Live And Let Die


"Dean!" Sam bellowed. He ran over, pushing the girls out of his way a little roughly. He fell to his knees next to his brother.

"Do not touch him!" the creature roared in anger. Sam jumped in real fear, landing on his backside with his hands on the carpet behind him, looking up at the creature. "You infantile little creatures!" the catlike being raged.

Sam stole a look behind him to find the girls had already retreated to Bobby. Sam put his hands out further back, slowly stealing backwards across the carpet. His eyes fell to his brother desperately.

The Angel of Death's chest was heaving in outrage, his paws clenching and unclenching.

"I wasn't here for him! See what you've done!" he shouted, then looked down at Dean. He had simply collapsed and landed on his back on the rug, his arms out wide. "This is - this is - this is not right!" the angel cried.

Sam made it to the wall and got to his feet slowly, his eyes glued to his brother, unable to look away. "You're damn right it isn't!" he shouted angrily.

"He wasn't who I came for! He is nothing to do with me!" the deity shot back. "You stupid, narrow-minded, selfish humans!"

"You mean you weren't supposed to kill him?" Sam demanded, his face wet. He dashed at an eye quickly to dry it.

"I don't kill anyone!" the creature fumed. "I collect! He is not on my collection list! He never will be! He's not our kind - he has interfered and now there will be dire consequences!"

"For who?" Bobby managed, squeezing at Sam's arm.

"Everyone!" He whirled away from them, marching to the desk and around slowly. He blew out a tremendous huff, turning and looking back at Dean.

Sam simply stared at his dead brother, stalling a teary intake of breath. He took a step toward him.

"Don't! Once you touch him, he's lost forever," Moon cried fearfully.

"What?" Sam dared, unable to tear his eyes from Dean's lifeless face. He looks so peaceful.

"Because… because he's…" Moon began edgily.

"Gaaah!" came an enraged shout of frustration, making everyone jump. "You know what?" Sunny added, her annoyance palpable, "I've had enough of this!" She walked free of them all and stood over Dean, her hands on her hips. "It's been 'Sunny, do this', 'Sunny, don't do that' all friggin' week and I'm sorry, but I'm not standing for this shit any more!"

The room simply blinked at her. Including the Angel of Death.

She didn't even notice. She looked down at Dean, then up at the cat creature. "You know he's never going on our list," she said bravely to the deity.

"Of course I do!" he said wretchedly, and the humans blinked in surprise. "Now it's all turned around. There are going to be big problems when I get back."

"Then… undo it," she said, lifting her chin.

"I can't," the angel snapped.

"Oh yes you can!" Sunny shouted.

The room stopped. Sam and Bobby held their breath, but Moon simply didn't have any left to grab a hold of. Four pairs of eyes centred on Sunny as she tossed her long hair over her shoulder and met the creature's gaze fearlessly.

"And you'd better, too!" she said forcefully. The creature blinked long, feline eyelashes at her.

"Why?" he asked cautiously.

"Look at him again," she said, pointing at Dean. "You say he's not our kind, that he could never be on our list. That's probably true," she added. "But look at him! Look what you've done! He wasn't going to stand for this ending, and neither am I!"

The creature studied her face for a long moment. Then he let his eyes drop to the rapidly cooling human on the carpet. He wandered over slowly, looking down at him.

"Just another male human," he observed. He put his paw out to Dean's chest, pushing slightly as if to make sure he were really dead. "But…" He tilted his head, then moved round slowly, taking in his face from different angles. He made a deep growling noise in the back of his throat, placing a large paw on Dean's t-shirt and pressing slightly, as if testing and listening. His growling got louder as he apparently found something he didn't like.

"Shupshe," Moon whispered, closing her eyes in anguish.

The angel snapped his head up to look at Moon, dismayed. Then he looked back down at Dean, yanking his paw away again in anger. He sprang to his feet, snarling and turning quickly to look at Moon.

"This is a Shupshe?" he demanded.

"I - er - he's just--"

"Answer me!" he raged. Everyone jumped. Sunny, her new-found courage born of frustration and despair nearly at its end, took a grateful step back.

"Uhm… well, yeah," Moon managed. "It's just a silly name, we just called him that cos--"

"And he brought you back to life!" the creature interrupted. "He brought you back to life!"

