Word: Combustible

Rules: 100 Words

Disclaimer: Oh but how I wish and dream 't were mine.

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A/N: Weechesters – Sam is 8 and Dean is 12.


"Careful Sam, it's combustible," Dean pulled Sammy away from the gasoline.

"What?" At Sam's question Dean grinned. Since he'd taught Sam to read the questions had stopped. Answers looked up in books instead. Stupid to be jealous of books, but…

"Means it could blow up. We're using fire for light, so we can't get close." At his brother's words Sam skittered around the tanks.

Later at the motel over beans and franks Sam ran through his daily monologue for John.

"But we had to be careful, 'cause there were combustibles. That means they blow up. I know. Dean taught me."