Author's Note:

Word/Phrase: Raw - Rules: 100 Words

Disclaimer: Unfortunately, I do not own Supernatural. Oh, how I wish that I did. This is all for fun and entertainment. With Sam and Dean running around in my little brain (usually in towels… *big grin*) how can it not be FUN!!!

Players: Too Many to List Here – See Enkidu07's or Onyx Moonbeam's Profile for a List.

***Spoiler-ish for Season 4 – Yellow Fever Episode

Word Count: 100 on the dot!

Sam got the first aid kit from the car and sat down on the bed next to Dean.

"Damn it Dean, would you stop scratching. You've rubbed it raw."

"Well, it ITCHES."

Sam opened the kit and pulled out the antiseptic wipes. He started to clean Dean's forearm where he had scratched till it bled.

"How come I get the ghost sickness crap? Why's it always me?"

"Stop being such a baby. You KNOW why."

"Yeah, because I'm a dick? That is so unfair. I'm NOT a dick."

Sam rolled his eyes at Dean.

"If the ghost sickness fits dude?"