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I've re-edited chapter four a bit. I took a little heat for going a little over the top with Sam's appearance, her *itchiness and Jack's insensitivity. I hope I didn't offend anyone, that certainly wasn't my intention, I just wanted to write a fun, silly, story where everyone was so totally out of character, that it would be funny, but I think I missed the mark a bit with the last chapter. Anyway, I hope I have redeemed myself a bit with this chapter and if not, oh well, I'll try better next time. :) I want to thank all who have reviewed, good or bad, I really do appreciate it.

Chapter 5

Jack tossed uncomfortably on the couch. The house was finally quiet and the kids had gone to sleep. Sam had shut herself into the bedroom and hadn't spoken to him since tossing him out. This was supposed to be his home, but instead he felt like an intruder, a stranger that didn't belong.

He tried to sleep, but his mind was working in overdrive. Jack had daydreamed many times about what being with Sam would like. Okay, mostly he had dreamed about the sexual aspects of such a relationship and not marriage, but no doubt, Sam would want that kind of commitment should they ever get together and she was young enough to still want a family. However, he wasn't sure he wanted that kind of life again. He had tried before with Sara and he had loved Charlie and cherished the time that he had with him. He felt he had moved past that heartbreak, but he didn't want to set himself up for that kind of pain ever again. Besides, he was already in his fifties and the thought of all of these kids made his knees and back ache.

The more he thought about it, the more disturbed he became. Was this a reality that could actually have occurred if he had told Carter about his feelings for her years ago? Is this why he was here, to show him a glimpse into what might have been, or to show him how much of an ass he was? Would his Carter resent and hate him as much as this one did if she had left the military for him? He didn't want that.

It was then that it hit him like an epiphany, he decided right then and there that if he ever got back to his own reality, then he could never ask her to give up so much for him. He cared about her, definitely, but did he love her enough to leave the Air Force for her? Maybe, maybe not, he really wasn't sure. He knew he wasn't ready to retire yet, there was a galaxy full of evil aliens bent on destroying their world and he wasn't content to watch from the sidelines. Not while he could still fight. He knew Carter felt the same way and as long as they were both in the military, regulations would never allow them to become a couple.

Sam was a lot like him in those respects, he realized. She was a free spirit, independent, in love with science and her work. All he really wanted, he conceded, was for her to be happy and if she left her work and the Air Force, she'd never be content while he continued to have adventures through the Stargate. It would ruin her, just like that bitter woman sleeping in the bedroom. He wouldn't let that happen, not to her. For her sake, he could live with them just being friends and the more he thought about it, he came to the conclusion that that's all he ever really wanted, for her to be happy. She'd find someone who could do that for her, even if it wasn't him.

He was surprised to find that he was okay with that, and that all he truly wished for was for things to be the way they were before. He desperately wanted to go home, his real home. The one where Daniel complained and argued with him. The one where Teal'c was quiet and reserved. The one where Sam was Major Carter, his brainiac friend and colleague. She might not ever be anything more than a friend, but he would be content with that, maybe one day there could be more, but for now, he just wanted his home, his friends, his Sam and he'd never take them for granted again.

But how was he to get back? Maybe he should call Daniel, he might have a clue. Normally, he would ask Carter and she would switch over into full geek-mode and come up with some answer that he barely understood and they'd be good to go, but there was no way he was going to ask the woman in the other room. She scared the shit out him.

Coming to the decision to call Daniel, he flung the covers off and got up. He was pretty sure that Carter kept a phone in the kitchen, so he made his way over there. It was dark and hard to see, especially with one eye swelled shut, so it was little wonder that on his journey towards the phone, he failed to notice the plastic robot on the floor. His foot made contact with it and he was unable to stop his momentum, falling forward. In slow motion, he saw the coffee table rushing towards him.

"Aw Crap!"

Blackness followed.


"Jack!, Jack!" He could hear Daniel calling his name and wondered idly why he was slapping him on the face. "I think he's coming around."

Jack groaned, he didn't want to open his eyes, knowing that any light entering his pupils would no doubt send waves of stabbing pain through his already throbbing head, but he figured he would have to eventually, so he ventured to crack them open a slit. Yeah, he was right. His head exploded and he instinctively threw his arms over his face to shield his eyes from the offending light source. He could just make out Daniel's concerned face bobbing over him from the space between his elbows.

"Ugh. What happened?" He asked

"You were hit by a hockey puck."

"Yeah, I seem to recall that." He groaned. "That explains a lot." Then memories came flooding back to him. Daniel being agreeable, Teal'c being a fool and Sam....kids...ugh.... It must have all been some sort of horrible dream, but it seemed so real.

"Daniel?" His friend was pulling out his cell phone and dialing.

"Yeah, Jack."

"Please tell me you're not calling Carter." He pleaded.

"Why would I call her? She's not even home, she left to visit her father, remember? I'm calling Dr. Fraiser."

Jack moaned again, holding his throbbing head.

"No, I'm fine. I don't need that woman shining a pen-light into my eyes to tell me that I have a concussion."

"Too bad, You're going to see her."

"No, Daniel."

"Yes, Jack." Daniel was arguing with him again. It was like music to his ears and he could have hugged him. He tried to sit up, but was pushed back down. "Just lay still will you? Teal'c should be back here in a minute with an ice pack." As if on cue, the large Jaffa appeared, thankfully without the Cat- in-the-Hat accessory, but with the Avalanche cap that he gave him before the game. He handed the pack to Jack and he gratefully accepted it, placing it over his injured face.

"I am glad to see you awake, O'Neill." Teal'c bowed.

"You know T, I kinda miss the fedora, it suits you better."

"Indeed, I believe that to be so as well."

"Tell me something, what is Carter's marital status?" He asked. Daniel gave him confused look.

"Uh, she's not. You know that, right?"

"Yeah, I just wanted to make sure."

"Oookay, " Daniel eyed him warily and dialed his phone. "Calling Frasier now."

Jack smiled and laughed a little to himself, his friends probably thought he was delusional from the head injury, but he felt pretty good. His world may not be perfect and he may not have all of his wishes fulfilled, nor the love he hoped he would have, but he liked things the way they were and he wouldn't change his friends for anything. This was the way things were supposed to be and this is were he belonged. He held his hands up for his friends and they helped him up as he addressed them.

"Let's go home, guys."

The End