Author's Note:

Got inspired by 'Secrets of the Furious Five', which IS FREAKY AWESOME!!!! It taught me some awesome styles of basic kung fu of the Furious Five and Po, and also it taught me the 'Kung Fu Fighting' cool dance, which it was pretty that I bought it by shipping, anyway, enough of show-off instead back to the reality. This is more like a sequel of this short movie. More like, don't you ever think if the Furious Five finds out Po had told the training bunnies about their embarrassing past, what will they do or react? Pretty good, huh? Enjoy and remember leave a review. You know, more like a seqence p

In addition, no OCs in it. (which means, no Hannah, Jade, Lilly nor Azure. Know what it means?)

--Training Lessons through Lessons--

Chapter 1


(A/N: Let's skip the scene to the where Shifu left Po behind in the courtyard with the training bunnies.)

"Arr…Delightful children." Within a second, Shifu has gone to the entrance in a flash.

"What?" Po confusedly said.

"Good luck." Shifu coolly said and then he quickly closed the door.

"Wait a second! Master Shifu, Master Shifu! Come on!!" Po groaned.

During Shifu's way to the Jade Palace, his oversized ears have sensed that something is going to happen, he stopped and waited. Until, suddenly five figures from trees, brushes and roof soared towards to the red panda, which they were the Furious Five! Shifu quickly grabbed his bamboo flute under his sleeve and attacked and defense by it.

Crane was the first knock down, Viper was next, and then Monkey, Mantis and Tigress. They all held on their fighting stances, they were all huffing and puffing. Shifu declared, "Well done, students!" they all stood in normal stand and bowed respectably to their master. But then he added, "Pretty sneaky this time, not too good, but better." He commented.

Tigress scanned the area, and found that someone has been missing, "Master, where's Po?" she asked.

"Oh, he's going to do an introduction of kung fu today. You are free to join with if you like. Now, if you excuse me, I'm going to meditate." Shifu said and he simply left his students alone. Will they go back to training? Or join up with Po? But they shouldn't to interrupt him if this was Shifu's test.

"So, ar, what do you think?" Mantis spoke first.

"I don't know, but it's all up to you, Tigress." Monkey replied and everyone stared at Tigress.

Although, Shifu said it was free for them so that meant that they could have 'alike' day off, "I think spying on them wouldn't hurt." She said and the other masters knew what that meant, they are going to spying on Po, or should I say, eavesdropping.

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