The Card Master was laughing his head off.


"NO!!! JADEN!!!" screamed Alexis.

"Not so fast Card Master!!!"


"I activate the quick play spell card Flute of Summoning Kuriboh! Now say hello to my little friend… Winged Kuriboh!"

(ATK: 300 DEF: 200)

"YES!!! With that card any damage Jaden takes this turn is 0!" exclaimed Syrus.

"Except for one tiny problem…" said Chazz "HE'S NOT AIMING FOR WINGED KURIBOH! HE'S ATTACKING NEOS!!!"

The Card Master was laughing again.

"HA HA HA HA!!! That's your secret weapon? That's a hairball with wings! And I'm not attacking him anyway. EXODIA NECROSS ATTACK HIS ELEMENTAL HERO NEOS!!!"

"I'm not done yet!"


"Kuriboh, you think you can help me out here?"

Winged Kuriboh winked.

"Okay… I activate the quick play spell card Transcendent Wings! By discarding two cards from my hand my Winged Kuriboh now becomes Winged Kuriboh LV 10!"

(ATK: 300 DEF: 200)

"So now you have a new monster with the same attack points as the last one, and it's still not the one I'm attacking! Big deal!"

"Oh it's a very big deal…"

"What are you talking about!?!"

"My Winged Kuriboh LV 10 has a very powerful special ability. During my opponent's battle phase I can sacrifice him and in doing so destroy all monsters on your side of the field in attack mode, namely your Exodia Necross!"

(In Anime they tell us that Exodia Necross can't be destroyed by monster effects, however it doesn't say that on the actual card)

"And that's not the best part, you also take damage equal to your destroyed monster's attack points, 11600!"

For the first time since the duel began the Card Master looked scared.

"Have mercy…"

"Sorry… All out of mercy!" said Jaden with the power of the Supreme King coursing through his body. "Winged Kuriboh LV 10 WIPE HIM OUT!!!"

There was an explosion of light that blasted from Winged Kuriboh LV 10 and fired at Exodia Necross, then the towering behemoth exploded.


(Card Master: 0)

The Card Master was blasted to the far edge of the arena. His mask fell off and he stared at his deck. He picked up the card on the top of his deck and looked at it. It was his second Monster Reincarnation. One more turn and he would have been able to bring the five pieces of Exodia back from his grave to his hand.

"I… I… I think I'm going to cry." he said.

(Can you blame him, I would too if I had been that close to victory)

All of a sudden Jaden's Elemental Hero Neos came to life and seized The Card Master by the throat and held him out over the edge of the platform.

"Let me go!" The Card Master yelled.

"Poor choice of words." replied Neos.

Neos let go and the Card Master started to fall toward the boiling lava below.


Suddenly he stopped in mid air. Neos had grabbed him by the leg and hoisted him back up and held him in front of Jaden.

"I beat you at your own sick game! Now release my friends!"

"Alright I'll do it! Now can you please have your little space man let me go!"

Neos let go of the Card Master, who then snapped his fingers. There was a bright flash of light and a big explosion of smoke. When it cleared there they were.



Jaden ran over to Alexis and they embraced.

"Don't ever… ever… make me go through something like that again." said Jaden.

"But you did it! No matter how many times the tables turned you did it! You defeated the Card Master! You saved me and all the others… And I think it's time for your reward…"

Jaden's cheeks turned pink.

"Come on Lex not in front of everybody…"

"Oh let em look."

She kissed him on the lips.

"Aww isn't that cute…"

Alexis recognized that voice. She turned around and…

"Atti! What are you doing here?"

Atticus smiled and said, "The real question is, what are you doing here? And the answer is simple… You're on M.M.M!"

Suddenly colored lights started flashing all over the stadium; there were bursts of confetti, and balloons falling from the wall.

"What?" said Jaden.

"M.M.M?" said Chazz.

"Mad Matchmaker." replied Atticus. "TV's newest reality hit where we go to insane lengths to get two people together! I'm your host, and I persuaded our producer to do my little sissy and Jaden as our first couple, and by the look of things I'd say Mission Accomplished!"

Suddenly the stadium walls lifted revealing the room was filled with people who applauded.

"Wait a minute! You're saying all we've been on TV all this time?" asked Jesse.

