Disclaimer:Dirty Sexy Money and all its characters don't belong to me.

Summary: Nick has just got Jeremy out of jail after he was arrested in the first episode. A small drabble of what happens in the limo. Slash Nick/Jeremy

(A/N): Yay! 7th D.S.M written, 1st Nick/Jeremy story.


Nick looked at the spoilt rich-boy sitting across from him in the limo.

"Jeremy, 30 000 people die of starvation every single day!" he snapped as Jeremy looked at his fingers. "Your life is not the worst, by far."

"Yes," Jeremy mumbled, turning his head up to look at Nick "but that doesn't mean I can get everything I want." With that, he leant over and kisses Nick hard on the lips, before slipping out of the limo and disappearing into the huge house.