One year has passed since Jaden Yuki graduated from Duel Academy. Since then he has traveled the world searching for people to connect with their duel spirits, taking only his cards with him. Though it isn't exactly the luxurious life style a pro duelist Jaden has non the less made a name for himself in the dueling world. Jaden hasn't seen his friends since he left Duel Academy, nor has anything odd out of the ordinary happened. No Shadow Games, no evil duelists planning to take over the world, no nothing, but that's all about to change.

Chapter 1: The Invitation

"Hey you! Are you that Jaden Yuki everyone keeps talking about?!"

"I am, and you are?"

"Gees, do you live in a cave or something? I'm the great Bandit Keith! And I challenge you to a duel!"

(This fan fiction is based on Anime not manga)

"… Okay, I've got about five minutes to kill."

"You don't know what you've just got yourself into kid… I'm the former American Champ! There's no way you can beat me!"

Jaden laughed and said, "Let's see, if you're the former American champion, that means you're not the champion any more, right?"

"Watch it! Dissing me is gonna be hazardous to your health!"

"I know all about you, you cheated at the Duelist Kingdom tournament and still got your ass kicked by Joey Wheeler. And since then it's all been downhill for you hasn't it?"

"That's ancient history kid! And when everyone hears how I defeated you I'll be right back on top!"

"Yeah sure, but first you have to beat me."

"You're about to feel the greatest pain you've ever felt!"

"Let's duel!"

Instantly the life-point totals on their duel disks went to 4000.

"This guy's nothing but a washed up has-been Jaden. You can wipe the floor with him." said Yubel.

"Tell me something I don't know."

"Seniority rules so I go first!"

Keith drew his cards.

"Pay dirt. I couldn't ask for a better hand!" he thought.

"I'll start things off by playing two copies of Fiend Sanctuary! Which means I get to summon two metal fiend tokens!"

(ATK:0 DEF:0)

"But they won't be sticking around for long because now I'm going to sacrifice them both to summon Perfect Machine King!"

(ATK: 2700 DEF: 1500)

"Next I play the Spell card Polymerization, so I can fuse the Barrel Dragon and Blowback Dragon in my hand to summon Gatling Dragon!"

(ATK: 2600 DEF: 1200)

"And my Perfect Machine King gets 500 extra attack points for every machine monster on the field other then himself!"

(ATK: 3200)

"And my Gatling Dragon has a special effect too. On my next turn I'll get to toss 3 coins, and for every time it lands on heads I'll be able to destroy one of your monsters! Then I'll wipe you out when both of my monsters attack you directly!"

Jaden laughed and said, "You won't get the chance, I've already won."


"You've used up all the cards in your hand, and in doing so left possibly the best cards in your deck vulnerable to whatever I throw at them. Like this spell card, Tribute to the Doomed!"


"That's right by discarding one card from my hand I can destroy one monster on the field, namely your Gatling Dragon!"

Just like that Keith's dragon was mummified and pulled into the earth by a big hand.

"Now you no longer have that monster to give that 500 point boost to your Perfect Machine King."

(ATK: 2700)

"But that's not all, next I summon Elemental Hero Sparkman!"

(ATK: 1600 DEF: 1400)

"Now I play the spell card O-Oversoul to special summon the monster I just sent to my graveyard, so say hello to my deck's headliner, Elemental Hero Neos!"

(ATK: 2500 DEF: 2000)

"You went through all that for those two guys? Sorry kid by my Perfect Machine King is still stronger!"

"Not for long."


"Now I activate the equipt spell Neos Force and equip it to Neos, now he gains 800 attack points!"

(ATK: 3300)

"No way! That's higher then my Machine King!"

"That's not all, thanks to Neos Force's other effect when Neos destroys one of your monsters in battle, your life-points take damage equal to that monster's original attack points. Neos attack!"

Neos destroyed Keith's Perfect Machine King, and thanks to the effect of Neos Force Keith took a grand total of 3300 points of damage, bringing him down to a mere 700.

"Now I'll attack you directly with Sparkman!"

Sparkman attacked and just like that Keith's life-points went down to nothing.

"That's game!"

Keith rose angrily.

"You little punk there is no way you could have won that without cheating!"

"I've never cheated at anything in my life, and I'm willing to bet you probably stacked your deck."

"Why you little… I'll kill you!"

"I'll take care of this." said Yubel.

Just like that Keith passed out.

"As the English say, Good riddance to bad rubbish." said Jaden. "Let's go home."

Jaden walked all the way back to the motel he was currently staying at, not exactly the kind of place people would expect a duelist of his skill would stay at, but Jaden took what he could get, besides he was used to this kind of thing, after all he had lived in the Slifer Red dorm the whole time he was a student at Duel Academy.

"Oh Mr. Yuki! This just came for you a few minutes ago." said the clerk handing him an envelope.

"Thank you."

Jaden went to his room.

"Hello Pharaoh, I'm home."


"So did you duel someone tonight?" asked the spirit of Professor Banner.

"Yeah, some washed up has been by the name of Bandit Keith." said Jaden plopping down on his bed.

"Beat him in one turn did you?"


"What's that?"

"Just something the clerk said I got."

Jaden opened the envelope, the note inside read,

Dear Mr. Jaden Yuki

If you are reading this, then congratulations, you have proven yourself worthy to participate in a private duel monsters tournament I am hosting on my island this weekend. Seven people whom I believe are among the best duelists in the world will be there, and whoever wins the tournament gets to take home five million dollars.

Should you choose to participate take this invitation to the docks tomorrow at 7pm and take it to the boat called "The Exodus" which will bring you to my home on Duelist Isle.

Sincerely yours

The Card Master

"Hmm… The Card Master? Never heard of him… What do you think Kuriboh?"

"Woh… Woh…"

"Yeah, I'm not really doing anything this weekend. And besides, you can't go wrong if you come back with five million dollars."