"That's right, so smile!" said Atticus.

"But what about The Card Master?" asked Jaden.

"He's not really insane, he's just a hired actor who fortunately knows how to duel."

"My mother's acting lessons really paid off." said Danny.

"But we were sucked into the shadow realm!" said Syrus.

"Trap doors, cheap smoke tricks, and a room that's like one big TV." replied Atticus.

"But what about the dead blind naked butler?" asked Alexis.

"What about the butler?"


There he was standing in the door way from which Jaden had entered the stadium. And he was with a woman just about his age.

"The butler! He's alive?!" exclaimed Drago.

"Yes I'm very much alive. Only I'm not really a butler. I'm the show's famous producer Silas Wayneknight, and as you can clearly see…" he pointed to his perfectly focused eyes "I can see."

Aster slapped his forehead. "Silas Wayne and Danny Knight… Wayneknight… How did I miss that?"

"And I take it this is your wife Olivia, the world famous classical actress?" asked Paulina.

"The one and only." she replied. "I taught our son Danny everything he knows about being an actor."

"But what about your dead body in the kitchen?" asked Jaden.

"Nothing more then a realistic looking dummy."

"But I thought your son was insane and almost had him thrown into the lava!" said Jaden.

"Don't worry, that "lava" is just boiling colored water." said Atticus.

"What about the giant monsters that appeared every time we opened the front door?" asked Chazz.

"You know how duel monsters are just holograms." said Atticus "Well what do you think they were?"

Atticus pushed a button on a remote control and a giant holographic Godzilla appeared at the end of the stadium.

"You're saying that everything that's happened this weekend was all part of some crazy scheme to get me and Jaden together?" asked Alexis.

"Yep, that pretty much hits the nail on the head." said Atticus.

"But then why all the crazy stuff?" asked Jaden.

"Two good reasons. One: Big ratings! Two: Necessity. I always figured you two had something for each other, but you never openly professed it. So I had to think of something that would get the two of you to finally come out. Then I remembered how much you both loved dueling. So we had to create a scenario where you two would have to duel your hardest, so we made you think that if you lost a duel you would go to the Shadow Realm. And then if you two really had something for each other then when it came time for you to duel each other one of you would then gladly make the romantic sacrifice. Then the other would take the risk of dueling the Card Master and battle it out to prove how much you love the other in return by facing all hell to rescue them. But before we got to all that we had to make you think your lives were in danger even before the duels, and thus the crazy stuff."

"But how did you come up with all that stuff?"

"That's easy." said Danny "My father's a real kook."

(Kook: someone who gets his sick kicks out of scaring people half to death)

"Wait a minute! Jaden and Alexis get together and your show gets big ratings, but what about the rest of us?" said Drago "I'm the American Duel Monster's champion and yet I just lost a duel on national television! My sponsor's are going to kill me!"

"Well I will admit we did screw you a little bit." said Atticus. "So who's up for a late night beach party!"

Everyone went outside on the island's shore and started to party. Atticus and Silas both got the word from the TV critics.

"Terrific! Amazing! Marvelous! Stupendous! Phenomenal! Magnificent! Fantastic! And it's good too."

"Not only did I lose in a duel, the whole world probably saw me crying like a baby in the fetal position!" exclaimed Drago.

"Get over it!" said Chazz.

"Not exactly the way I ever pictured us professing love for one another." said Jaden.

"Me neither." replied Alexis.

"Honestly you had no idea what was going on."

"No Atti never told me anything. I just got an invitation to this "tournament" the same as you and the others."

"… So did you fall in love with me over night or was it a gradual process?"

"Probably the second one. At first I was just impressed with your dueling skills after you defeated Dr. Crowler, then after we met you know we became friends, then over time it sort of… blossomed… What about you Jaden? Did you always have the hots for me?"

"Well… sorta… especially after our first duel. I mean a beautiful girl that knows how do duel, it should be every boys dream."

For a moment they just stared romantically into each other's eyes.

"Am I talking too much?" asked Jaden.

"Yes! Why don't you kiss her already instead of talking her to death!" said Syrus.

And Jaden did.

The End

(This story is dedicated to the 50,000,000 and rising unborn babies who lost their lives because of legalized abortion in the U.S.)