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"You shouldn't be here. No one must see you. Go home. Return to your world of truths."

The fluffy monster cocked its head, a bit confused at the girl's words. Didn't she call her here? After all, it wouldn't be here if it hadn't been drawn to her. Nonetheless, her words became its beckon and it disappeared, transforming into a flat surface to drift in the wind.

She sighed, wishing she could follow. However, it was impossible with this physical body. Oh, and there was the matter of her chains.

The doors began to slide open, and she quickly turned lest they found out her little mishap.

"Good morning, Amaya-san," the older gentleman greeted her. She shivered at the sound of her name spoken by him. "Are you ready for today? We need for you to run another test."

Just a little more, a little more time, before Yuko-san grants my wish. Then I shall finally be free! With this in mind, she nodded. "Yes, Goodwin-san. I've recovered."

"Then we shall start as soon as possible. Come."

Amaya waited until the guards beside him unlocked the shackles before sitting up. She then followed the three people to a room located underground. There were servers, monitors, and giant screens , all which electric glow gave the room a blue sheen. In the middle was giant slab of stone, filled with ancient scriptures and drawings, showing five figures surrounding a immense dragon, their own respective dragons settling right behind them.

The two guards left her and Goodwin took her hand, leading her onto the dais. "Remember to relax," he told her, as though really concerned for her safety. "Try to manifest the Crimson Dragon into a card. don't worry. We're all right behind you."

A retort was on the tip of her tongue, but Amaya silenced herself before the insult could slip. Instead, she nodded and allowed the bronze chains, those connected to the servers and to the rock, clasp her thin wrists. A helmet was placed on her head and she gave a deep breathe and released her, before nodding her readiness.

At her signal, the whirls of both machinery and the old magic of the stone whirled inside her head, making a whirlpool of information. Mixtures of images filled her head, as well indistinct voices. She began to hum, like she always did when this phenomenal began to happen, focusing all her energy in bringing out the monster of the stone.

But nothing happen. It was close, but only touched the surface of her mind, too far away for her to use her power. But still, she tried, reaching out with open arms, trying to coax the beast out from its cosmic slumber and become a card.

Hours passed and still no progress. The machinery were beginning to overheat with the continue use of the program in full effects.

"Goodwin-sama, the system is beginning to malfunction due to overheat. If this keeps up, Amaya-sama's safety will be compromised!" the technician warned, as he and others tried to fix the problem, their fingers flying over their keyboards.

"Continue for as long as the system is able," ordered Goodwin. "Bring out the decks in case of overload."

"Yes sir."

The guards on hand began to bring out decks full of only duel monsters cards. They spread them out in a circle slab that surrounded Amaya, who stood with the faintest hints of electricity beginning to manifest around her body.

The longer it went on, the more it began to crackle around her, making her cry out as the electricity became lightning strikes around her.

"Goodwin-sama! The system!"

"Continue," the man growled.

"Ah!" Amaya ceased her concentration, panting as the pain became too great. Suddenly, the monster cards around her began to glow as the monsters burst from their cards like as if in a duel, began a whirlpool that surrounded her in a protective wall.

"Alright," Goodwin sighed. "Enough. Turn it off."

"Right away, sir!"

The machines groaned as the system was turned off, the blue fluorescent lights flickering. Amaya fell to the ground, her body quivering in spasms. The monsters groaned their concern before fading back into cards. Amaya panted, her chest heaving as her gaze was daze with drool trickling down her chin.

Footsteps came towards her, careful, collected steps with no worry about them, only a calm, quiet anger.

"Amaya-san," Goodwin called, kneeling down to help her up, "how are you feeling?"

"So-sorry, Goodwin-sama," she grunted in pain. "But it-its like I told you. T-there is nothing there, o-only memories of the past. "

"Hmm…" Goodwin mused, lifting her to at least her knees. "I see. Perhaps, when I find the five signers.. Never mind. Don't worry about it, Amaya-san. Just rest and recover."

"I-I will," she whispered, before her eyes fell and she fainted.

Goodwin sighed. "Take her to her room after she's been examined. Make sure she has complete bed rest," he told the medics who came them.

"Yes, Goodwin-sama."

As they led his trump card away on a stretcher, the older man made his way out of the lab. He left and made his way back to his office in Neo Domino City.

"Another failure," he muttered. "But no matter. As long as Amaya lives, there shall be a chance to find the signers. And then, the Crimson Dragon shall be mine." With that happy thought, he smiled and looked out the window.

Back in her cell, Amaya stared out the barred window from her bed, staring aimlessly at the blue sky. A shadow flew in her direction, a birdlike creature too machined to be a real bird. As it landed on her window's rail, it pecked at the glass, dark eyes peeking in.

"You shouldn't be here," she said softly, her throat hoarse from screaming. "No one must see you. Go home. Return to your world of truths."

One day, one day I shall be free. When I've suffered enough, then Yuko shall grant me my wish. All I have to do is wait.

With this in mind, she closed her eyes.


"Many occurrences happen in this world, but if a human does not see it, or if a human is not part of it, it shall disappear, no matter how important it might be. But one thing is certain: there is no such thing as coincidence in this world. There is only hituzen," a raven haired witch whispered to herself, looking down at an old antique watch. It was of Egyptian made, with hieroglyphics for the numbers. It seemed to be measuring something, though of what it could not be determined.

"Yuko-san!" a pale skinned boy with dark hair, glasses, and mismatched eyes wearing an apron came out to the patio. "Dinner's ready."

"Oh! Finally!" she cried out cheerfully. "Did you prepare the drinks I mention?"

"Yeah, yeah. They're on the table. Now hurry up or we'll eat it without you."

"Dinner! Dinner!" Maru and Moro cheered.

"Well, shall we go, Mokona," Yuko asked the black furred creature who had been napping in her lap.

"Yeah! Let's go!" Mokona said and began to bounce in her white hands.

It's been five years and you're getting close. Soon, I shall grant your wish and receive my payment. And when I finally do, can you manage it?


"Hai, hai. I'm coming!"

A/N: Another story for you to enjoy. This one is a little like my When the Storm's Subside in the terms of experimentation. Hope y'all enjoyed!