Summary: Edward and Bella used to be best friends and both secretly loved each other, but things went wrong their sophomore year in high school and tore them apart, ruining both their lives in the worse ways. Now almost 5 years later they have to face each other again. Taking out all their anger they have felt out on each other. Secrets will soon be revealed, that may or may not have been better left a secret.

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Chapter 1: I'm tired of being afraid of everything and everyone

No one cares
No one listens
Screaming words that you fake hearing
No one cares
No one listens anymore

- No One Care by Atreyu


"God, why does life have to suck so badly?"

I sat at home on the computer doing school work for my health class; my "managing stress" class no less. I find it really ironic that this course is supposed to help me with my stress and it was really just making it a whole lot worse.

"I hate you!!" I yelled at my computer that was going so freaking slow. I started to smack the sides of the screen as if it would make the computer go any faster.

"Fine you win!" I slammed the restart button with my foot and got up out of the chair and walked over to my bedside table to grab the weights that were under it. As I started lifting the weights up and down, my stomach starting growling. Of course it was growling my stupid stomach always seemed to want something to eat.

"You're freaking not hungry so shut up!" I smacked the palm of my hand to my stomach and then I resumed lifting my weights.

"Hey Bella!"

Great what did he want now?

"Heeey Emmmmmmeettttt." I called back in an annoyed sing-song voice.

"Heeeey Belllllllaaaaaaaa…." Now I know he was trying to annoy me. I could hear that he was just down the hall and would enter my room any minute.

"Emmett! What do you want?!" I yelled at him as he entered the room

"Whoa Bella, calm down."

"Seriously Emmett, I am not in the mood right now, can you just tell me what you want." I kept lifting the weights and avoided looking at him.

"Umm…yeah, what time is the movie at?"

"7" I told him

"Okay, good" He seemed to be hiding something.

I sighed and stopped lifting my weights for a minute

"What else did you want Emmett?" I turned to look at him.

"Ummm….I was wondering… do you feel…"

"For god's sake Emmett, spit it out already!"

"Okay! I was wondering if it would be alright if I asked out Rose?" he spat out really fast.

Great, just great. Of course he wants to ask out Rose. I knew Rose had liked Emmett since she met him, but she was too shy to ask him out. Now that is something that is really weird for her, because Rose is usually really bold when it comes to men.

Now Emmett wants to ask her out.

It is kind of funny really. He has never asked if he could go out with any of my other friends that he has gone out with. I really hate it when he has to go out with my friends. It just makes our friendship really awkward, but of course Emmett wouldn't care about what happens to my friendships after he dumps them. Plus I haven't had too many good friends anyways. But still why does he have to go out with one of my best friends.

"Whatever Emmett, do what you want, I don't care." Like it would matter anyways, even if I said no to him he would still end up asking her out anyway.

"Okay great! Thanks."

"Sure, no problem." I growled out him, but he didn't even seem to notice. I walked back over to my computer chair and typed in my password to the computer now that it was done restarting.

"Oh yeah, just letting you know that Jasper is going to come with us." Well that was news to me.

"What? Emmett, no, Alice is going."

"Your point being?"

"You know that they both really like each other so they are probably going to spend all their time together and now you and Rose are probably going to hang around each other and I will end up being the freaking 5th wheel." I hate when shit like this happens to me, and yet it always does, no matter what. Although this is far from being the worst, there are plenty of things that I have gone through that are nowhere near as bad as the things that happened sophomore year in high school.

"Bella you will not be the 5th wheel, I promise." he looked over at me and gave me a look as if I was insane.

"Wow Emmett, what drugs are you on? Of course I will be the 5th wheel, can you not count?" I rolled my eyes at him and huffed.

"Fine, I guess that just means that I am going to have to invite someone else."

"Who are you going to invite? You better not say Mike or Tyler, or else I swear I am going to hurt you."

"No, no, I will invite Edward."


I couldn't believe what I was hearing I jumped out of my chair and ran to stand in front of Emmett. He better be joking, I haven't heard that name mentioned around here for almost five years now. Emmett knows what he did to me and how deep my hatred for that man is. How could he do this to me?

"You better be talking about Edward James Olmos."

"Nope, I mean my best friend Edward Cullen."

"Emmett! What the hell! You know what he did! And I thought that you hated him just as much as I did! Plus I thought he was across the country!"

"Bella I did, I despised him just as much as you do when I heard about what he did to you, but I guess after almost 5 years I really started to miss hanging out with my best friend, and when I heard from Carlisle that he came back from New York, I gave him a call and we started to hang out again."

I started taking deep breaths slowly in and out as I took in what Emmett was saying. So this is what the fuck he meant when he said he was hanging out with the boys. I always assumed that it was Jasper and possibly Mike, but not him. Anyone but him.

"Emmett, you better be fucking joking right now."

"No I am not! Now, since you are inviting your friends, it's only fair that I invite mine, and like it or not, Edward is my friend, now if you excuse me I have a phone call to make." He turned about and left my room and I heard him start talking on his phone.


Seriously, how can Emmett do this to me? He was there when he saw how I treated myself after what Edward did, and now he is hanging out with him like nothing ever happened.

Memories started to flood my mind and I didn't know what else to do. I ran to the bathroom and shoved my finger down my throat.

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