up and down faster. He was close to exploding with pleasure, when his lieutenant pulled away. "Please, don't come yet. I need you inside me."

Byakuya took a moment to compose himself, and then began tending to his red-headed lover. He forced a passionate kiss on Renji's lips, thrusting his tongue into the other's mouth, and exploring the warmth he found within. Slowly, he started to caress his tattooed body, gently tracing the lines with his soft, pale hands. He could feel his lieutenant writhing in ectasy beneath him, their hard members grinding against each other.

"Captain, I lo--." Before Renji could finish, Byakuya had roughly grabbed his length, and was beginning to pump it up and down, causing his lover to groan and cry out. "Renji," he panted into the other man's ear, "you know what I want you to do now."

Obediently, Renji knelt on all fours, his hot, tight ass right in front of his captain, teasing him and filling him with lust. Byakuya presented him with his fingers, and he slowly sucked them, coating them with warm saliva. Without warning, Byakuya was thrusting them inside him, preparing his lover. Renji was overwhelmed with a mix of pleasure and pain, his member dripping with pre-cum, and his body shaking and yearning for release.

Byakuya mercilessly sheathed himself inside the redhead, who cried out an animal-like moan. Before he knew it, his hips were being roughly grabbed, and his whole body was being pumped up and down on his captain's length. "Oh Fuck" thought Renji, as his prostate was being hammered into, and he neared release. Soon, he had exploded all over the bed, shivering in pleasure. Byakuya moaned sexily as he felt Renji contract around him, spilling his hot seed inside him soon afterwards.

They both collapsed onto the sheets, sweaty and exhausted. Renji stared hungrily at his captain's beautiful body, glowing in the candle light. He rested his head softly on his taichou's panting chest, as Byakuya ran his hand through Renji's crimson hair. They both drifted off to sleep, looking forward to what the next night would bring…