Published 11/16/08

Revised 9/18/10

I hope you like my story. I thought It would be cute! Please review, I would like to have some feed back! Thank you!

" Haru-chan Haru-chan! do you want some cake!" Came Hunny's enthusiastic voice as he bounces up and down presenting a large slice of cake in his out-stretched hand. Who could refuse that?

" Thank you Hunny-senpai, I'm sure it will taste great!" said with a sweet smile on her face. In the background you could hear shouts of excitement from the fan girls at the table and across the room at Hunnys table. Pleased that the cake was accepted he bounces off to his table to rejoin Mori and his guests.

At the end of the day, everyone was getting ready to leave, all of the gusts already gone. Hunny walks up to Haruhi who is busy gathering all of her books and bag. With a slight blush on his face and showing her a Hershey kiss he asks " Haru-chan, do you want a kiss?" catching every ones attention.

Looking at the piece of chocolate in his hand she smiles, " Sure, Hunny-senp-" Her sentence was cut off as He quickly leans up and gives her a soft kiss on the lips. Placing the chocolate in her hand he bounces out of the room, everyone too shocked to say anything.

Watching the spot where he just vanished her hand touches her lips. A bubble of happiness welling up in her stomach at the feeling of the chocolate in her hand and the lingering taste of chocolate on her mouth.