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Casulties of Mistakes

By Steph

Lips crashed together hungrily as two bodies stumbled backwards, the first losing balance and falling onto the mattress, their lips not even separating for a moment as the other willing fell after. A gasp sounded and the body on top shifted, momentarily lifting upwards to gaze at the person beneath.

He groaned as she shirted beneath him and crashed down again, his lips swooping in confidently to take hers, leaving her breathless, hot, and shaking with need. Her fingers threaded through his hair, their tongues duelling, getting lost in the passion until all that was left was each other…

Elizabeth shot upwards, gasping as she was torn from sleep and from the single most intense dream of her life. Her breathing was laboured, her skin sticky and the hand grazing her hip was…

Wait a minute…

Her eyes drifted shut as her head bowed, she took a deep breath and told herself repeatedly that it was just a dream, a very intense, very realistic, very overwhelming dream that her subconscious was having trouble letting go of - she was not in bed with John Sheppard.

She glanced to her left and felt her rational thoughts abandoning her to reality. He was there, his nakedness barely concealed by the sheets that lay over his bottom half, fast asleep and looking incredibly peaceful. His hand unconsciously reached out for her and she flinched, shame and regret flooding through her. She had broken the one rule she swore she wouldn't and now the whole expedition could be affected.

Her heart sank and she felt panic overcome her once formidable control. She felt tears prick at her eyes and quickly blinked them back as she eyed the floor nearby for her clothes. Her hand furiously grabbed for the clothes and gently left the bed her hands swiping up the clothing on the floor and putting it on. She didn't even look back when she left his room.


John drifted easily from his sleep and smirked as he remembered the previous night. Turning over so he faced her way he reached out only to find the bed empty.

"Lizabeth," he mumbled, his eyes blinking open and flickering around his room. The smirk fell away from his face before he stood and went to check his bathroom - nothing. His heart sank into his stomach, emotions raging a war in his eyes; hurt, disappointment, anger, bitterness and most of all determination.


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