Title: Careful What You Wish For or What the Puck?

Fandom:Stargate SG1

Rating: Teen


Genre: Humor/General

Summary: Jack is hit by a hockey puck and wakes up in a world where everything is as he ever wished it. He's married to Sam, Daniel agrees with everything he says and Teal'c has a sense of humor. Is it his dream come true or a nightmare?

Disclaimer: Stargate SG1 and it characters are owned by person other than myself. This fiction is posted strictly for entertainment purposes and no profit is intended.


It was the perfect night for a game. It had snowed just enough to remind Jack that it was indeed winter, but not so much that they had any trouble navigating the roads to Denver. Of course, Daniel was griping about it, he was not a fan of ice and snow nor of hockey, but Jack was determined to get him and Teal'c to come out and have a little fun with just they guys while Carter was off-world visiting her father.

To Jack, the idea of taking them to a hockey game seemed perfect. Teal'c was interested in going, he had been to a couple of games before with Jack and had been impressed with the warrior spirit many of the hockey players displayed. Jack was certain he just liked the fights like everyone else. Daniel on the other hand, was less than enthused to go and it had taken all of Jack's powers of persuasion and the promise of a trip to the Denver museum in the morning to pry Daniel from his office.

"Jack watch out!" Daniel cried out and winced when the truck fishtailed on a patch of ice, shooting Jack a reproving look.

"Honestly, Daniel. It's not like we skidded off the road."

"I just don't feel like dying today. I think I've used up all of my 'get out of death free' cards."

"We skidded a little. I'd hardly call that a near-death experience. I know how to drive on icy roads, I grew in Minnesota for God's sake."

Daniel continued to mumble as Jack pulled into the arena parking lot and stopped his truck. He and Daniel exited the front seats while Teal'c got out from the back in full 'Murry' mode complete with fedora.

"Hey 'T, I got you something..." Jack fished into his backpack and produced a Colorado Avalanche cap, handing it to the large guy.

"I believe my headgear to be sufficient, O'Neill."

"Hey, the goal here is to 'blend in' and that hat does anything but 'blend in'." Teal'c reluctantly took the cap and replaced his fedora with it, frowning severely.

"I appreciate the effort, O'Neill. However, I believe that Detroit shall be the superior team tonight."

"Aw, C'mon Teal'c! Don't tell me you're a Red Wings fan." Jack complained as they entered the arena, making their way to their seats. "That's just traitorous!" Teal'c stopped short and eyed Jack vehemently.

"I have been called a traitor by my people many times, and it is a term that I take great offense to." Jack immediately felt guilty. Damn his mouth for speaking before his brain could catch up.

"Sorry, it was just a joke." He really wished Teal'c understood sarcasm and Earth humor a little better, he would have known that he never meant it seriously.

"Your apology is accepted." Teal'c told him as they headed for Daniel who had already taken his seat. The sight that greeted him as they sat down made the cranky Colonel nearly have a cow. Laptop open on his lap, the archaeologist was typing away on it, oblivious to the throngs of people trying to get past to their seats. The sneak must have smuggled it in with his backpack, Jack figured.

"What the hell are you doing?" He asked

"What?" He looked up innocently. "Just working on a few things before the game starts." Jack gave him a incredulous look.

"Put that thing away!"

"Why? the game hasn't started yet and I want to get some work done."

"Because, we're supposed to be having fun Daniel, not working."

"Nothing has started yet, I don't see why we need to just sit here!" Jack grabbed the laptop and snapped it closed with one hand and passed it over to Teal'c.

"Hey!" Daniel cried.

"T, buddy. Will you please sit on this and don't let him have it back until it's time to go."

"I shall endeavor to restrict DanielJackson's access to this computer."

"Thanks, Teal'c." The Jaffa bowed and placed the computer on his seat, sitting on it. Daniel balked.




"Na uh."Jack held a finger to his face, silencing him..

