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Chapter 1.

"Itachi", his father spoke, passing raven haired male in the hallway, "I need you in my office," Itachi simply nodded and continued his way to the kitchen. He made himself some tea and went to Fugaku's office. His father was very impatient.

Entering, he saw that his mother was in there, too. She was standing beside Fugaku, who was sitting at the table.

"Why did you call me?" Itachi spoke, raising an eyebrow.

"I have some news for you and Sasuke, but he's out somewhere, so you will tell it to him later," Itachi nodded, taking a sip of his tea.

"So what's the news?" Mikoto smiled.

"Your father and I are going on a vacation to France for two and a half weeks", she said, still smiling. Itachi almost choked with his drink. They are leaving?

"We are going to leave you and Sasuke here. I am trusting you our house, so don't blow it up or something."

"Great...they are leaving me to babysit Sasuke," Itachi thought annoyed.

"Can I at least invite Deidara?"

"Deidara?" Of course, Fugaku didn't even know about his eldest son's best friend. He's always at work.

"That blond boy you're hanging around with? Well, if you behave decently, why not?"

"Good," Itachi smirked pleasantly, "So when do you leave?"

"Happy I see," Mikoto smiled, "We leave today. Our flight arrives in 3 hours. Now you can go and call your friend."

"Hai. Have a good time," he bowed and left the room. While heading to his room, he thought where Deidara could be. If his blond friend didn't tell him anything about his plans, he may be at home right now.

Entering the room, he took a phone from the table and sat on his bed, calling to Deidara. After a few seconds he heard his friend's voice.

"Hi, 'Tachi," Deidara spoke cheerfully. Itachi smiled slightly at blond's bright mood.

"Hello, Deidara. I have an offer. Interested?"

"Yea! Spit it out!" he said with enthusiasm.

"My parents are going on a vacation. Do you want to stay in my house for some time?" Itachi asked. Corners of his lips lifted up a little bit.

"Wow...It would be great! For how long?"

"At least two weeks" Itachi's smile grew wider. He was always like this around Deidara. He had crush on his friend for a few years now, but he wouldn't tell him. Itachi was afraid of losing Deidara.

"So...will you stay?"

"Of course! Just you and me! It will be awesome!" he exclaimed happily.

"Um...Sasuke will stay too," Itachi said with disappointment evident in his voice.

"Heh...I have no problems with that. I'll be at your place after twenty minutes. Bye," Itachi could tell that blond was smiling. Now Uchiha was happy.

"Very well. See you," with that he hang up. Itachi stood up and placed phone on the desk. Today definitely was a good day. He couldn't wait to see Deidara. They haven't seen each other for like a week since Christmas holidays started. Deidara was busy with studies. He wasn't one of so called "perfect students".

Itachi took a book out of shelf and sat on his bed. Sighing, he leaned on pillows and started to read.

He heard knock on his door.

"Itachi!" it was Deidara. Uchiha took a quick glance at clock. It was 17:38. One hour had passed. He slowly stood up and went to open the door.

"You were asleep or something?" blond asked, tracing hand through his hair. Itachi smiled slightly and stepped aside from door, letting Deidara in.

"Sorry, I was reading," Deidara sat on bed and placed his bag on side.

"Soo, when are your parents leaving?" he asked, smiling. Itachi sat next to him and reached for book he was reading before. Glancing at clock once more, he turned to his friend.

"I think they'll leave after half hour or so," then he went back to reading. Deidara rolled eyes.

"I'm bored. Let's do something!" blond nearly jumped on bed. Man, he was full of energy. Itachi sighed again.

"Like what?" he put book on nightstand and got to the window. Outside his father was putting luggage in their car.

"You can unpack your stuff, I will go downstairs," Deidara nodded and Itachi left the room.

When he came into living room, he saw Mikoto sitting on the couch, checking tickets and other documents.

"Oh, Itachi!" she smiled at her son, spotting on the place beside her. Itachi nodded and sat on the couch.

"I'll miss you very much!" Mikoto hugged her eldest son.

"Yes mother," Itachi put an arm around her shoulders. All his thoughts were filled with blond, who was waiting for him upstairs.

"I left you some money, it's on the kitchen table," she stroked raven's hair for some time. He loved his mother very much, but he couldn't tell the same about Fugaku.

"Mikoto! We will be late!" his father yelled from hallway. Mikoto kissed Itachi's cheek, and grabbing documents went to the door.

"We'll call you to be sure that everything is alright," Itachi nodded once more, and quickly waved to his mother, before leaving to his room.

Entering room, he saw Deidara lying on his bed, obviously dozing. His bag was untouched. Itachi smiled slightly. Blond was way too cute asleep. He couldn't resist want to sit beside his friend.

Carefully, not to wake Deidara he walked over bed and laid next to him. Itachi reached to touch his hair, but Deidara moved in his speel, and Uchiha pulled away. Deidara opened his bright blue eyes.

"Oh, sorry, Itachi," his friend got up and looked around the room, "I was studying all night."

"It's ok. Parents are gone, and Sasuke is out somewhere," raven haired male smirked, "So house is all ours. You can sleep if you want," Deidara smiled to him.

"You already woke me up, so there's no need. What will we do?" he asked, with curiosity and excitement in his voice.

"I don't know...Maybe we can watch TV or something?" Itachi asked, looking at his friend.

"Ok!" Deidara said, as he jumped off the bed. Uchiha chuckled ar blond's childish behavior. He got up and followed Deidara downstairs. They got into living room. Deidara plopped onto couch, turning on TV. Itachi calmly sat next to him.

"So, have you got any interesting movie?" blond asked, turning to him. Itachi nodded and got to the shelf, where all DVDs were placed. He smirked and pulled out Hostel. He knew that didn't like scary movies. He turned to couch, where his friend was sitting. Deidara gulped.

"Don't tell me we are going to watch that..." Deidara pointed at DVD cover. Itachi nodded, with smirk gracing his lips. Deidara pouted.

"Fine, but only because there's nothing else to do," the elder male put movie into recorder, and pushed ''play'' button. He sat back beside blond. Deidara turned to Itachi, and placed a few stands of raven hair that was out of the ponytail behind Uchiha's ear. Itachi flinched a little. It was some kind of Deidara's habit. Blond smiled to him and leaned against couch as the movie started.

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