Leave Out All the Rest

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Very short Chapter, it just didn't seem to fit anywhere else


If he were to begin his story somewhere, he probably wouldn't have picked a beloved memory from childhood, nor would he have elaborated on the life he led growing up. He wouldn't have picked the instance he lost his innocence or his faith in all the people around him. He didn't want to remember the moment he looked pure evil in the eye and ran, bloody, battered and ashamed, knowing he would never be the same.

No. If he were to pick somewhere to start from, he would've picked that night, and not a moment before. For it was then that his life really started, it was then that he found something bigger than himself to care about. After years of empty fulfillment he found someone to protect and love with his very being.

That was the night he found her. Held her for the first time and vowed never to let go. He decided he wanted to be something better than what he had been after that, if not for his sake, than only for hers.

His love, his heart, his soul; even if he did not realize it on that night, she was to be all of these things.

And that was the night where it all began.