"I better get it back when this is over with." Daniel growled and frowned.

"Aw, for cripes sake, can't you for once, not argue with me? I mean, God Daniel, it must actually cause you physical pain to agree with me. All I want is a fun night out with you guys, is that too much to ask?"

"Let's just watch the damn game." Daniel folded his arms across his chest and Jack sighed. Fine, he thought, let him be miserable, he wasn't going to let him stop him from having a good time. "I wish Sam was here." Daniel complained. "You know, I bet you wouldn't take her laptop away."

"She wouldn't have been stupid enough to bring it in the first place." Jack snipped back. Truth was, Jack kinda wished she had been able to come too, but when the opportunity to see her father came up, he understood her desire to take it. If only she wasn't in the military, he often thought.... but he had to push those ideas away, she was Air Force through and through and married to her job, just as he was and would he would never want her to give that all up just for his benefit, even though it would allow him to make a move.

A little while later, and the game had been going quite well in Jack's opinion. The Avalanche may have been down two points by half-time, but there had already been two bench-clearing fights, so he was having fun. Daniel was still being a big stick-in-the-mud and complaining about the violence involved with hockey, comparing it to Roman gladiator games and blah, blah, blah. And Teal'c showed little emotion throughout the game, except for a raised eyebrow or two whenever Jack stood up to cheer for his team or boo when Detroit scored, knowing it would irritate him, hoping it would crack some of that Jaffa stoicism. He wished his friends could lighten up a little; they might find hockey as much fun as he did.

It was in the third quarter that the two teams had tied it up. Jack was feeling pretty good about that and decided that a beer was in order.

"I'm getting a beer, you guys want one too?"

"I'll just take a Coke, thanks." Daniel said flatly, with his elbows on his knees, holding his chin in his hands, obviously bored.

"I have no desire for alcohol, O'Neill, however I would enjoy a beef frankfurter served on a bun with ketchup and mustard." Teal'c added.

"Got it. One hot dog, one Coke and one beer, coming up." Jack stood and wedged his way past the people seated in their row, apologizing as he stepped on a few toes along the way, heading for the concessions when he was clear of the aisle. As he reached the top of the arena, he pulled out his wallet, cursing as it fumbled from his hands and fell to the floor. He stooped to reach it just as the crowd went wild. He sprung up to see what was going on only to catch sight of the star forward slap his stick wildly at the puck, launching the small disk forward, sending it flying over the goal, the retaining glass, and over the seats, directly into Jack's line of sight.

"Aw, Crap!"

Blackness followed.


"Jack!, Jack!" He could hear Daniel calling his name and wondered idly why he was slapping him on the face. "I think he's coming around."

Jack groaned, he didn't want to open his eyes, knowing that any light entering his pupils would no doubt send waves of stabbing pain through his already throbbing head, but he figured he would have to eventually, so he ventured to crack them open a slit. Yeah, he was right. His head exploded and he instinctively threw his arms over his face to shield his eyes from the offending light source. He could just make out Daniel's concerned face bobbing over him from the space between his elbows.

"Wha? What happened?" He couldn't recall how he ended up on the floor or why his head felt like it had been run over by a freight train.

"You don't remember? A hockey puck hit you in the head."

"Ah, that explains a lot." He moaned again.

"We better call Sam." Daniel suggested worriedly, pulling out his cell phone.

"Sa-Carter? Why the hell would we do that? She's not even home."

"Huh? I don't mean to contradict you, but she was home when we left." Daniel spoke genuinely. "And I think she would want to know that you were hurt."

"Even if she was home, why on Earth would we need to call her?"

"Because she's your wife, Jack." Daniel gave him a confused look, furrowing his brow, but it was nothing compared to the one Jack gave him.

"My what?!"

Sorry, at the last minute I decided to change or at least modify the name of this story, I was afraid it might offend some people. Just a short little teaser to see if anyone is interested in this story. Let me know it this is any good or not. More to come soon.... :)