Full Summary: Throughout Bella's whole life, she has been different from all the other women just because she was always a bit witty and tomboyish. During a shopping trip with her friend Angela, they stumble across a stall owned by a man named Raleigh. When Bella hears the story about the Eternal Bracelet, she learns about the rumors stating that whoever wears the bracelet will find their one true love. What will she do once her life is intertwined with the bracelet especially with a life threatening person after her? Will Bella ever get the happily ever after she deserves?

Sometimes… sometimes you have to give up everything in order to be with the one you truly love; you shouldn't love someone because of lust or because that person has a higher status than yourself. Everyone should be able to feel wanted and protected. You will know when you fall in love when your heart tugs and it feels like you can't live without that person. Not only that but you feel so… right you know… just being held by someone special.

On the other hand though… just as true love is real so is the world you live in. You might have found someone that means everything to you but instead of a happily ever after, fate just happens to break your heart. In the end a question is all that remains floating inside of your head:

What if you were not meant to be with someone who made you feel complete? What if… you were not meant to be loved and love in return?

A single tear ran down my cheek and I wiped it away but soon after it was replaced by more… Who knew that fate could come in so many forms… including the bracelet that was wrapped around my wrist right now preventing me from ever seeing the man I know that I will ever love.

This is my first fanfic so please tell me if there is anything I can work on or if you just enjoy the story SO FAR that is ^^ I am adding the first chapter later today by the way.