Poor Matt....I just wanted to write something about him, so...here. It's Matt reflecting on his life while in jail. Spoilers, obviously.

A fallen star. He toyed with the term, digging out new meanings and taking it apart. It echoed in his mind over and over again until the words became meaningless background noise. Matt Engarde was a fallen star, they would say. Those very words were being spoken somewhere outside the walls of his cold cell. A fallen star...was that all he was now?

He led his mind away from that line of thought, finally settling on his past life. The life before that damned lawyer. The life before Shelly de Killer and his own idiotic blackmail plan. He thought about the face he had hidden behind- a mask he no longer had any use for. Still, he would occasionally slip the mask back on and pretend to be the Matt Engarde that his fans knew and adored.

He hid his past behind a dim-witted smile. He blunted his manipulative tongue with a new speech pattern. He hid his cunning mind with the decisions of others. He disguised his uncaring heart with a kitten- his only true companion. That Matt Engarde was a separate entity from him, one that simply didn't understand society's view of good and evil.

And then...the perfect disguise...stripped away. He had made a mistake. He had let that assassin retrieve his own blackmail tape. He was a fool. His entire disguise...the perfect life he had made for himself...it had fallen down around him. Celeste...dead. Juan...dead. Adrian...betrayed. That life was gone forever.

They would call him a fallen star. That wasn't true. His star had flickered out and died. His life was gone. Shattered. Forever. Matt Engarde wasn't a fallen star. He was shattered. That is all he would ever be.