He threw his head back and a deafening roar thundered around the room. Everyone clamped hands over their ears in pain, watching the creature pour out his blatant outrage. He ran out of breath and let his head drop, turning on Moon with a snarl so quickly that she jerked backwards. She felt Bobby's hands round her upper arms and was instantly grateful. The angel pointed at her.

"You're making me do something I really don't want to do," he growled, his words accompanied by a constant threatening snarling noise.

She swallowed. Bobby's hands pressed into her arms and she took courage in the warmth.

"Wh - what?" she trembled.

The Angel of Death drew himself up, taking a deep breath and letting it out to calm his raging protestations. He pointed a paw at the dead Winchester slowly.

"What do you want for him?" he seethed.

There was a long silence.

"I'm sorry, what?" Sam piped up.

"What do you want for my transgression?" he repeated.

Moon blinked, then looked at Sam. He just let his mouth hang open, completely lost. There was the very small sound of someone clearing their throat and everyone turned and looked at Sunny.

"First, you have to bring him back to life - just like he was, Shupshe-spirit and all," she said bravely. "Then you have to leave Moon here. Cos I think I'm guessing she no longer belongs to you, right?"

The creature's bright blue eyes narrowed and he appraised Sunny slowly.

"Says who?" he asked curiously.

"Says us," Moon put in quickly. "You're not allowed to kill someone who's not on your list, right?"

"I don't kill anyone!" he roared angrily. Everyone jumped.

"And - and you really aren't allowed to kill someone who's brought Moon back to life cos if he did that he'd be her new owner," Sunny gabbled, frightened. There was silence. "And - and - and then he'd be your peer in this deal."

"Peer?" he demanded, his nose wrinkling. He looked back down at Dean. "Peer?"

"As far as ownership goes, yes," Sunny said, recovering her bravado and folding her arms. "You want me to find the passage that proves it? Pukkeesis can read every one to you with very good pronunciation."

"Do not presume to dictate terms to me, child," he said coldly, and they all swallowed. He looked at Moon, then back down at Dean. "Was he aware of what he did, when he brought you back to life?"

"No," she admitted.

"And when he knew? What then?"

"He said it wouldn't matter anyway," Moon said quietly.

"And why is that? Does he not know the penalty for bringing you back?"

"I… tried to explain, but… He… He said it didn't matter. He didn't care," she managed, realising the entire room was bending closer to hear her.

"Why would it not matter?" the creature scoffed. "You're lying."

"No I am not!" she snapped indignantly. "He said it wouldn't matter, and now I know it's cos he's only got a month to live anyway!"

There was a stiff silence. The creature looked down at Dean thoughtfully.

"One month?" he asked, walking back to the dead hunter and crouching down to look at him. "Then what?"

Moon turned and looked at Sam. He cleared his throat. "He goes to Hell," he said quietly.

Sunny gasped and opened her mouth, but Moon grabbed her arm and shook her head at her. She clamped her mouth shut.

"You - the Wakshi boy creature," he demanded, pointing at Sam. "What is this 'Hell'? Explain."

"Hell," Sam said clearly. "Like… Hades, Purgatory, eternal punishment, the Bad Fire… Hell."

The creature looked back down at him. "But… He has done many great deeds, righted many wrongs. Does he not go to the Garden when he dies?"

"Garden?" Sam prompted.

"Garden of Peace," Moon hissed at him.

"Oh! Er - no. No, he doesn't."

"That is wrong," the creature declared, getting to his feet with determination. "That is wrong."

"You're preaching to the choir," Bobby grumped.

The Angel of Death backed away from them all, surveying the room. "It started out such a good day," he mused, as if to himself. "I killed one of those evil shades. I found Pukkeesis." He sighed forlornly. "And then it all went horribly wrong."

Sam shifted his gaze to Dean hopefully, then back at the angel.

"You could make it all go away," he ventured. "You could do what you know you have to."

"I don't need you tell me that, soulless human," he snapped.

"So bring him back. And leave Moon to her new owner," Sunny said. "Or else."

"Or else what?" the angel scoffed, looking at her.

Sunny searched for something clever to say.

One more good line, she thought desperately. All I need is one more good line to convince him we've got this all figured out, and we've won. "We'll tell," she managed. Oh. That wasn't it, she realised. But she put her hands on her hips and lifted her chin. "Don't think we wouldn't. We know just the deity to talk to."

