A/N: A series of one-shots with Bleach pairs I like, it may not have the pair you like, but it may have a few! The first one is HitsuMatsu, here's the Summary and name:

I don't feel so hot…

Toshiro is sick, so Matsumoto takes it upon herself to take care of him! Then she learns something new, Toshiro likes having his back and belly rubbed, her thoughts on this 'SO KAWAII!'. She learns about one more thing he likes…


Rangiku was walking back to office after surprisingly having two glasses of sake. Reason why is she had sensed something was wrong in her office and her female intuition is never wrong! She strolled into her office and of course called out to her captain in her sing-song voice.



"Eh, captain?"


"Oh my gosh! Captain!?"

She looked over and saw her captain passed out, his face bright red and she felt his forehead, he was burning up! Oh dear, oh dear, her captain was running a fever! So first off she had to cool him down, she picked him up and placed him on the couch.


"Shh, your sick and you need to rest."

"But my paperwork."

"No, you aren't doing your paperwork, you are going to rest. Now look at you, your nose looks like a waterfall!"

Rangiku scrunched her nose up and went off to the restroom to get some cold water. She returned with two buckets full of water and several washrags. The first bucket contained cold water while the other had warm water. She began wiping his face, earning a sickly looking scowl.

"You are going to need a bath! Why didn't you tell me you were getting sick? You are so careless!"

She picked him up once again and headed towards the bathroom.

"What…ar-are you…doing?"

"Washing away the germies of course!"

"What!? Ow…my throat…"

"Oh zip it, don't scream or it'll make it worse! Now, I'm going to give you bath, don't fuss or fight it'll only take longer. Now be right back, I'm going to get you some pajamas!"

He groaned while she left the, he was slipping in and out of conscious. She returned and placed his pajamas on the stool, then she grabbed the other stool and set it by the tub. She the stripped her now embarrassed captain and placed him into the bath tube and she added bubbles to the water. She sat upon the stool and covered a washrag in soap.

"There, now doesn't that feel better no more nasty snot on your face. Now time for arms, back and belly, yeah?"

He simple groaned from embarrassment and closed his eyes. Rangiku sat scrubbing her captain and then whipped out the shampoo.

"Here we go it's the tear-free kind! So it won't hurt your eyes."

She took the cup sitting on the edge of the tub and filled it with water and then slowly poured it on his head careful not to get it in his eyes. She added the soap into his hair and started massaging his scalp.

"Wow, your hair feels like silk! I wish my hair was this soft. Now lean your head back, I need to rinse your hair out."

He didn't say anything just did as he was told, it felt good to get clean, he felt terrible, at least now he would be clean.

"Time to get out captain, now let me get a towel from the closet, be right back."

She walked out the bathroom to the linen closet and she went looking thought, washrags, bathrobes, she'd need on of those, ah, then she found the towels. She walked back into the back room and set down the robe and unfolded the towel.

"Do you wanna dress yourself?"

He nodded.

"Okay, I'll be waiting outside the door, just call if you need anything."

She walked out the bathroom and stood waiting by the door, about five minuets pasted.


"Coming captain!"

She walked in and saw her captain sitting on the floor with a t-shirt and pajama pants on. She picked him up and took him back to the couch, she pulled out some medicine from her sleeve.

"Now it's time for medicine."


"Oh, you're going to take it."

"It tastes gross."

"OK, I will get watermelon flavored medicine, would you like that?"

He didn't speak but shook his head and she turned and left. About twenty minuets later she returned.

"OK, I got it and it's the kind that's pre-measured too! I also got those sore throat strips that dissolve and make your tongue a different color! I'm surprised Unohana had some, then again there is Yachiru… Anyways open up, time for the medicine!"

He sent her glare but did as she said, the medicine wasn't that bad. But then it made him really sleepy.

"Hey I know, this always works when someone is sick, when they get their back rubbed in circles with your hand."


"I take that as a yes?"

She sat on the couch and placed his head on her lap and started rubbing circles on his back. She stopped for second earning a mumble and she pulled a blanket over him then started rubbing his back again.

"Getting sleepy captain? I think you should rest, if you want I can rub your tummy instead?"


She started to rub circles on stomach and he fell asleep on her lap, his ragged breathing slowing down. She slowly lifted his head off her lap and she got up and placed his head back down. Rangiku placed a luke warm washrag on his forehead and went to the restroom the clean it up. Her captain was so cute when he was and it had its benefits, no one else got to take care of her captain but her and it was amazing. She was picking up when she heard a coughing fit from the living room.

"Aw, captain, I know what will help, a back rub. Here now let me turn some music on."

She turned on the Devil's Thrill because she knew how much he liked the violin and rubbed his back and she started to sing Fuyu no Hanabi.

Anta wa itsudemo atashi yuki saki wo

Tsugezu ni kiesaru doushite?

Sono toki dake sou omotteru

Anta no warui kuse

Tama ni miseru hontou no emi

Atashi wo doushitai no?

She stopped singing and looked thoughtful for a second, then she jumped up.

"I know! A Popsicle will do you good, it will make your throat feel better."


"Yes, captain?"


"I don't need to be thanked you're my captain, it would be rude to let anyone else take care of you."

He blushed, but she couldn't tell because he was already red and watched as went into the kitchen and came back out with a popsicle. She opened it and passed it to him.

"Sorry there wasn't watermelon so I got cherry, I hope you like that flavor."


"Good, when your done throw it in this waste basket. Now I'm going to read my book."

She sat reading a book and she heard a noise and looked up and saw her captain pulling the covers over him.




He turned a little bit redder then he already was.

"Yes, captain?"

"Can I have a kiss on the forehead?

-Inside Matsumoto's head-


-Back in the office-

"Sure captain."

She got up and walked over to the couch giving him a kiss on the forehead.

"Sleep tight captain."

Behind the scenes…

Benehime: AWWWWW! How cute!

Rukia: I know! He was a bit OOC though, but I like it!

Benehime: Let's go get this footage developed for the SWA!

Rukia: OK!

Benehime / Rukia: ADIOS!

A/N: Aw, wasn't that cute? Anyways this will have a lot of different couples, so yeah, I'll take some ideas for a couple. Well it depends on the couple, I won't do it for all couples. Anyways bye-bye! *waves like Gin*