Beauty of a different kind

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Spoilers: some references to Fisher King 1&2 also Profiler, Profiled

He knows he shouldn't feel the way he did but he just couldn't help himself. He knew he shouldn't be thinking it was adorable when Reid looked confused about something that he couldn't completely get. He knew he shouldn't want to kiss Reid senseless when he started chewing his lip in concentration, or when he would shyly smile or blush at something. He knew he shouldn't feel jealous when he saw other people touch or smile at Reid besides him. He knew he shouldn't feel jealous when Reid would smile that rare beautiful smile at others. He knew he shouldn't be jealous when others make Reid laugh so care-free and so warmly. He knew he shouldn't want to wrap Reid up in his arms to protect the genius from the horrors they see everyday, he knew he shouldn't want to be by Reid's side all the time. He also knew that he shouldn't melt and feel so warm when Reid's smiles or laughs was were directed at him. But even though he knew he shouldn't he always did in the end.


Today was not a good day that was all Morgan could think as he continued to fill out the never-ending pile of paper work in front of him. His hand had cramped up and started aching awhile ago. He sighed he loved his job knowing what he did saved a lot of people and he felt it was doing a lot of good for those who needed justice but when the excitement and the case ended then that was when Morgan started disliking it. He decided to stop writing giving his aching hand a rest flexing his hand trying to bring some feeling back to it. as he leaned back taking a short break his treacherous mind decided to torment him some more as much as he didn't want to think of the dream he had last night he knew that it would be a wasted effort. He could still remember it all in sharp detail, he could still remember how his dream Reid had looked writing and moaning wantonly begging and pleading for his touch. How beautiful he looked with his pale skin flushed with arousal, how his lips looked so tempting swollen and bruised from his heated kisses. He remembered how he responded to his touches and how he moaned and screamed his name in pleasure as he slowly entered his hot, tight virgin body. How he felt as he pounded into his sweet body, how he looked and felt as he was brought over to the edge of sweet nerve shattering bliss as he came his white milky seeds splattering his chest making him look so wanton his body tightening bringing him over the edge with him. How he felt as he spent his seeds inside him claiming him as his.

Morgan groaned feeling himself achingly hard from those thoughts; he shook his head and took deep breaths willing away his erection. After a few minutes he felt his hard on start to disappear. Morgan sighed and shook his head trying to rid himself of the headache he could feel coming there seemed to be no end to the torment. He glared at the large pile of paperwork that was in front of him seemingly mocking him. He leaned back on his chair trying to stretch out his tired muscles and hope that will help his growing headache. He glared at the pile once again hoping that it would catch on fire to no avail he sighed again and gave up after the infuriating paperwork wouldn't suddenly burst into flames.

He turned around in his chair and stood up and almost fell right back down when he came face to face with the one person he was trying to get his mind off of. But there he was wearing brown corduroys, a white long sleeved shirt with the sleeves rolled up, a gray sweater vest, gray sneakers, and one purple with yellow stripped sock, and a gray and white sock. His long light brown hair was falling messily into his face and he was wearing his glasses that gave him a cute and boyish look to him. Reid smiled at him slightly, a light blush gracing his pale cheeks as he tucked a strand of his hair behind his ears shyly, looking at him through his long eyelashes.

"Sorry Morgan, I didn't mean to startle you I was just coming over to ask you if…..if you know might want to go out to lunch with us?" Reid asked stammering slightly as he bit his lip and shuffled from foot to foot , and wringing his hands nervousness and unease showing clearly in his demeanor. Morgan cocked his head to the side to look at the clock and just now realizing that it was time for lunch. He looked back at Reid wondering why he was so nervous before he realized that Reid was always nervous when asking people out to go to lunch with him, also he probably thought that he was interrupting him in the middle of his work.

Morgan mentally shook his head but smiled at Reid hoping to ease some of the very unnecessary unease the younger man was feeling, He stood up stretching his back and groaned as he felt his back pop back in place, he straighten himself he looked down at the younger man grinning. "Well let's go pretty boy lead the way." Morgan said with a wave towards the door silently telling Reid to go first. Reid looked at him for a second before giving Morgan one of his sweet, shy smiles and just like every other time he saw that smile Morgan felt a rush of warmth and his insides melt as he gave an answering smile to the young genius. Maybe today wasn't going to be such a bad day after all.


Morgan smiled humming some nameless tune as he walked into his house hour's later feeling lighter then he had in days he smiled as he was greeted by Clooney. Morgan couldn't help but be in a good mood after all he just spent the day being able to talk to Reid more today at lunch even if he had to have Reid's attention off of him for a little while as they talked with the others. His smile grew as he remembered how comfortable everyone was and he loved how Reid had started blushing when he called him 'pretty boy', he couldn't help it he called it like he saw it Reid was pretty well more beautiful then pretty to him. Morgan grinned as he pet the large dog's head enjoying the soft feeling of his fur and watching his dog lap up the attention with enthusiasm. Morgan moved to his room changing into something comfortable, he was wearing a black shirt and loose pants ready to lie in front of the TV relaxing. He lied there flipping through the stations trying to find something interesting on to watch. He finally settled for a football game relaxing and sipping on the bottle of beer he snagged from the fridge earlier as he was getting into the game his mind suddenly decided to go to Reid like it always seemed to do lately.

He started thinking on how he realized what his feelings for Reid really where. He knew he cared about Reid deeply at first before the dreams started happening he thought that it was just brotherly concern because Reid was just so young and vulnerable. But after awhile his feelings started changing and growing deeper and stronger it wasn't until they went to confront the Fisher King that he realized how deeply he felt for the young genius. He remembered how his heart nearly stopped when Reid gave his gun to the SWAT officer and walked unarmed to face Randall Garner he remembered how he felt a bolt of pure ice cold terror run through his body when he heard Reid yell and then he heard the explosion and how the only thing running through his mind was that Reid better be ok. When he saw Reid on the ground his pants burning he started fearing the worst and when he saw Reid move he thought that the relief would crush him. When he pulled Reid up with Hotch's help he remembered how nice it was to hold Reid, it wasn't until he went home later on that he was hit suddenly with a revelation of his feelings for Reid. He was in love with Reid. He was in love with Dr. Spencer Reid boy-genius, Reid with his long shaggy brown hair, innocent brown eyes, awkward grace and weird mismatch socks and shy attitude.

He, Derek Morgan was in love with Spencer Reid at first he couldn't believe it tried to deny it but no matter how much he tried he couldn't deny it he was in love with Spencer Reid. He was in love with another man, not that it bothered him he had been with a few men over the years he knew he liked the feeling of a hard muscular body beneath him as well as the soft curves of a women. At first he tried to deny it because of what happened to him as a child but eventually he accepted it as a part of who he was. Now the only problem he faced was how was he going to tell Reid how he felt if Reid even swung that way he didn't know and Reid might not even like him he seemed to like women. The way he acted with that actress Lila Archer was a pretty good bet that he liked women but maybe he liked men too? He just didn't know he decided to put an end to his thoughts and just go to bed he still had to go to work tomorrow he thought that maybe then things would get better. But he didn't realize how wrong he was things wouldn't be better for a long time.