"Devious females," he cursed.

"And I know how to make the most of it, too," Sunny declared maliciously. "Well?"

The creature turned round in a circle.

"None of this should have happened today," he admitted. He huffed and then looked over at Dean. "Oh alright. Have your precious Shupshe back. He's dead in a short time anyway."

Sam let out a long breath and bent over, his hands on his knees. Sunny reached out and grabbed Moon's hand quickly.

"And Pukkeesis?"

The creature looked at her. "She stays," he managed. "She's not mine any more."

Moon felt her knees buckle in relief. But something held her up and she managed to stop herself from simply passing out, hearing Bobby mutter something to her. Sunny let go of her hand, then took a step forward.

"Thank you," she said timidly. The creature studied her for a long moment, then shook his head head slightly.

"Don't thank me. Be thankful there are rules," he said wisely.

Sunny turned to a very weak Moon. She grinned in triumph, grabbing her younger sister from Bobby's supporting grip and crushing her in a hug.

"We did it!" Sunny gushed in her ear. Moon smiled weakly.

"You were… really cool," she chuckled. She heard a ragged breath but before she could check if it were Dean, Sam was barrelling past them all.

He crouched down next to his older brother, watching him suck in breath like he'd have to pay for it if not used. He waited till he was rolling eyes in confusion and put his hands out, grabbing his shirt. He helped him to stumble to his feet and let him look around in a rather dazed fashion.

Dean ran a dry tongue over a dry lip and squinted at the room, baffled. He realised something was holding him up and looked down to find Sam's hands on his arms.

"Whut's with--"

Sam cut him off with a hug of major squeezing proportions. Dean was nearly knocked off his feet, such was the ferocity of Sam's manoeuvre. He simply stood, dangling weakly in Sam's grip, trying to make his legs feel anything like the jelly they were.

"Don't you ever do such a stupid thing again," Sam breathed past his head.

"Ok," Dean agreed cheerfully, completely oblivious. "Whut'd I do?"

Sam pulled him back and grinned at him, holding onto him firmly. Dean grabbed hold of his brother's arm, as he had a sneaking suspicion that if he didn't, he would fall straight back to the carpet.

There was a stinging pain in the back of his head and Dean hissed, realising he'd been slapped.

"You stubborn eejit!" Bobby cursed at him. "You always gotta bring your own twisted idea of fairness into it, don't you!"

"Ok," Dean shrugged brightly, still lost. He let his hand fall from Sam's arm and looked around the room. "Woah," he observed. "Carnage Central. Why does Bobby's place always get trashed?"

"Cos I'm always stupid enough to let you two in," Bobby sighed.

Sam let go of Dean and looked at the two sisters with a very, very wide smile. Relief and more than a little happiness at the fact that everyone was present and correct made him straighten up properly and take a deep, relaxing breath.

"Someone want to tell me what happened after I grabbed the huge naked cat dude? Oh. Don't you ever tell anyone I just said that," Dean added quickly. But his voice was a little too thin, a little too cheerful. Sam recognised the sound of a very over-exhausted, oblivious brother and looked back at him. "Whut?" Dean asked. His left leg gave and Sam grabbed at his arm to stop him from falling. "Whut happened to ma legs?"

"I think you need a bed," Sam said wisely.

"Ok," Dean chirped happily. But he needed Sam's help to walk anywhere.



Sam and Bobby sat on the porch, watching the world go by. The bright sunshine beat down on them, bringing warmth and relaxation to a crazy afternoon. The cool breeze waved the tall grasses and slid over the beers in their hands, and small birds chased each other round the bottom of the wooden steps.

"So… Not such a bad day's work," Bobby observed.

"I think my heart nearly stopped about three times," Sam admitted ruefully, and Bobby smiled to himself.

"Worked out well in the end, though."

"Yeah," Sam managed uneasily. He watched the wind in the grass, listened to the birds in the air.

"If you're thinking about Dean's deal, think fast. There's one month left on it," Bobby said suddenly. Sam bit his lip, fighting with himself.

"I know," he allowed. "Believe me, I know. I just… I just don't know what to do."

"We'll find something," Bobby reassured him. Sam turned his head and looked at him, and Bobby was struck by the helplessness in the younger man's eyes.

