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Anime: Gintama

Pairings: Hiji/Yama/Ban

Author: Lady Serena Sparrow

Disclaimer: I do not own Gintama.

Warning: Shonen-ai! Most likely OOC!

Drabble # 4: Captivated

Yamazaki's POV

The Shinsengumi had been ordered to guard the pop singer Otsuu during her concert in the park. I was forced to wear a slim-fitting costume as I posed as one of her back-up dancers. I still don't get why I had to play this role when I could have just as easily watched her from behind stage. As much as I hate to admit…her music was quite catchy so even though I was dressed in pink…I was able to get into the groove. I think I was pretty convincing. Maybe I should have been a dancer…

Anyway, it was towards the end of her first number, a very cheesy and romantic one, when I caught sight of him. I was stunned by his nerve…he stood a mere three feet behind Fukuchou and the rest of the Shinsengumi! I'm not sure how…but I sensed him staring at me and my heart stopped as he suddenly smiled. Why would he smile at me? Why was he there? What was he up to? Most importantly…why was I so happy to see him?

Then, he reached up and took off his sunglasses…something I'd heard he never does when others are present. But he did right at that moment…and I knew this sight was for my eyes only. Our eyes met and I gasped. So this was why he shielded himself…but I didn't care. He shared something personal with me and for that…I realized I really loved him. From the day he spared my life…my heart had been captivated…and I wasn't sure I wanted it to be rescued.