A/N: This is for Enkidu07's challenge.

Challenge word: Combustible

I hate hay

Dean sniffled as Sam and him walked in silence back to the Impala. After running around in a barn for five hours they eventually stopped the poltergeist. Dean sniffled again and lifted his arm and wiped his nose.

Without warning he sneezed four times in a row.

"Well aren't you combustible, tonight." Commented Sam.

" Shut it Sammy, I'm the one who's allergic to hay." He sighed and sneezed loudly again, having to stop in his tracks and jump back.

A few strands of golden hay fell out of his jacket and fell to the dirt ground. The youngest Winchester muffled a chuckle and the older Winchester tightened his jacket around his body and walked angrily past him while sending him a hand gesture "I hate hay."