"Really? Cos… we've been looking everywhere, Bobby. I don't know if there is something we can do."

"Other people pull tricks out of the bag at the last minute, why can't we?" he grumped. "Shut up and drink your beer, Sam."

Sam swallowed and leaned forward, putting his elbows on his knees. He sighed edgily, squinting out at the sun.

"Here we go," Sunny called suddenly, opening the screen door behind them, carrying a book. She walked around Bobby and sat on the swing chair next to Sam comfortably, placing the tome on her knees. Sam looked the page over, but it appeared to be written in Potawatomi text and he gave up. She pointed to a picture of a representation of some cat, tapping it.

"And?" Sam shrugged.

"It's a cougar - a Shupshe. They're sacred animals to the higher deities. Like… er…"

"Like cows in India?" Bobby put in sweetly.

"Yes, like cows in--. I won't tell him you said that," she smiled.

"I will," Sam grinned. "So… he's not allowed to kill one?"

"No. Angels of Death are not allowed to kill anyone," she replied. "All they can do is collect. By summoning him, we basically reminded him that Moon belonged to him, and that she wanted to leave. He came for her," she added more quietly.

"And anyone who touches an Angel of Death dies."

"Well he is kinda the Grim Reaper," Sunny nodded. "I thought Dean would have known that."

"I thought he would have known not to mix Jägermeister and tequila, but there you go," Sam breathed sadly, taking a swig of his beer. Sunny giggled and Bobby sat forwards.

"So is Moon free now?"

"She's been released from the angel's purview, yes," she allowed uneasily. She raised her eyes, looking at Sam and then Bobby before she cleared her throat. "But… she's now in Dean's. Cos he… well, cos he brought her back to life. Before."

"So he owns her?" Sam gasped. "How does that work?"

"It means… well, she can't die while he's alive. If he does… she's on her own. Normal."

There was a silence, and Sam deliberately did not look at Bobby.

"And… and I want to say thank you," Sunny added quietly. "Without you two and your weirdo little demon war, this never would have been found out and fixed."

"Strange way to uncover a family secret," Bobby grumped.

"Yes. Isn't it," Sam said stiffly. He sipped his beer slowly.

"So what happens now?" Bobby asked. "Is everyone free to go?"

"Yup, pretty much," Sunny nodded.

"How's Moon doing?" Sam asked. Sunny smiled.

"She's great. She's really tired but… She's fine," she allowed. "We should get back home, I think."

"Well before you do, there's a library needs cleaning up," he said firmly, and the other two grinned. "And you two still owe me one bag of bark dust and one dream catcher stand, boy."



Moon opened the door slowly and looked in. She smiled cheekily to herself and crept into the room, over to the bed.

Dean was asleep face down, one arm dangling over the edge of the bed. He'd at least managed to get his boots and t-shirt off, but had seemed content to simply land on the bed in his jeans and pass out through exhaustion.

She tiptoed to the side of the bed, crouching down to see his face. Her smile faltered slightly at the weariness written round his eyes, and she swallowed to repair her good mood. She put her hand out slowly, sliding it through the hair above his ear, watching her fingers tease through the light, almost fluffy strands. Dean didn't move, didn't react, and she shook her head in wonder at his ability to sleep anywhere. Her hand stopped against his head and she closed her eyes.

"I know you can hear me," she whispered. "I'm just trying to thank you. You don't like it when people do that, but I have to. You know what you've done, and you know what it means to me. So be happy, just for one day, Shupshe. You've changed the world. At least, for my sister and me."

She opened her eyes, sliding her hand back against his head and sighing happily. She let her hand drop and got to her feet. She looked over at the door, then thought for a moment. She pulled off her boots, dropping them quietly to the floor and wrapping her cardigan round her more securely. She crept round the bed and pushed herself on, leaning her back against the heavy side of him. She let herself yawn and stretched before she sat up and looked around.

She turned and leaned over him, trying to reach his arm dangling over the edge of the bed. It was too far away and she tutted, getting up and walking round the bed. She put her hand to his fallen wrist and pulled it up, sliding it under the pillow slightly to trap it there. She walked back round and climbed back on the bed. She leaned over him again to grasp the edge of the blankets before pulling them toward her to cover him. They just about met his shoulder nearest her, and she smiled to herself. She turned around again, shifting down and curling back up comfortably. She felt a nasty weight fall from the back of her mind.

