Author's Note: This is my very first drabble so I'm a bit intimidated. I welcome comments!! Also… Pistachios really are spontaneously combustible.

Go Here to check it out if you want: Ok, the link won't work but you can look it up on Wiki – Spontaneous Combustible Materials or Spontaneous Combustion.

Sam and Dean were in a bar in some small town. It was an angry spirit they were investigating. Sam was scanning the backroom with the EMF detector.

"Whoa!" Dean exclaimed.

Dean was shaking a very large can of pistachios.

"Dude, this is like the biggest can of nuts I've ever seen."

Sam looked at his brother, "Hey, stop shaking that!"


"It's combustible."

"Combustible? You mean like in blowing up?"

"Yeah, like in blowing up."

"Why the hell didn't you tell me that?" Dean said, putting the can down gently.

"I just did, jerk."

"Coulda told me sooner, bitch."