Four years, four long years. It's been four years since Erica showed up. It's been three years since Fang even looked a me. Four years since I couldn't take it anymore, that's right me Maximum Ride couldn't take it anymore. It all started that November morning.


"Come on guys! Almost there!" I shouted trying to hype everyone up.

"That's what you said an hour ago," Iggy complained.

I sighed, he was right who was I kidding. We've been going at this for over 12 hours. We need to rest.

"Fine. Let's land down in that empty field!" I got a lot of 'Wahoos' and 'Yay'. As soon as we landed a scream broke through the air, finding it's way to my ears. Before I could register the fact that someone was screaming Fang started running through the woods, myself following.

When we got to the place the screaming seemed to come from, I was shocked. At our feet was a extreme beauty, she was crumpled into the fetal position. Her slight frame rocked back and forth. She was murmuring about some kind of demon. Then she burst out in tears. Fang did the one thing I least expected. He hugged her.

At first the flock tried to talk to me, but as much as the flock tried, they couldn't act the same as they had before. It was like we had nothing in common, personally I think Erica's a witch and she put an evil spell on them. It was July 5th when I lost it. It was July 5th when I left.


I was sitting on the couch, not moving. I listened to the others as they worked. Iggy was in the kitchen washing the dishes. Angel and Nudge were in there rooms talking about stuff. Every once in a while I heard a giggle. The Gasman was watching football on the T.V., but that's not what captured my attention.

Fang and Erica were chatting in the dining room, behind me. Though I couldn't see I was fairly certain that Fang was holding Erica. A happy sigh came from Erica.

Then the words I feared the most, "I love you Erica," Fang whispered. I felt hot tears spring to my eyes. I got up and ran out the door as fast as I could. Jumping up, I sprang my wings out and started to fly I knew I was going to leave forever. I promised myself I wouldn't look back, no matter what. I didn't.

Then I was gone.