"You know, my grandma would be laughing if she could see this," she said to herself. "She always said I preferred her cat's company to everyone else's."

She squirmed, pushing her back against his side warmly and letting his quiet snore relax her. She closed her eyes for just a second. But then she was fast asleep.



The Impala rumbled down the evening road, the light starting to fade around her. She kept a steady speed and a sharp eye out for imperfections in the surface as her driver gripped the steering wheel, his concerned frown watching the miles whizz by.

He lifted his eyes to check the rear view mirror. Moon and Sunny were slumped in one end of the back seat, piled against each other as they slept soundly.

He looked back out of the windscreen briefly before sliding his eyes over to Sam. He was playing with his phone in the passenger seat, intent on something Dean presumed to be e-mail, judging by the way his eyes were skipping from side to side.

He cleared his throat and squirmed slightly in his seat, sighing uncomfortably. It made Sam look over at him surreptitiously.

"What?" he muttered, his eyes still reading avidly.

"Nothing," Dean grumped.

Sam huffed and let his hand and phone drop to his lap. "Seriously, what?"

"Just… Nothing," his elder brother said defensively.

"Right," Sam tutted.

It was silent for another few miles.

"See, what I don't get is why the jungle cat dude agreed to bring me back," Dean huffed.

"Moon didn't explain?" Sam asked. "I thought that's what she was doing in your room for an hour."

"Naw, man, didn't have time," Dean protested.

Sam's mouth fell open. "Dean. Don't tell me you--"

"I wus sleepin'," he interrupted archly.

"Oh. Right. Yeah. Of course," Sam said, a touch too quickly. "Then… once we've sent these two home, I'll explain."

Dean spared him a glance, then checked the girls were still asleep. "We don't have to leave straight away after dropping them back, you know," he offered gruffly. "We could hang around for a few days, I could--"

"No, Dean. It's better we just go," he replied sadly.

"If you think so," Dean said, lifting a hand from the wheel to hold it palm up. "I just think we could spend a few days--"

"No. I said no," Sam said quietly.

"Right you are, little brother," Dean breathed, "right you are."



He pulled the car up outside the house, killing the engine and sitting back. He put his right arm out over the seat, turning to smile at the car interior.

Sam was asleep, slumped sideways over in the passenger side, mouth hanging open. The girls were likewise out for the count, leaning on each other in the corner of the back seat.

Dean shook his head, leaning over and pushing at Sam's shoulder. "C'mon, rise and shine," he called.

Sam jumped and his mouth snapped shut quickly. He righted himself and pushed his hands into his eyes, rubbing briskly. Dean opened his door and got out, stretching in the night air and squeaking the door closed.

He heard Sam waking the girls and tapped the top of the car, walking back and opening the rear door.

"Here we are, ladies," he said cheerfully. Sunny climbed out first, looking a little bleary eyed. She cleared her throat and smiled at him though, stretching against the side of the car. Moon slid out and sprang to her feet, alert and curious.

"Home," she said gratefully, as Dean shut the door behind her. She just looked at the house, letting her shoulders sag. "At last."

"So… ah, are you… Are you two off now?" Sunny asked lightly, looking at Sam as he walked around the car to the pavement too.

"Yeah," he allowed. "We… We have things to do."

"Yeah," Sunny said uneasily. "Yeah." She walked over and stopped in front of him. "I will miss you," she admitted.

"Yeah," Sam managed, conscious of his brother's gaze. Dean turned round to look at Moon deliberately. He scratched his head in a way that conveyed there was absolutely no need.

"You gonna survive without me, then?" he asked cheekily.

"I was just going to ask you the same question," she grinned. "Thanks."

"You said that already."

"Well I'm saying it again." She stood up on tiptoes, pulling at his jacket lapels. She tipped him down to her and kissed him firmly, a safe distance from the side of his mouth. "That was for the Bruce Campbell and Jeffrey Combs movies." She kissed the other side. "That was for the pie." He smiled at her, and she tilted her head. "And this for not being an asshole after all." She pulled him down more and this time aimed straight for his lips.

He stiffened in shock on contact but she was already pulling him back again, giggling at his discomfort. She patted at his jacket gently, chuckling. He sniffed and put a hand up to the back of his neck, trying to smile politely. It came out a little worried and she laughed out loud, stepping back one.

