Drabble Challenge - Word: Combustible

Shout out: Never could have done this without urging from PADavis. Also, Onyx Moonbeam was kind enough to allow me to participate, but it's really Phoebe's fault. Totally.

Good grief, I have drabbled. Who'da thunk it?

Word Count: 100

Dean's sixteen now, grown tall and lean, hair bleached blond from the sun. He thinks about his lost family every day, and he knows Mom and Dad would want him to be brave.

So Dean is.

Rufus Turner dies screaming at a rest stop near Cincinnati, Ohio. Three weeks later Kubrick becomes a human torch, suddenly combustible, consumed by bright, hungry flames.

His family died because of these men. Sammy, John and Mary were Dean's higher angels, his better half. Some of the hunters beg. Dean doesn't have any mercy to give.

Dean burns them all.

Lucifer is pleased.