I finally am not in writer's block anymore ^^ I guess all it took was to see the Twilight movie which was AWESOME! Although the movie didn't really follow the book, it was really really good. I hope they make the sequal movie to it though... It should since

(WARNING: SPOILER) After Edward and Bella danced together at the end of the movie, it shows a picture of Victoria staring at them in complete anger... If they do decide to make New Moon into a movie, I can't wait to see it :) but that's just me



I dipped the wooden bucket into the barrel full of water. As soon as it was full, I took it out and placed it on the ground. Immediately, I dipped my cupped hands in it and threw the water onto my face scrubbing the makeup off. I repeated the process a few times and when I was sure that most of it had been washed away, I wiped my face dry with the sleeve of my shirt.

Although cool, cold water had been tossed onto my face, I could still feel the bright familiar red blush on my cheeks. I sighed and sat down with my legs crossed. How could something be so humliating especially since it was in front of people I barely knew? I shuddered at the flashback.

I had landed on the floor and began laughing with Emmett and Rosalie. As soon as the laughing had suddenly stopped though, I quieted down myself and looked at the direction they were staring at. I felt my cheeks heat up when I saw Edward staring at me with his mouth hanging open.

That is soo charming, Captain Cullen... I thought.

"Hey, Eddie! I see that you are stunned by Bella's amazing transformation! Compliments by Alice Whitlock of course."

Normally, I would've grabbed a pillow and throw it at Emmett but this time I was too preoccupied by the emerald eyes that had captured mine. Edward was looking at me with an emotion I had never seen before. It was as if he could see through me and in to my very soul.

"Hey, you two! You guys can stop goggling at one another now. I speak for everyone when I say that we all know that you like each other!" yelled Rosalie interrupting the connection between me and Edward.

I shook my head but I still couldn't make my blush fade away. I hoped that it wasn't permanently stained there.

"D-don't assume things, Rosalie..." I heard Edward say in his defense. I nodded agreeing with him although the blush didn't really convince Rose and Emmett.

"Oh, really?" Emmett said in disbelief.

"Emmett..." Edward warned. Without thinking about it, I ran out the room in search of a way to get rid of the makeup.

After waiting for another few minutes, I placed my hand on my cheek but it still felt pretty warm. I guess I'll have to wait a while longer until the blush is gone...

I leaned back on my arms and stared up at the sky watching the clouds pass by. The sky was a bright orange with streaks of red and yellow. I knew that the sun was setting soon and I better prepare to go to sleep.

I stood up and stretched my arms. Taking my time, I walked to the other side of the ship until I saw the hammock that was tied up between two of the posts. The only thing there was a medium sized soft blue blanket draped on top. I had been sleeping there ever since I had been caught. Rosalie had set it up for me when I declined Alicee's offer to bunnk with her. I would have accepted the offer but didn't because I was the one being punished so I didn't want to trouble her.

Besides, after going through one of Alice's make-overs, I was confident that she would try to give me another one in my sleep. And that was the last thing that I needed.

Emptying my mind of what had happened today (along with that little tiny experience moments ago), I laid down on the swinging hammock and covered myself with the blanket welcoming the darkness that was about to engulf me.

I had no idea where I was but all I knew was that I was leaning on someone's shoulder in a peaceful silence. We were sitting together on the side of a ship that was very similar to the one I was currently on, the Rising Sun. Seagulls were flying over our heads screeching every once in a while. They seemed to glide towards the setting sun which was surrounded by clouds.

I couldn't discern who I was leaning on. I swore that I had seen that person somewhere before and the name was just at the tip of my tongue.

"Bella..." he whispered. I could feel myself shivering at the sound of his voice. In response, he put an arm around my shoulder and pulled me even closer to him. I breathed in his scent and I could tell that he was doing the same exact thing. His nose was pressed up into my hair and then he lightly kissed my forehead.

We released each other from our embrace and looked at each other deeply. Even though I was looking at him directly, a dark shadow seemed to have covered his face. I became slightly frustrated at the fact that I could not tell who it was.

It looked like he could sense my frustration. He grabbed my right hand with both of his and brought it up to his lips. He kissed the bracelet and without warning, it broke apart and fell onto my lap. I felt my eyes widen. That was the Eternal Bracelet... If it had fallen off...

I felt myself blush... This couldn't be true! This couldn't be true! This couldn't be true!

I shook my head but was stopped when two hands were placed on both sides of my face. My blush turned even redder when he started leaning closer and closer to me. As soon as our lips were about to meet, a demonic laughter sounded from behind us.

We turned around automatically and we were met by the sound of a gun shot.