There was an echoing laugh and Dean cleared his throat, looking over to see Sam chuckling quite hard at his brother's momentary distress.

"Well, ah, ok," Dean managed, looking back at Moon. He straightened and cleared his throat again professionally. "So let me know when 'My Name Is Bruce' is showing round here. I'll come back."

"You'd better. Stop this Deal thing and come back," she winked. "Kshe'mnito kapma yawok pama mine' waje'wapte'kon," she added, pushing at his front.

"Great," he nodded, oblivious.

"Gods be with you till me meet again," she said.

"Aw no - if I see another god ever, it'll be too soon," he groaned, and she chuckled. She put her arms round him and hugged.

"Take care."

"And you."

She closed her eyes, leaning her temple against his neck and concentrating for a long moment.

Something warm pressed on the inside of his head, something gentle but incredibly strong. Just for a moment, everything was ok. Just for a moment, everything was understood and forgiven. It was gone just as suddenly as it had appeared, and it made him shiver slightly. He opened his eyes and let her go, looking down at her with his eyebrows raised.

She just winked and pulled herself free, nodding once. She turned and walked away to the house, finding her keys to the door. His eyes followed her as she made the door, the security light blinking on hazily as she unlocked the front door. He watched her open, mulling things over in his head.

"Think I just got a brain-hug," he smiled to himself, and she turned, looking back. She was smiling, and he grinned self-consciously. "Yeah, alright, it was kinda cool."

She nodded and waved a hand quickly. Then she was gone, inside the house. Dean chuckled ruefully, shaking his head.

"You know what? I think I'm going to miss that kid. Hey Sammy, let's--." He stopped short, finding Sam very much occupied kissing Sunny a goodbye. "Oh." He looked at his feet, sniffed, and then turned around, looking at the street in the darkness. He gave it a long minute, then turned back to him. "Oh." He flicked his gaze down to his watch, scratched at his head, and whistled innocently to himself. Then he cleared his throat and gave up. "Hey, leave the pattern, huh?" he called across the pavement.

Sam pulled his head from Sunny's, smiling apologetically.

"Bye," she said quietly.


He nodded to her and she pulled her bag over her shoulder more comfortably. She looked at her feet and walked off quickly, toward the house. She ran up the few steps and through the open door, closing it quickly.

Sam just looked at the house for a long moment, then let out a long sigh. He could sense his brother's attention on him and turned slowly. He put his hands out in query as he walked back round into the road, and the passenger door.

"What?" he demanded boldly.

Dean blinked at him in complete innocence. "Nuthin', man. Nuthin'," he said lightly, walking back to the driver's door and squeaking it open.

"Don't look at me like that," Sam protested, his hand on the door handle. "I see Little Xena was sweet on you after all," he added maliciously. "Having second thoughts about the younger woman?"

You have no idea, Sammy Boy, no idea at all what she knows about me and what all that just meant. "Sam, that's all kindsa nasty," he said out loud, disgusted. "Go get some bleach for that one-track mind you got."

"Me?" Sam gasped. "It's your fault we even got into this mess - if you hadn't been so goddamned desperate to hook me up with Sunny in the first place, none of this would have happened!"

"Hey, don't start on me. I wasn't the one who shot demons in the basement, making her brother come and try and get revenge, remember, Wakshi?" he shot back, smiling sweetly. "By the way, you know that's a fox, right?"

"Yeah? So?"

"So you get to be the vermin that gets shot at by farmers," he grinned.

"Or the clever one that gets the cheese in Aesop's Fables," he pointed out.

"Or the villain in all the kids' tales." He gasped suddenly. "Dude, you ate the Gingerbread Man!" He chuckled and Sam just shook his head, smiling. "Least I got the cool one - I'm a cougar, man."

"You know what that means," he grinned.

Dean stopped short, thinking. "Whut?"

"You're a pussy!"

Dean's face dropped into an angry scowl. "Get in the car, Sam."

"Ok, pussy."


"Awww, is big bwave puddy tat gonna try and be tough?" Sam cooed.

Dean slammed his door shut. He put his hand on the wing of the Impala to aid his flight around it. Sam jumped in fright. Then he turned and ran, hearing Dean's heavy boots gaining on him as they both pounded down the street.




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