Casualties of Mistakes - Epilogue

By Steph7085

One Year Later…

John sat at the bedside, his forehead leaning against his hand that held hers. She had been unconscious for days now, and in all that time he hadn't left her side. His throat constricted again as he glanced upwards, his eyes lingering on the bruises that marred her face, before dropping down to her hands. Her wrists still had marks from the rope that was used to bind her hands together. His fist clenched unconsciously.

It had been a simple mission, or at least it had appeared that way, until a rebel fraction of the town decided that they wanted some of their people released from the prison, and the towns Governor to step down. The rebels thought that the best way to do that was to take the new allies leader hostage. Of course, the Governor refused and so they had taken their anger out on Elizabeth.

That was their second and most fatal mistake.

John and the team had tracked down their encampment and stormed through it. John, so focussed on saving her, so angry at all of them for even daring to take her, that he left anyone who got in his way injured or dead, all he could remember was Elizabeth's screams through the audio. When he had found the leader he had him by the throat and slammed into a wall before the man could even speak.

Blue had coloured the guys face before John even let go slightly, letting him take in enough oxygen to keep him alive. Of course the guy had told him everything he wanted to know, and after he had knocked him out cold, John took off at a sprint to the small house the leader had gestured to.

That's where he had found her, one arm holding her up as she hung limply from the rope secured from the ceiling. Everything had been a blur after that. The relief he felt at finally getting her back, and finding a pulse when he was so afraid that he wouldn't made him sink to his knees, after he freed her from the bounds, holding her close.

He gripped her hand again, his thumb caressing the back of her left hand as he straightened up, leaning back in the chair. That was when her hand moved. His eyes instantly shot to hers, just in time to see them flicker open.

"Hey you," John said breathlessly, practically leaping out of his chair to get closer to her. He settled for leaning on the edge.

"Hey," she whispered back, her voice hoarse. She instantly tried to sit up.

"No moving, just rest," John told her, lifting their joined hands to rest on his lap. She gripped his tighter, a small, but weak smile on her lips.

"Yes sir," she teased before she grimaced slightly.

"You ok?" he couldn't help but ask, concern radiating from him. She hummed in response, tugging weakly at his arm until he stretched out along side her, their hands still joined and resting in-between them. Carefully, he place his arm around her shoulder and kissed her forehead before resting his cheek on her hair.

"Lizabeth…" he began. "Marry me," he whispered. Her hand tightened around his and she slowly pulled it over her waist so that his chest was against her back and their hands were resting near her chest.

"Ok," she replied, kissing his hand. He felt her smile, felt the smile forming on his own lips and knew that from then on, everything would be alright.

The End

Author's Note: Well…that story did not go the way I expected it to, lol. I hope you all enjoyed it anyway. Thanks for reading, and reviewing (if you do J). x