I awoke gasping for air with adrenaline being pumped through my veins. I looked up at the sky and saw that the sun had set with the moon and the stars replacing it. I laughed bitterly. That could never happen with me. I have lived long enough to figure out that no one would care that much about me. I was too different and me wearing the Eternal Bracelet and waiting for it to snap off was like placing a fish on land in hopes it would walk.

I held up my hand once again and just gazed at the bracelet. The light from the moon seemed to give the jewels a mystical quality and illuminated them in a gentle manner.

Looks like we are stuck for life, my little bracelet...

Decicing that I couldn't sleep anymore even if I wanted to, I jumped off the hammock. I grabbed the blanket and wrapped myself in it when a cold wind blew.

I wandered around the empty deck not really expecting to find anyone still awake. I was a bit startled when I saw someone leaning against a stack of crates. I think he noticed me from the corner of his eyes. He looked at me and I instantly recognized who it was.

Captain Edward Cullen.

"S-sorry," I mumbled before starting to walk away.


I stopped in my tracks and turned around to face him. I took a deep breath just in case he wanted to order me to do some ridiculous task again.


"Stop!" I interrupted before he could continue, "If you just want me to do some kind of thing for you, then do it yourself. You have hands and feet after all. Plus, I hate the fact th-"

"I just wanted to say that I'm sorry..."

"Wait until I'm d- wait.. what? Did Edward Cullen just apologize?"

"Yeah, yeah, yeah," Edward answered rolling his eyes at me, "I know what you are thinking. Did a conceited jerk just admit what he did was wrong? The answer is yes by the way."

I looked at Edward to see if he really did mean his apology. His face showed only signs of seriousness on it. I was silent for a moment thinking about everything that had happened ever since I set foot on this ship.

Edward had been nothing but a complete jerk that was bossy and unreasonable. I do not know if that was how he acted with everyone but... I have to admit that I was at fault too. It was my punishment in the first place... I deserved everything that was thrown at me. I felt a little guilty. Edward shouldn't be the only one saying sorry, and I shouldn't be the only one accepting it.

I smiled a little shyly and lowered my gaze onto the floor. "I forgive you... I guess."

"Thanks...?" Edward said which sounded like a question.

"Let me finish, Captain Cullen. I just wanted to... well say that I'm sorry. You had every right to boss me around, no matter how much I despised it."

I mumbled the last part. I looked back up and noticed that Edward seemed to be in shock. I guess he wasn't suspecting an apology from me. That makes two of us...

I continued. "It was after all: my punishment for stowing away. But... if you are willing to put everything behind us, then maybe we can become better friends..?"

"Friends?" he asked increduously, "This coming from Bella the one who wanted to dump a bowl of soup on me?"

I blushed. "I guess you noticed that..."

"Well it is easy to tell if there is anger burning in your eyes."


Edward shook his head. "Nah, I'm at fault more."

I disagreed. "I am."

"You sure are stubborn aren't you."

I rolled my eyes. "That's what everyone says."

I heard the captain sigh. "What about we share the blame?"

"Deal!" I happily agreed.

He laughed at the sudden change in attitude and I joined in. I hoped that Edward would finally act like himself around me for once.

An awkward silence grew between us once we stopped. I began fidgeting with my hands and every once in a while I caught Edward staring at me. He finally broke the silence though.

"Can you answer one question for me?"

I nodded my head. "Ask away."

"Why couldn't you have sold that bracelet in exchange for a trip to wherever you were heading to? The bracelet looks like it is worth quite a lot."

I really didn't expect him to ask that.

"It's... complicated so it'll take a long time to explain really..."

"Well I have a bunch of free time right now."

He sat down right where he was and looked up at me. I sighed giving in and joined him on the deck.

I began explaining the story behind the bracelet. I tried remembering as much detail as I could to make it more interesting. I was no story teller that's for sure but Edward listened patiently and nodded every now and then.

"Then.. well I guess that's it..."

I gazed at him waiting for some kind of response. When he seemed to have spaced out, I began wondering whether my story was that boring...

"That was fascinating... I think, but where are you heading to anyway?"

I laughed nervously. "Back home." I pointed towards the exact opposite direction we were heading to."

"Then why are you here?"

I wagged my finger in front of him. "That's a secret."

Edward raised an eyebrow at me. Dang! It looks like my skills in lying haven't improved one bit.

"You caught me. It's not a secret at all, but that doesn't mean I will tell you."

I was going to add something else but a yawn escaped from my mouth. The captain laughed quietly. Keeping his mouth shut, he stood up, took my hand, and guided me back towards the hammock. I felt myself smiling involuntarily when my dream began starring Edward in it.

Well I guess I'm not stuck in writer's block anymore. XD Next chapter I think I'll include the guy James had ordered to find and kidnap Bella. But I'm still indecisive about it. Any ideas?